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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 October 2013
...'cos this album certainly is.

My wife and I, big fans of Gov't Mule: have all their studio recordings, some of the live albums, have been fortunate to see them twice here in England, and even met Matt Abts who was sitting on the table next to us having his dinner in a bar outside the "Under The Bridge" venue, before that evening's gig...great night out by the way!

Now to "Shout!", and I'll keep it brief...

- "Whisper!" in very small letters would have been more appropriate.
- Have they lost their mule and replaced it with an Ass?
- Is this a side project by Gov't Mute?!? It has about as much power as a parochial church council...

And what on earth is the bonus CD with other vocalists mixed into the original instrument tracks? Why do I want to listen to a whole CD of Elvis Costello and the like?

If you're a fan of Gov't Mule, absolutely avoid this album - spend your money on any of their previous recordings.
If you're new to Gov't Mule, this is NOT representative of what they are: start with "Dose" "The Deep End", "Life Before Insanity", and "Deja Voodoo" (these four just about cover their whole feel, in my opinion)...or indeed any of their excellent live recordings.

I'm sorry Warren and Matt, you sound like you couldn't be bothered on this one...just being honest.
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on 25 August 2015
This is a review for the VINYL edition. I don't understand why the reviews for different formats get put together.

My copy arrived with some serious issues from the start. There were scratches on the outer cover visible beneath the shrink wrap. Inside this both cardboard gatefolds housing the black and red vinyl were seriously scored along the top. The sleeves housing the vinyl itself are rough cardboard seemingly designed to scratch the LPs. Why can't companies provide proper sleeves for the vinyl?

These external things aside the discs were also warped. One of the red vinyl discs seriously enough that it was almost unplayable. Even the playable ones sounded thin and compressed and not what vinyl listeners really expect. I might as well have bought the cd version. The songs are great hence 2 stars rather than 1, but let down by seriously bad quality control issues. For reference my turntable is a Rega RP6 with Rega Exact 2 cartridge costing over £1000. I could live with the damage to the cardboard, but the other issues prompted me to return the album for a refund. I don't think I will be buying any more Mule on vinyl..
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on 23 April 2014
I've invested in the 4-LP vinyl box-set of the "SHOUT!" album and it's a mighty chunk of music!

It's very good value on vinyl - most single LP issues cost £12-£20 nowadays, so £22 for this big set is a great price.

It's beautifully presented in heavyweight black vinyl, two 180gm discs for the 'regular' (Gov't Mule) version of the set, and two 180gm discs in red vinyl for the 'guest' version of the set.

They're housed in thick card LP sleeves with an attractive radial design, and the LPs slide into their own hefty gatefold sleeves, which are different for each 2-LP set, not just a repeat gatefold for the 'guest' LPs.

There's an outer sleeve to house the whole lot (that perhaps could have been a little thicker and it must be one of the most impressive 4-LP issues you're ever likely to come across. There's a huge poster of the front cover graphic included in the package.

As others have already said, the music is hefty too, with tough bluesy wedges of guitar-driven blues-rock in the inimitable forceful Gov't Mule style, a very satisfying collection and it's clear that Warren Haynes' musical mission is still well on track.

This chunky LP set will take up substantial space in your shelving, and the music will take up substantial space in your brain, too - play often, and LOUD!
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on 1 October 2013
Brilliant concept. Record an album, and then re-record it with guest vocalists, which may involve adding a little difference to the original album. I stumbled over this due to an advert in a magazine that highlighted that Myles Kennedy is one of the guests. Great singer...and this alone tweeked my curiosity. Glad it did.

This is a fine, fine record with great guitar work, sublime playing as a band and some stunning songwriting. A classic Southern blues base feel mixed in with a variety of styles. There are albums you know immediately that you only listen to for a short period of time....and then there are albums like this that you know you will still be listening to in 10, 20 years time.

The beauty of Ipods etc is that I now have 3 versions of this album, CD1 (original band version) CD2 (with guests) and a playlist that has my favourite versions regardless of singer. The guests include Myles Kennedy, Grace Potter, Stevie Winwood, Elvis Costello, but the real star is Warren Haynes, whom's band you are listening to.

My Favourites?? Captured, Whisper In Your Soul and When The World Gets Small......you guess which version.

If your fingers hovering over the "add to cart" button....press it...buy it. A supremely worthy surprise.
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on 24 October 2013
If you're one of those 'elder' folk like me who are depressed by all the 'twerking' and rapping going on these days and might just think that REAL music is a relic of a lost golden age which us elder folk (I'm 54 btw) refer to with dewy eyes when chastising the modern image and bling, bling obsessed soft porn that passes for music today, I'd advise you to take a listen to this. The music is a varied mixture of styles, from Blues (Captured) through Soul (Stoop So Low) through Reggae (Scared To Live) through Rock (World Boss, Funny Little Tragedy, Bring on The Music) and through Country (Forsaken Savior) all done with taste, skill and above all genuine 'passion'. All the tracks are excellent but for me Captured, Scared to LIve, Forsaken Savior and Funny Little Tragedy are the stand outs. Sound quality is excellent for audiophiles and Warren Haynes' voice and particularly his guitar improvisions are first rate. This is a reaffirmation of modern music by going back to its roots - buy it!
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on 20 November 2013
I have been a fan of the Mule for well over a decade. Seen them live twice (sadly they rarely visit the UK shores).

Over the past years they have become very much my favourite band of all, and this latest album does not in any way let them down in my estimation, indeed quite the opposite.

While it doesn't quite have the instant catchy jaw-dropping 'wow' factor that 'High and Mighty' evinced, after a few listens one becomes very aware of the sheer quality and creativity of these guys. They have no peers in the blues-rock field, in my humble opinion.

And the second CD is a revelation in itself.

Well done and thank you, Warren, Matt, Jørgen and Danny. You give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. This is blues/southern rock at its very best. Seven stars out of five.

But PLEASE come to play in London more than once a year!!!???
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on 27 October 2015
Govt Mules best release since"Deja Voodoo"."By A Thread" had great songs which came alive when played live but sounded rather flat in the studio;however "Shout" has a real live feel about it.This I feel is down to the growing influence of Jorgen Carlsson who not only contributes really heavy bass but also handles production duties.He has allowed Warren Haynes to write some of his best songs to date as well as his finest guitar playing yet.One song in particular stands out;a cross between Pink Floyd and Neil Youngs "Down By The River"-"Captured".
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on 20 November 2013
I cant believe ive just stumbled on this band...bored of tv i thought lets have a look on YOU TUBE..then you see the pop ups and played .I was like OMG!!!..after 2 trax ive ordered this cd and i cant wait to get it on the hi-fi...hell.. my neighbours are going to buy this cd (after theyve heard it through the wall)!!

Bring on the music is the first track i heard ..I thought i was going to explode with excitement ...ughhhh yeah!!!It feels like coming home..or finding the girl of your dreams when you least expect it..or the smell of a summer breeze...open your ears and heart..breath it in...and consider yourself very lucky to be alive!!!!
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on 23 January 2015
I'm pretty new to Gov't Mule, Shout was the second new vinyl record I have bought since getting back into the vinyl scene and I honestly haven't regretted it. There are enough 5 star reviews here from fans with I'm sure are far more knowledgeable about the band so I won't try to compare them with any other but I will just to say that I haven't found a single track that I dislike. Looking forward to breaking the seal on Dark Side of the Mule later.
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on 13 December 2013
I love the Mule. I discovered them back on their third album, LBI, and never looked back. I think Warren Haynes is a master songwriter and definitely one of the best singer/guitarist of our generation.

It may be just me, but I feel the song writing has become a bit less original since 2006 High and Mighty. Great songs nevertheless, but I long for those anthems that all their previous albums delivered.

In any case, I recommend this album for anyone looking for a great record made by world class musicians. It won't disappoint.

Long live The Mule!
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