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on 22 March 2014
As an artist i work stylus very hard and am always searching for a better stylus. ( I can wear a cheapy out in just a few days).
I have had these stylus now for just over a 2 week. They are all i have used and have done a lot of painting on my ipad air.
These stylus are very easy on the hand nice length and weight , the tip is very responsive and has a satisfying grip/ slide. The fine tip offers better accuracy with no loss of response and overall is an excellent stylus.
I have put over 100 hrs of hard use on one of these with no deterioration in tip feel or responsiveness.
The build quality is way better than expected for the price.
Overall an excellent stylus , good quality, good price and with the bonus of replaceable tips.
Provided sample for an unbiased review
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 December 2013
Really well finished stylus pens in an aqua blue colour for capacitive screens. About the size of a regular biro, so very comfortable to hold in use.

Come complete with a pocket clip and as a bonus a good length security cord that plugs into your headphones socket. Even better are the replacement tips, a feature not found on much more expensive alternatives.

Relatively fine, soft rubber tip that allows accurate pointing - will definitely order these again !
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on 16 March 2015
These are probably the best quality styli that i have come across. The build quality feels very much premium when compared to a lot of the competition. They look pretty awesome too.

However i was a disappointed with these. The actual tip is very run of the mill, and not much more precise than using a fat thumb. I found that i had to hold the pen very much upright (rather than at an angle like you would do a normal pen).

So why the three stars? I was looking for Stylus that i could use for drawing and annotating pictures. Unfortunately these are not much better than a finger, and not up to the job of drawing. I think i was expecting a bit much from this type of stylus, i think i got drawn in and read too much into "premium".

I have ended up with an adonit stylus. It is much more expensive, but suitable for sketching and writing, and is in a different league. The thin tip may be the best of the relatively simple stylus, but technology has moved on.
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on 14 March 2014
I can't really fault this item too much - it has an excellent solid feel, with a rubber tip that always returns a response from the screen. As such it works fine. Just don't expect "thin" or "precision" - those words definitely do not describe the tip of this stylus. So, is it worth the money anyway? Yes, definitely, it is certainly value for money. Is it the precise drawing implement you might be expecting from the description? No, sorry.
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on 13 February 2014
Great value Styli with thinner tips than most of these types of styli usually have. The tips are easily replaced (three replacement tips are included) making this product even better value. The lanyards are handy, I suppose, although I don't personally use them, but I can see how some might want to. The stylus itself works well, and accurately on my Sony Xperia Z Tablet, even through a matt screen protector... Like most styli I've used, these take a few minutes of getting used to when new - out of the box new, not each time you use it (a kind of warm up or bedding-in time) but once bedded in, they work almost as good as your finger, but more accurate at finer tasks, and less screen smudges from fingerprints

Cons: Few, if any... I suppose the body could be a little sleeker, as it's a bit stubby.

Pros: Thinner tips. Replaceable tips - extra tips included. Quality build. Works well.
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on 10 February 2014
These stylus pens arrived before the date specified and not damaged, and as described. In fact they were better than the description & colour, and I have had one in constant use on my Kindle fire since they arrived.
What I like about these stylus pens is as follows:
I have used the wider stylus pens and found that they are not as accurate as these are.
They keep the screen clean with no sticky finger marks.
The length and feel of the pen is just right for me.
Just one niggle is the lanyard, it is long enough that I can use it in both portrait & landscape orientation without any stretching but I would have preferred that it was cord not elastic. This is because elastic perishes after a while and is not really necessary for me, probably ok on a larger tablet.
Overall I am very pleased with these, an excellent purchase.

Update 21/04/2014:
Rubber tip has now deteriorated and is sticky on the screen. Cleaned screen, this did not cure it. If the tips only last for a month I am soon going to run out of the supplied spares. I don't know if I can order spare tips, so I have downgraded rating to four stars
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These were purchased on a misheard recommendation - the suggestion was for the fibre-tipped version which are almost identical in appearance - and appear not to work with either of the two tablets with which they were used (a Lenovo Yoga 10 and a Sony Xperia Z, both in the 10-inch versions). The fabric versions work with both!

The body is sturdy and thin and appear to be quite light. One issue with these is that the tips appear to be rather narrow and demand an almost vertical use against the screen to avoid contact with the body.

The tips are replaceable, by pulling out the worn one and inserting another.
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on 20 October 2014
Tried quite a few of the rest, nice weight and feel to them, they look quality because they are, replacement nibs easily replaced, have no use for the lanyards although everyone is catered for here, I ordered the 5.5" as I thought the others would be to long for me, aided by the fact I like to keep them behind my lugoyles I still find a way to lose them though haha, which makes having three very handy. Very pleased I cane across these would definitely recommend, what's not to like

Tried the other design knitted ones etc and they were woeful couldn't get the nibs to stay on left feedback was negative so it got removed hahaha This will get removed also as they don't take to well to constructive criticism, so I say make sure your products are as what you expect them to be. These pens are marginally better than the others.

Refunded twice won't be promoting these as a company, anything has to be better than these.
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on 22 March 2014
I purchased this stylus because I wanted a thin stylus to use with the papyrus app on android. The product description seemed to fit the requirement but I was a bit disappointed as it wasn't as thin as I was hoping. It is however thinner than any other stylus out there and it is very smooth. By this I mean that it is not a "rubbery" as other styluses I have used. It glides across the screen. I have tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet with and without a screen protector and it works just as well with a screen protector. I can type a lot faster with this stylus as it is very responsive and the thin nib allows you to be precise so I makes less spelling mistakes. In general, I wanted a good stylus as I hate finger prints on the screen and this one works well.
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on 29 July 2015
I bought these specifically for use on my Hudl and was very excited when they arrived today. Unfortunately they only work about 50% time on the Hudl screen, and that's when I hold it at 90 deg and press hard. The attached picture is me trying to write something - as you can see there are so many gaps you can't see what I was writing.

I chose these because they promised a thin nib and they are actually shaped like pens (rather than other ones which have a pen nib and a stylus at the thick end with clip making them really difficult to hold). Also the reviews for the brand are consistently good. I was surprised that the nibs are still rather chunky and very squishy so you can't see where you are pressing. It's just a shame that there's nothing saying what the limitations are on what products they work on.
review image
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