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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2014
Bought this album on the risky basis of loving one particular song (as I gave birth to my daughter whilst it was on the radio!)
I was really pleased I did though - the majority of songs are beautiful and lyrical. Plus it has the added bonus of having the lyrics printed inside so you can sing along to lovely Lorde's voice knowing you are getting the words right :)
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on 23 December 2013
Remarkable album, and I could add "for somebody who's only 16", but that would seem to be talking down to her. It's remarkable, period.

It seems that she did much of the production herself, and yet it's as if she already knows everything there is to know.
There are no loose wires dangling or rough edges in her music, it's been worked and worked on it till everything seems to be in exactly the right place.
Sometimes perfection can produce something antiseptic, yet the result is warm, full, melancholy.

She also holds any youthful exaggerations in check: she never lets herself go, which is certainly not a criticism. She just knows exactly what she's doing, starting from the album cover, which in its dark simplicity tells you exactly what to expect.
I'm not generally a great fan of electronic music - too often it sounds like something made by a programme, whereas here each bit sounds like it was carefully crafted by a human, even though it's electronic.

Another big plus is the way the album continues to grow on you: it's one of those that you never get bored with. A first listening is good, you can feel the quality right away, but I loved the effects over time.

I've seen her briefly on video and her physical presence is amazing too with a gaze that shows total inner calm. Really captivating.

I like all the tracks but in particular the long end track "A World Alone".
The only disappointment is the drug reference in the title, I know it's all part of it, I only wish it wasn't, of course. But then that's the whole point.
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2013
I was initially put off buying this album as a few reviews said only Royals was a good track and the rest were rubbish. Eventually after listening to part of the album on spotify I decided to buy it and Im glad I did.
I just used the mp3 download which was half the price of the album and other downloads.
I really love this album, its smooth, poignant and easy to listen to -which is a surprise but Lorde's smooth vocals are so easy to listen. The lyrics are observational and hard hitting but due to the way Lords sings she makes her point but in a wonderfully smooth way.The first 3 tracks are the best - Tennis court, 400 lux and Royals are for the best- along with the last track A world alone. One or two tracks on the album are a bit rambling -like Ribs but may appeal to others .Overall I really like it- I rarely buy album's but love the mix of the smoothness of Lorde's voice, the darkness of the songs but they are lifted but some upbeat undertones. Some songs remind me of Mia but less aggressive .
Overall I really like and am recommending it to everyone I know- including you .
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on 15 September 2015
One of the very best début album I've ever heard, I bought it on an absolute whim after hearing Bruce Springsteen's acoustic cover of Royals - and have hardly stopped playing it for the last year. The lyrics are quite outstanding, and the instrumentation and production is mostly quite minimalist (for a pop album) so it doesn't overwhelm Lorde's well-pitched voice. The album has great depth if that's what you're after, but is easy enough to listen to that you can enjoy just drifting along to it. I don't anticipate getting bored of it any time soon!.
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on 2 May 2018
I am a 100% old school music nerd ,and I very very rarely let new artists into my record collection ,and without a shadow of doubt ,lorde has moved in and iam very happy ,great Album ,she has a very distinct vocal ,I think she is someone who will around a very long time .
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on 9 March 2014
It's difficult writing an album review as it all depends on personal taste at the end of the day. However not many albums these days can be played from start to finish with every track being enjoyable and much like what you'd expect all the way through.

If you like the single Royals you will like this album. It's well produced which is another rarity with modern pop music, but Lorde's vocals sound sweet and clear all the way through even with the deep baselines which underpin pretty much every track here. This album It's a joy to kick back with and I recommend it highly.
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on 23 October 2017
A vibrant, precocious talent. Reviews had been good (and her new album had also just been released) so finally got around to buying the original and have enjoyed it immensely. Already a star of course and will be interesting / exciting to see how her music develops - as if this is just the start then listeners will be in for a treat!
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on 2 March 2014
I saw Lorde on Graham Norton and loved the Teams track - have heard the Royals track on the radio which got me interested.
Now have bought the CD - love it! Haunting and different but excellent for someone who is so young. Should do well in the future.
Not too dissimilar from my favourite artist - Melanie (Safka) whom I have followed since the 1970s. I maybe an old f*** but I still enjoy this kind of artist.
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on 5 August 2017
new to Lorde saw her at Glastonbury loved it
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on 25 May 2014
Great album, good talent from such a young girl from New Zealand. Well worth a listen and good addition to the music collection
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