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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 25 November 2013
If you have played and enjoyed Enemy Unknown, you won't be disappointed with Enemy Within. I completely understand the console players discouragement towards the latest Addon. After purchasing the original game and the DLC, to then buy everything again a year later. But I must say, the content that comes with Enemy Within is worth its £25. They have added an endless amount of maps, I think 46 new maps? So far I've played over 18 hours, encountered the new enemy EXALT. You can send one soldier on covert operations to find the main EXALT base. After every covert operation, you have to send in a extraction team. Mostly hacking certain terminals that can deliver information about EXALT. It's really fun and I think that the games difficulty has increased a little bit. I can even get my men killed on "Normal". You need a new form of resource called MELT, to upgrade your soldiers with mechs or genetic enhancements. I would have never guessed to enjoy XCOM Enemy Within as much as I did a year ago with Enemy Unknown. New voices have been added finally! Unfortunately it doesn't include Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian or even British English etc. Maybe a DLC or mod will be released in the future. Overall it is a great addition towards the XCOM universe and deserves my utmost respect for the Dev team. A great buy.
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on 10 January 2014
I have seen somepeople complain that it's basically the same game as the original and that is a valid point but as a standalone game it is perfect. I played the original and liked it a lot but this incarnation is perfect, the alien sympathisers (EXALT), the Mec troops and gene enhancements all add so much variety to the game as do all the extra maps. One of the stand alone missions involving zombies is brilliant and so tense it's like an interactive horror movie.

If you have never bought an Xcom game buy this one and skip the original as this is the game the original should have been.
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on 16 January 2014
Possibly the best game on PS3 - and without doubt the best strategy game on console.

It's basically the same as the original game with added maps, medals, mecs, armour, items, 2 new enemies, gene boosts and the terrorist organisation Exalt. If you liked the original game, then you will love this as it's the same great formula fleshed out with more options and customisation and a greater variety of locales.

It's still unusual in that the first 3 months of the game are much harder to survive than the next 3 months. I suppose that makes sense with your increasing tech tree, but odd for a video game. As for bugs, I only saw one when accusing a country of harbouring the Exalt base. Iron man is a challenge, but if you do that make sure you backup your save game incase it goes pear shaped.

Highly recommended, 50 hours of pleasure
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XCOM has it's roots back in the 80's with the popular cult classic "Laser Squad" (and before that Rebelstar) developed by Julian Gollop and his brother they started the XCOM franchise which builds on the previous games in complexity and depth.

Enemy Within on the console versions in the expansion which includes Enemy Unknown this is an all in one purchase with the "Commander Edition" both are included in this, where as the PC version it's an add on expansion pack.

Presentation is slick and very polished overall and whilst the storyline won't win any awards the game successfully manages to create a great atmosphere and tension as well as encourage depth and tactical play both at the players base and in the main combat area. Tweaks to the gameplay mean it's not longer a viable strategy to sit back and wait with snipers to take out the aliens (meld canisters which reward researching will self destruct if they are not captured in time) There are quite a lot of additional features including nearly 50 new single player maps, "base defence", new weapons and upgrades as well as robotic enhancements, you can even customise your soldiers appearance/voice and name them. Progressing though the game you are encouraged to build up/look after your squad as more senior rankings unlock special abilities and provide tougher troops. Enemy AI is much improved and this also means replay value is increased significantly as the aliens don't always stick to obvious patterns.

Graphics are very nice, even the isometric playing area looks realistic and well presented and the occasional first person view adds to the drama onscreen. Sometimes frame rates can suffer with meaty explosions but it remains impressive across all the platforms no complaints about sound either it puts you right into the action with chunky explosions and a good soundtrack/speech. Back at the base you can search for new encounters, research new technology and direct resources to areas you want to develop. The base area can be expanded giving you the chance to dig out new areas in the base and beef up specific areas. Multiplayer is online only but quite good giving you set number of points for each team to spend on your squad (humans or aliens)

It's not quite perfect but it is a big game, at the higher difficulty levels it provides a significant challenge to seasoned players. It might not be for everyone (don't be put off with the turn based nature of the game it has it's advantages tactical play wise) but if you're a strategy/tactical fan or someone who enjoyed the earlier games (or even the very first ones pre XCOM) then this will prove to be a highly enjoyable game. Well worth a look especially at this bargain basement price.
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on 23 January 2014
Firstly i must say that i really have enjoyed this game and its so much better than the first but i have had problems with it freezing tho it only started at the bit where the aliens invade your base....it froze on every attempt to re start it but i did find if you do your own saves and not use the game saves its passable but thats no excuse for this,,,,,,,we pay good money for these games and it should not be on sale unless its free of bugs and gliches.....or even better refund all those who have had this problem,fallout was the same and elder scrolls etc,it seems to be games with a lot of content but still...its no excuse...get it sorted as its just plainly ripping folks off. would you be happy with a tv that turned off every few mins or a phone that cut off? of course not and perhaps the folks who investigate dodgy companies and the like should get involved as its no more than a con. again that said ive managed to get past the first set of freezes by using my own save points and not the games.....maybe it will work for you,i hope so.on a better note it really could be a first class game and give you hours of entertainment,i mean mass effect was a big game without this problem(well not for me anyway),so if this is happening to you try my advice and if it doesnt work write a review and hope the game makers take note........made their thousands by now tho i guess.
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on 8 September 2014
Such a beautiful game ruined by poor development and zero patch support good for me i found it some house made solutions : base defend black screen/loop if you owned the first game xcom eu in your ps3 you have to remove the xcom enemy within patch and after entering in safe mode rebuild the database(you will not lose any game or saves so don't worry about it) after that you can play that mission without problem, framerate issue remove the autosave and soldiers voice from the options menu this will make the game a lot more smooth than before, save corruption use 2 slot every time you will savings the game and don't use hardcore mode, last mission crash if you start to have problems with the last mission you have been doomed you have to play below impossible difficult your game if you want to do that mission i hope these solutions can help everybody is having issues with this beautiful game
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on 12 December 2013
This update for the best game of 2012, quite simply rocks!!! Worth every penny. More, more and more!!! If your new to this series all I can say u may find the prospect of turn based combat dull? DONT!!! Bored of same old games??? Then stop moaning and buy xcom
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on 29 December 2013
one of my favourite games ever now i love turn based strategy games and i noticed a lot less bugs but some still occur i invaded the exalt base twice same country same place
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on 27 September 2014
Amazing tactical game. Loved Enemy Unknown and thought this would be just a remake...I was pleasantly surprised! First of all, the customization is fantastic (Elite Soldier Pack, ingrained in this version) and finally allows you to customize each soldier, making the game a lot more personal. Then, the genetic mods, the ability to turn your soldiers into cyborgs, more grenades, more equipment, more maps, new ALIENS, a new resource and BASE attacks...!
The only downside is the frequent slowdowns, though short, they can get on your nerves, especially if you get hooked hours on end (you will.) like me.

All in all, a definite must, if you are man enough to play anything beside japanese crap.
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on 28 January 2014
i am an old gamer....i owned the original ps1 versions of this classic strategy game and always held it high regard, you can spend soo much time playing this game, and even though it smacks a bit of cash in when i also purchased the regular edition a year previous i have spent almost as much time playing this tweaked and improved update, theres really no other game like x-com, to me its the crack cocaine of gaming..
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