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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2014
i have to say this is the bees knees. This is metal, this is excellent metal to be fair and a return album worth waiting for. There is all killer and no filler, catchy yet extreme , like they always were, well more or less anyway. This band know how to do songs that dont compromise yet dont bore or outstay their welcome. crushing in every single way.
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on 19 October 2013
In 2008 we all hoped this would happen. Is it worth it? A big yes. Very much a yes. Yes!

So how good is it? Well they have been away a long time and with some gigs over the last few years filling time they must be right back up at where they left off. And that is how it feels. Swansong for many was not a good album but these ears loved the album and the first half of the album follows a little bit on from that album. Intro "1985" feels a little bit like Judas Priest and I do feel that was the intention. More of a nod than a rip off. "Thrasher's Abattoir" has everything from the bands last five album mixed in one. Backed up with a nice production job as ever from Colin Richardson. Of course the drums sound fantastic and at times this old bass player is thinking of packing in the four stringer as I would never keep up. Riffs are also here "Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System" has that melodic guitar sound from later albums but still backs up the music with serious guitar riffing and time changes.

Fans of the bands last two albums will hate "A Congealed Clot Of Blood" back to the more melodic side and very few blastbeats on this one. I could even compare it to a few slower Sabbath numbers. Metal fans will love it, 17 years is a long time between albums and I do feel old disgruntled fans will come round.

Blastbeats and classic gore lyrics were the bands start and it is back in "The Master Butcher's Apron". The production stops it from sounding to messy. Track six or "Noncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 Standard" for me is a real highlight. Technical death metal without the wankyness that come into that style. Some nice classic rock textures that could get a Thursday rock night grooving.

Dan Wilding does a great job on drums and with is time on a drum stool you would expect nothing less. "Unfit for Human Consumption" is as tight as you can have a band this heavy and vocals trying to tell a story or just tell it as it is. The vocals never sound rushed at all and do sound very much from the 90s (a good thing).

Last track is a nice ending to the album and clocking in over 8 minutes it has some extras thrown in. Acoustic guitars helping to launch the last track into very much a symphonic style of death metal tear jerker. There is no letting up on the riffs or even the vocals so do not be worried. It does work and helps take the album up to a 47 minute mark. I have read there are another four track recorded and I wonder when and where they will come out.

But a solid album and some real replay value on this, if this it the first you have heard of this band then you are in for a treat and get ready to buy a few more of there albums. If you have them all and the reissues and also the reissues with the DVD like me then you really can relax. IT IS REALLY GOOD!
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on 11 July 2016
God this is brutal. After a 17 year gap between albums I was not sure what to expect. Admit I only purchased this album last week for first time. However this is 100% the Carcass I love from 'Symphonies / Necroticism' era. As fast, heavy and in your face as they were 20 years ago. Incredible album which has been incredibly well produced. 45 minutes in the gym with this tonight, just the thing after a dull day at the office!!
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on 23 September 2015
So pleased they decided to produce another album. This could be seen as the album between Heartwork and Swansong in terms of the style, but really such thoughts are negligible in the grand scheme of things. This is such a good flowing album and the song writing is razor sharp. I'm delighted they replicated the Heartwork guitar tone as it really stood out back in 1993 and still sounds powerful today
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on 2 October 2015
If you're more into Carcass stuff like Swansong and Heartwork then this album may be a bit of a disappointment to you but if you like faster metal with that modern sound then it might be of interest. You can't blame the band for trying to keep up with the times and stay relevant but this fell short in my worthless opinion.
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on 1 February 2014
The year was 1993 and I was 17 when I first discovered Carcass. Albeit late in the game they swiftly became my favourite band in the death metal genre which I was immersing myself in. The album was Heartwork and it became the album that all future music purchases would be compared to. A couple of years and one album later Carcass would split up, leaving a massive hole in the UK Death Metal scene. Thankfully a couple of years ago Carcass got back together to play a handful of shows, one thing led to another and they announced the release of their new album Surgical Steel. I can hand on heart state that this album is flawless from beginning to end there is nothing not to like. I've had this CD since the day it was released, and not a week has gone by where I haven't listened to the whole album. Not only that but it's made me rediscover Carcass' earlier albums and even the much maligned Swansong album. If your not familiar with Carcass this album is a brilliant starting point, working backwards through their releases, although I would leave the aforementioned Swansong to the end. Although this album harks back to the sound of Death Metal in the early 90s it sounds contemporary so perfect for new and old fans alike.
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on 14 November 2014
I have no idea how the hell Surgical Steel managed to bypass me (I only picked this up the other week). I have no idea how Carcass managed to bypass me full stop. This album is awesome - I love it and have had it on continuously since purchase. Carcass should be knighted for this .....
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on 3 October 2013
great comeback from one of britain's finest bands. it isn't quite "heartwork", but would have been a logical follow on rather than "swansong." great opening and first track with real agression and direction... nice production too. some of the riffs on certain tracks are too similar to previous tracks on previous albums though.... but I'm being way too pickey..., buy, buy!!!!!!
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on 16 September 2013
An uparalleled success is my opinion of this 'comeback' album from Carcass. Metal album of the year - No doubt about it!! With barely a second of audio wasted this record crunches, blasts, riffs and catches in your brain immediately and oh so sickly.

Beginning with the melodious intro paen to classic metal years gone by '1985' and straight into 'Thrashers Abbatoir', (what a title!) it's a very welcome return to the Death/Grind/Gore scene which Carcass helped create. Every track is absolute killer but standouts so far are 'The Master Butcher's Apron' with its stop/start blasts giving way to a heavy crunch groove, 'The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills' with its extremely catchy (and Carcassy)chorus, consisting of Jeff counting off numbers!! GENIUS!
'Unfit For Human Consumption' with some insane brain hypnotizing riffs and groovy melodies, '316L Grade Surgical Steel' with yet more addictive riffs, a great blasty section and a wicked, unexpected breakdown with Jeff growling 'Dont tell me that you want. Dont tell me that you need.' However the album highlight, for me, is the fantastic 'Mount of Execution' which starts off with lilting acoustic guitars, segues into a heavy 'here we go' part in a smart drum time signature then gives way fully to an, old-skool, Megadeth style battery of riffage before Jeff Walkers stupidly catchy vocals start growling and gurgling away in glorious technosplatter.

With the brilliance of tunes on offer I havent even mentioned the incredible playing by everyone on the album. The guitars sound amazing and Bill Steer proves just as classy and inventive as ever he was. The drumstool in Carcass was a HUGE stool to fill after Ken Owen practically wrote the bible on this kind of thumping but it has been ably filled by Daniel Erlandsson who keeps things fresh and tight on all the songs. Ken Owen also guests on some vocals on the record, which is great as he is a massive part of Carcass.

Put simply this is one must have metal album for 2013. There aint too many of em about unfortunately. Thank Carcass, for Carcass!!!!!
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on 25 November 2014
You just don't get Metal better than this, seriously people its true, to think Bill and Jeff haven't been actively writing new material in well over a decade and then sit down and write this after some reunion touring is staggering, plus without Mr Amott who is widely credited for the previous shredding writing in the Carcass discography, now I don't agree with this Melodic Death Metal nonsense that Carcass seem to get defined by, sure there is elements of melody in their riffing, but such are the levels of brutality and sheer intense heaviness this has to fall somewhere between Death, Thrash and Groove Metal. My point is you cant pigeonhole Carcass, history should tell you that, from Reek to Swansong, these guys don't stand still
Surgical Steel wasnt bettered by any other release in 2013 and is nothing short of spectacular, for me it falls between Necroticism and Heartwork, Unfit for Human Consumption and Captive Bolt Pistol being two particular highlights, absolutely classical - but Melodic Death,mehhhhh
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