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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 17 August 2016
A few days ago I hadn't heard of Aryeon. True, I'd seen the name when I was surfing the Amazon website for new stuff, but I hadn't bothered to investigate, mainly due to the prohibitively high cost of the CDs, even used ones. However, one day I spotted a copy for a very reasonable price and took the plunge. Only after I had ordered the album did I decide to check out the music. A bit back to front I admit but I'm nothing if not impulsive. And, to be honest, I wasn't too impressed with what I heard, namely the The Theory Of Everything video. It seemed a bit cliched, so I rang the seller and cancelled my order. Suffice to say, the CD arrived anyway and I am in no rush to return it. Despite my initial misgivings I absolutely love this magnificent, melodious monster of a double album. It is simply just too good to ignore. Think of Tommy for the 21st century but with everything including the kitchen sink thrown into the mix for good measure. You want crunchy, metal guitars? Check. You want proggy flourishes of flute, a la Tull and Camel? Check. You want heartfelt ballads? Check. You want jazzy moog, Hammond and piano solos from giants of the genre like Wakeman and Emerson? Check. The Theory of Everything could have sunk under the sheer weight of its ambition. In some ways, it shouldn't work - like Topographic Oceans in the 1970s, four sides of over-the-top prog is a lot to handle. But, work it does. Each of the four phases, or movements, or old-fashioned "sides" if you like, of this double is packed with great tunes, powerful singing and brilliant instrumental prowess across 42 tracks. Cliched? Nah, mate, I was wrong. And it doesn't lag, or go off, or send you to the kitchen to make a cuppa while soloists doodle. I've heard this described as a metal opera. Well, opera, maybe, but metal? Not to those ears. Not death metal. Or doom metal, or even heavy metal. This is giant-sized prog, fusing elements of folk, electronica, metal, pop and ballads in a seamless fashion. It's a real achievement and I'm so glad I didn't send it back!
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on 17 February 2014
Have to agree entirely with the many comments here and for me Into The Electric Castle was always my fave of Ayreon albums but I think The Theory Of Everything as succeeded it. In reality I love them all and Arjen's work on Ayreon as always appealed to me big style and this album contains many of my God's with the likes of Rick Wakeman. Keith Emerson. Jordan Rudess. Steve Hackett. As for the singers I have never heard of any of them before apart from John Wetton. But have to say what a terrific job they have all done, along with the other muso's and of coarse Arjen himself..

As with all Ayreon albums they take years to come out (not surprising really when you consider just what a genius this guy is) and this one completely got past me on its release, and I only discovered it last week on youtube and on Friday on the 14th February 2014 as soon as my pennies went in the bank I instantly ordered the Limited Box Set with DVD.

It very much came with the MP3 Audio Rip which was a great thing and having seen Arjen's video on the tube about it having 4 long epics over some 20 minutes each and him stating to take it easy, and not take them all on at once. I can honestly say over this weekend and even now on this Monday morning I have took on the whole journey at least 20 times, and even had an whole Ayreon Weekend and blasted out his other 7 albums too, and when the discs arrive I know I am gonna be enjoying the experience even more in better quality and give my ears another treat by playing it to death (LOL).

Absolutely Prog Rock Heaven at its best is what I call it and it ROCKS my boat 100%.
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on 9 February 2014
I have got quite a few albums by Ayreon, and for some reason this one hits the mark more often. Including extra special guest appearances by Keith Emmerson and Rick Wakeman, paying homage to their talents and skill, by actually allowing them to play and sound like they did in their heyday, unlike other albums with guest appearances by big name musicians when I cannot even tell what track they have been on without reading the sleeve notes.

All in all if you are an Ayreon fan, then you will probably already have this one, if you haven't then why?

If you are new to Ayreon then give this album a go, it is quite diverse in sounds and styles, and quite a few different vocalists both male and female.

Brilliant get is say.
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on 20 October 2016
A well constructed and musically proficient C/D from a master of the concept album. Added to his own multi instrumented talents there is an array of equal talent adding to this performance that makes it a fine progressive result
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on 24 September 2017
An epic album that requires several plays. Musically and vocally it is superb listen that takes you into another world.
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on 27 March 2014
Just discovered this band and i'm very impressed. Full of great music from beginning to end. There are many different influences and styles which come together to make a great rock album. Some great guest musicians including John Wetton - Asia, Jordan Rudess - Dream Theatre, Steve Hackett & Rick Wakeman. It's also a double album so has quantity as well as quality.
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on 20 May 2018
Really enjoyed this one
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on 12 January 2018
like it lot
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on 10 September 2014
Stunned and overwhelmed, those are the feelings listening to this work of art by Holland's greatest composer of modern times. A magnum opus, a real tour de force, comparable to the Who's Tommy and Quadrophenia. It really deserves it's place in Rock history.
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on 4 June 2015
Exactly what i wanna hear from Ayreon with its trademark with a new boost for contemporary progressive music! I'll buy all the other cd's.
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