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on 16 July 2014
Season Two of “Mr Selfridge” picks up in 1914 as Selfridge & Co. celebrates its fifth anniversary while Europe is on the brick of war. It begins with proprietor Harry Selfridge (excellently cast Jeremy Piven) anxious for the return of his estranged wife Rose (Frances O'Connor) from America; and continues with plenty of war-related stories, as well as love stories. Though the central figure of Mr. Selfridge is H.G. Selfridge, it's the whole cast that makes the show come alive, as it centres of the relationships among employees and employers, which are passionate, supportive, sometimes dysfunctional and very occasionally spiteful.

I loved this season, although it is much darker then the first, it is still impressively detailed and masterfully put together. “Mr Selfridge” is not a show for everybody, but if it fits your mood, it’s such enjoyable series! I really loved the show and cannot wait for Season Three.
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on 11 August 2017
Firstly, I am not awarding 5 stars (so what?) because there are far too many '5 star' reviews on Amazon and I am as guilty of adding to 5 star review inflation as anyone.

The first series was promising and well-cast and had that sheen that Andrew Davies's writing brings to anything. This ITV second series has been "developed", according to the credits, by someone else but it's just as good or better and what you get for your money and we are talking only a few quid here, is a sumptuous, gorgeous, well-acted soap operatic potboiler, with all the trimmings, and something which stands far better scrutiny than some of the portentous period drama the Beeb has tended to deliver in recent years when luvvies get chance to raid the dressing up box.

The quality of acting of the whole cast is very good but Jeremy Piven and Aidan McArdle (Lord Loxley, boooo, hiss) deserve an extra name-check methinks, to name but two.

It's an unpretentious treat so treat yourself.
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on 25 April 2014
The second season shows a more family orientated Mr. Selfridge and get to like his character better than the first season.

The acting is super of all the main characters and the story line of Lady May and her awful husband helps to liven up the season.

The introduction of new characters gives a better insight into the jealousies among the staff and how each of them handles their own personal problems.

Look forward to a series 3
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on 6 June 2014
This is the best production of a rivetting period drama for some time. The quality of the Writing and Acting is sparkling as is the lavish well researched Costume Design and authentic scenery. A feast. The Oxford Street outdoor scenes with carriages and buses are truly atmospheric and cleverly filmed.
The second series, 5 years on, contains several intriguing twists and turns that have us in suspense wiith some sad and some satisfying unexpected conclusions.

l felt proud to read that something which l enjoyed SO much has attracted acclaim from all over the world.
Much more enjoyable on DVD without adverts breaking the fantastic atmosphere and dialogue.
l lit my room with candlelight and stayed
up watching all the episodes all night, hooked ! Now waiting for series three "with supreme anticipation."
A masterpiece. l hope they win awards for every aspect of this production.
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on 21 November 2014
This review is for the dvd. I waited many months for the blu ray to be released in the UK, but it never happened. Very disappointed by that. The storylines were much stronger than in series one and moved away from the rather contrived concept of linking each episode with an historical event. Of course the back story was the developments during the First World War and the effect on the staff, so that filled up much of the series.
However, the DVD picture quality and sound were very weak compared with series one which I bought on blu ray. I prefer, if possible, to watch period dramas on blu ray as it shows the costumes and scenery to great effect. WHY NO UK BLU RAY?
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on 28 June 2015
Love Mr Selfridge! I also bought the 1st series from Amazon.

I love dramas like this and have me gripped. I find myself searching to see if new series are coming out and when!

Sorry I will not say anything about the actual storyline as I do not want to spoil it for others that have not seen it.

All I can say it would have been wonderful to have worked for Mr Selfridge. I find myself feeling rather protective towards him and hate it when he is upset or mistreated by those he would do anything for. Looking forward to the 4th series... but know it will be sad.
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on 12 June 2014
It is always difficult to produce a season two of anything if the show has received outstanding reviews for its first season. The expectations built up by the audience are more than difficult to honor second time round. Season two is good (but not as good as season one) and unlike season one has a transparent red line throughout the entire season (WWI). The storyline around Lord Loxley also created some nice suspense that was not present in season one. But for me - most of all - the show is carried by superb acting of not just Jeremy Piven but also Grégory Fitoussi and Amanda Abbington in particular. Leaving the audience hanging to what happens next to Lady Mae and Mr. LeClair is a nice way to end the shows final episode. Four stars for this season.
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on 12 September 2014
hav'nt watched this yet only just bought it,i know i am going to like it as i've seen it on telly,anyone that did'nt catch it on telly you must buy these two dvd's i dont usually like american artists but he is so lovely you cant help but fall for him,that lovely smile.cant wait for the next one .
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on 9 March 2016
Brilliant. Beautifully made, lovely sets, props and costumes. All well done with a nice story. Agnes Towler's 'dry mouth' is a bit off putting! Give the actress some water before she says her lines! So jarring.
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on 2 May 2014
I loved season one...so looked forward to season two - and wasn't disappointed! I find keeping up with series on TV annoying - I just can't wait a week or more to see the next episode so always wait for the DVD to be issued before I start watching :) This series is worth every penny - I will watch it over and over!
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