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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2015
Screen protectors by their very nature are not very easy to apply without some form of frustration (often major) kicking in. However, of all the screen protectors I've fitted in the last few years of touchscreen device ownership I've found these ones to be the least frustrating of all. In fact, I've fitted them to several friends and family's iPhones because after they've seen how good it looks on mine they've wanted one fitted as well.

Another big plus point I've found with these is that they don't scratch as easily as others, which means they don't look so grubby after a short time. I've had the same one on my phone for over 3 months and there's only a couple of very light scratches where it's probably rubbed against keys or coins in my pocket.

Tip: I peel off the backing, hold the sides, and sort of curve the protector down the centre (long ways). Then I position it down the centre of the phone to align the holes with the home button and the phone speaker, before dropping the edges onto the screen. Occasionally I've had to lift an edge with sticky tape to remove a bit of dust, again with sticky tape.
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on 28 February 2015
Very pleased with the product. Application was easy and I had no trouble with airbubbles. The thickness is not a problem at all for me, at the end of the day it's made out of glass and not plastic. Overall, I feel like it is definitely protecting my screen which is the main thing. All round good purchase.
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on 21 November 2014
This is a great product - and I will explain why.
I have an iPhone 6 which developed a problem so was returned to the apple store for a replacement. Unfortunately I had forked out £30 for a zagg invisibleshield glass screen protector. A great piece of kit that I recommend.
Obviously when the phone was replaced that was no good anymore so as a courtesy Apple (who don't stock zagg) provided me with one of their stocked screen protectors for free.
The Apple Store stocked item was really difficult to apply and to cut a long frustrating story short went in the bin after three attempts to get it on without bubbles.
This item went on easily FIRST TIME and the bubbles could be worked out easily. And if you make a mistake you have six screen protectors so bin it and try again!
The most important thing - people here are moaning that it doesn't cover the whole screen. That is true - there is a 2mm gap around the outside edge but that was also the case with both the Apple Store one and the zagg version. This screen is curved at the edges so the screen protector had to stop before the curvature begins. Makes sense to me if nobody else.
This is a bargain in my opinion - give it a try before forking out on a more expensive option.
At this price it's worth it even If you use them for a practice run before trying to apply a more expensive unit - but mine will be staying put and I've still got five left!
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on 26 May 2014
My screen is protected. I feel like I could instigate a duel to the death with it and lose furiously
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 June 2016
My 'Premium Quality Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for New iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S [GLASS.X Series SLIM] (0.23mm) Ultra Thin [4.7-inch Screen Display] Lightweight Rounded Edge Hardness up to 9H (harder than a knife) - Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Dust Remover and Home button Key ' by SAMAR arrived on time and well packaged. The screen protector kit came within a small packet like box in which when you open you are presented with dust absorbers, a screen wipe and a tool to help you apply the screen protector.
The screen protector itself is rather easy to apply to your phone leaving no air bubbles underneath.
All the cut outs on the screen protector are cut out perfectly and all in the correct places and of the correct size.
Please note; I received this product at discount in return for an honest, unbiased review.
I hope you've found this review helpful, and thanks for taking the time to read it. If so, please click the "Yes" button below this review. I receive products at a discount, or occasionally free of charge, in exchange for a fair, thorough and honest review. If you have any further questions about the product, or any other comments, please add them below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, make use of the "Ask a question" function on the listing, you're likely to get several responses from both the supplier and other customers within a few hours.
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on 3 June 2014
Okay this is an amazing product, for the following reason.

1) It is made of tempered glass, so it really protects your screen
2) It is very easy to apply
3) No air bubbles unlike cheaper screen protectors
4) For the price it protects your phone better than any other screen protector out there.
5) Fits perfectly.
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on 11 May 2016
I needed a new screen protector for my brothers new iPhone 6s because having a screen protector on my iPhone is very important to me and I wanted to introduce them to him too. From personal experience, day to day use scratches and damages screens very easily - by simply carrying it in my handbag or coat pocket etc. I had been very intrigued about tempered glass screen protectors, as until recently I had only been using plastic screen protectors, and they bother me as I can never get rid of the air bubbles underneath completely, and they lift at the corners, especially if you also use a bumper around the phone or a case. Now I've got one, I'm getting them for all my family!

I think so many people would benefit from this product! Initially, I was quite impressed with the eye-catching packaging. As you can see from my picture, it looks professional, and the packaging itself is protective of the rigid glass inside. It certainly filled me with confidence that the product inside would be good quality. The protectors come with a hand cleaning cloth, so you can ensure the cleanest surface to lay the protector on top of.

The instructions are incredibly easy to understand and follow. You literally clean the screen on the phone, peel off the back of the protector, and lay it on top. Because it is rigid, you don't have to worry about the air bubbles underneath - it sorts them out itself - and this is the highlight of the product for me. All too many times in the past I've attempted sticking and peeling off the older style plastic screen protector because of those pesky air bubbles underneath! I was able to line it up first time, and it was a fresh change to my older style plastic screens I had previously used, believe me!

I love the fact that if he were to have an accident with his phone, it will protect the screen from cracking, which in turn would save him a fortune in repair costs! I can remember a few years ago, a toddler dropped a phone of mine on a concrete floor - it cracked at the bottom and all the way up the screen, and was very difficult to repair both because it was out of warranty and everywhere was closed over the Christmas holidays! These things always seem to happen at the most inappropriate time! They also claim that that the screen is resistant to scratching, so I look forward to receiving thanks from him, alongside anecdotes about when the screen has come in handy!

This glass screen protector really was incredibly easy to apply, quick to do, and we didn't have any bubbles underneath either! The feel of the product under your finger is completely smooth - and the iPhone is just as responsive to his actions as it was without a screen on at all. Once his iPhone has its case on too, he's hard pressed to see the screen protector at all.

Overall, he is very happy with the quality of the SAMAR tempered glass screen protector, and with all of this in mind, I'm very happy to recommend it to you. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with it. I received this product in return for an honest review – but I genuinely don’t leave good product reviews unless a product really deserves it. If you have found my review helpful, please click on the “Yes” button below. If you have any questions on my experience with this product please just ask - I'll be happy to help!
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on 14 May 2016
This is a great screen protector, way better than any plastic screen protector I have ever tried before. From the process of fitting it to the actual usage. It also comes in a great card type of package that protects the item from damage (even though that is already very difficult to happen). It is very simple and easy to set up.

The screen protector is very strong. I had previously other screen protector, so I took it out, cleaned the screen and removed the backing from the tempered glass and lined it. I lowered it to the screen and placed it and it started sealing itself to the screen. There were no bubbles whatsoever, no issues applying and the process was very quick.

I then tried to scratch the screen protector with a key (in one of the corners, I was afraid of actually damage the screen) and no scratch appeared. It feels like I had no screen protector, just the phone, but there is still the extra protection. I highly recommend this tempered glass screen protector to anyone looking for a good protection for their mobile phone screens.

Disclosure: *I was given this product for free/at a discount in return of an honest, fair and unbiased review. By being given a free item in no way influenced my review of this product. I use reviews to help other people to make decisions on whether or not to purchase and therefore would not recommend a product or give 5 stars unless I really believe it deserves it. *
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on 24 October 2014
Mixed review really. To be honest they only reason I'm reviewing this is because they donate £1 to charity if you write a review (at least the postage for the item will go to a good cause!)

Like I said pros and cons.

Pros- Quick delivery and item is as described, very thin so have no problem recognising touch interface.
Cons- Costly for what it is. Minimum instructions on how to install they say have a look at our youtube video but provide no links ended up watching a users application of the protector. The package does not come with an alcohol wipe like others but that said the dust collector is quite good when the non lint cloth fails. Everyone has already said that the cover is not the full length of the phone due to the curvature of the phone (blah blah) which is fine but would of liked it to be a bit more on each side as it barely covers the active part of the screen making application ten times harder and time consuming. Getting rid of dust is a task and a half and the application is a timely process as the glass needs to be lined up perfectly otherwise it might leave parts exposed or cover up areas that should be in the cut out portion.

Once applied it covers all the areas that need extra protection and front camera looks fine. I did notice that at the home screen the class was not exactly lined up but not much I can do about it now as once its on its on! Hopefully it will live up to its expectations and not scratch or the edge of the glass gets caught on anything.

Good alternative till a better one comes along.

If any one is is thinking of the screen mate tempered glass by iloome as it covers the whole phone I urge you to first watch the youtube video of it as the touch sensitivity is lost with this product and at double the price I'll stick with this one for the moment.
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on 27 April 2015
I was torn between this pack of screen protectors for iPhone 6 Plus and a more expensive one that comes with bells and whistles for a "guaranteed" good application.

I went with this one based on price and positive reviews. And I was not disappointed. Each screen protector comes in its own plastic sleeve with a little cleaning cloth. I cleaned the screen carefully and applied the first protector and it went on perfectly, first time, with zero bubbles.

As other reviewers note, this protector stops just short of the edge of the glass screen due to the natural contours of the iPhone 6 screen. Whether it will curl at the edges over time is to be seen. But so far so very good.
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