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on 20 February 2014
I fell in love with these crazy Fins back in 2006 when they swept away the ample competition in the Eurovision Song Contest with their unique brand of comedy rock. In a fervour for fancy dress orientated heavy metal I immediately bought their entire back catalogue, and everything since, and therefore could not wait to get my sweating palms on their latest long player 'Pure Heroine'. Now, I'm all for musical artists opening the curtains to new ideas however I think Lordi may have gone TOO FAR on this ocassion. For starters they've completely ditched guitars in favour of keyboards (the idiots!) and they've got the token female member, Hella, to sing all the songs. On the plus side she's got a pretty good voice in a 'Beverley Craven meets Alannah Myles' kinda way but I'm not sure I can forgive these guys for selling out their rock roots. To my fellow bothers in rock - AVOID!
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on 28 June 2014
Dear Sirs,
This album was never ordered, nor desired. I consider the woman a waste of space.I have no idea why it is on my Kindle She has Van Gogh's ear for music and harmony.Please remove it, I do not remember being asked to confirm the purchase ,as I normally get with books.
So my review is " Do you have a scale, other than stars, for the reviewer to give a genuine opinion?"
David Bebbington ( not happy)
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on 23 December 2013
Remarkable album, and I could add "for somebody who's only 16", but that would seem to be talking down to her. It's remarkable, period.

It seems that she did much of the production herself, and yet it's as if she already knows everything there is to know.
There are no loose wires dangling or rough edges in her music, it's been worked and worked on it till everything seems to be in exactly the right place.
Sometimes perfection can produce something antiseptic, yet the result is warm, full, melancholy.

She also holds any youthful exaggerations in check: she never lets herself go, which is certainly not a criticism. She just knows exactly what she's doing, starting from the album cover, which in its dark simplicity tells you exactly what to expect.
I'm not generally a great fan of electronic music - too often it sounds like something made by a programme, whereas here each bit sounds like it was carefully crafted by a human, even though it's electronic.

Another big plus is the way the album continues to grow on you: it's one of those that you never get bored with. A first listening is good, you can feel the quality right away, but I loved the effects over time.

I've seen her briefly on video and her physical presence is amazing too with a gaze that shows total inner calm. Really captivating.

I like all the tracks but in particular the long end track "A World Alone".
The only disappointment is the drug reference in the title, I know it's all part of it, I only wish it wasn't, of course. But then that's the whole point.
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on 18 December 2013
Did you know that Ella Yelich-O'Connor (let's call her simply Lorde) created and produced this album, "Pure Heroine" almost by herself, at the tender age of 16, and what she created feels really organic, living (and swimming in its own melancholia) and pure (yes, I almost refer to the title). Not to sound like a proud relative praising a precocious teen, I must underline that I did not really care how old she was, I was (and still am) juts enjoying the album - simple as that!

Okay, Lorde sounds a bit like Lana Del Rey, but does not Miley Cyrus sound like Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera like Britney Spears and vice versa. I do not mind the comparison and similarities, what the heck, bring them on, if the result will be so hypnotising and despondent (in the best possible uplifting way) and full of low murmur and gentle laughs and delights and intelligence.

Seriously, the more I listen to "Pure Heroine", the more I like it, it is definitely a grower. Just an example: while it is playing in the background, some songs will always bring my attention to them, no matter what I am doing. Which I think pretty much equals to the fact that there is more to the album than musings of some "bored" (as NME called her) teenager, yes, some of the songs are much catchier than the others, but I've listened to so many albums which, when played in the background, forever stayed there.

This is a beautiful, atmospheric if not a bit moody and impressive debut which has an almost magical feel to it.
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2013
I first came across Lorde when on holiday in Iceland. We were driving cross-country, taking in the island's breathtaking scenery and tuning into local radio whenever we got signal. It would be a massive understatement to say Lorde's breakthrough hit 'Royals' was popular in Iceland; it was played at least ten times a day. I wasn't too sure about it to start with. Repeated plays endeared it to me and, after a week, I loved it.

By the end of the holiday, the refrain of 'we'll never be rooooyaaaaals' had become the anthem of the trip.

So when I got back to the UK I was interested to find out that the single had not been released. I also wanted to find out more about Lorde and was surprised to find out she was a precociously talented 16 year old New Zealander.

I decided to give Pure Heroine a spin and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't just a holiday thing - there is a lot to like about this album and its creator. Pure Heroine is a very impressive breakout album. Royals is still a standout track but it is not the only hit - I also took immediately to Ribs and Buzzcut Season.

It is a stripped back, minimal, electronic but tuneful and accessible debut album. If you enjoyed Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' I think you'd enjoy this.

Sing the chorus one more time - I'm sure it will be played to death if Royals is as well received as it was in Iceland.
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2013
I was initially put off buying this album as a few reviews said only Royals was a good track and the rest were rubbish. Eventually after listening to part of the album on spotify I decided to buy it and Im glad I did.
I just used the mp3 download which was half the price of the album and other downloads.
I really love this album, its smooth, poignant and easy to listen to -which is a surprise but Lorde's smooth vocals are so easy to listen. The lyrics are observational and hard hitting but due to the way Lords sings she makes her point but in a wonderfully smooth way.The first 3 tracks are the best - Tennis court, 400 lux and Royals are for the best- along with the last track A world alone. One or two tracks on the album are a bit rambling -like Ribs but may appeal to others .Overall I really like it- I rarely buy album's but love the mix of the smoothness of Lorde's voice, the darkness of the songs but they are lifted but some upbeat undertones. Some songs remind me of Mia but less aggressive .
Overall I really like and am recommending it to everyone I know- including you .
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on 6 March 2016
The case was cracked!
review image
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on 30 March 2014
I really liked this album because the music is different from the usual contemporary music. Her voice is divine - I'd love to hear her sing jazz. The words are well-thought out and there are a lot of puns and interesting insights into how many of today's youth view or cope with society. Even the title is a clever play-on-words. There isn't the mindless repetition of words and music that is present in many modern pop songs. The use of various instruments is appropriate and the backing vocals complement the lead vocal beautifully. I am amazed that Ella is only 17. I would have thought that this is the work of a more mature woman. I just love this record, regularly play it right through and feel the better for it. I hope Ella and Joel will continue to produce work of this high calibre. Ella is a great role model for young women in the 21st century.
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on 28 February 2014
Unpredictable - slightly goth kid releases mid-paced atmospheric trip-hop album and cleans up at the Brits and Grammy's. A few feathers ruffled along the way - the media-invented 'dissing' of fellow stars simply a pop fan saying what she thinks. 16-year old girl has opinions shock. Charmingly, Taylor Swift, a supposed 'victim' ('flawless' is now an insult?) has befriended Lorde, shopping and parties together. Girls in a bubble.

The music? Well, she's big because she's *good*. Royals+filler wouldn't have me singing her praises, but there are more potential singles on the album (Team already is, 400 lux and Buzzcut Season my pick of the rest.). She has a great voice, a rapper's sense of the rhythm of words (plus tunes, minus the wearying attitude), and a great sense of melody and harmony. A small quibble relates to best song 'Team', which is marred by an obtrusive beat. Tiffany Alvord's U-Toob cover sounds better. But perhaps I'm just an old fogey; I still wind it back for another go-round.
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on 23 October 2017
A vibrant, precocious talent. Reviews had been good (and her new album had also just been released) so finally got around to buying the original and have enjoyed it immensely. Already a star of course and will be interesting / exciting to see how her music develops - as if this is just the start then listeners will be in for a treat!
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