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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2017
I saw “Streets of Fire” on its first release at the Empire Leicester Square. Its huge screen and amazing sound system did justice to this film that is eye candy for the senses and made for a stunning experience. Although the film did not gather the praise and box office returns it deserved on first release, it’s great to see that through home video it has gained such a cult status and appreciation.

The film is visually stunning, set in some amazing undefined past era with the screen bathed in neon light. Like Walter Hill’s previous film “The Warriors”, this owes less to the real world and far more to graphic novels. With “Streets of Fire” it even borrows its main story from the western genre and its anti-hero is dressed in a coat that looks like it came from Hill’s western “The Long Riders”. The dialogue is stylised as is the acting with its cast doing a great job. Michael Pare looks great and plays the role as the somewhat dumb anti-hero with his heart in the right place exactly as the part needed. Diane Lane looks tremendous as the female lead especially during the stage sequences: the climactic scene in that red dress is awesome! Off stage Diane Lane gives a very vulnerable performance Willem Defoe is terrific as the villain though I have never warmed to his bizarre wardrobe. The film has a really visceral climatic fight sequence with sledge hammers. The film’s back bone is its awesome music that drives the film. Apart from the very effective songs, the score by the wonderful Ry Cooder is excellent: it’s a pity so little of his score has ever been released on CD.

Second Sight’s blu ray film quality is a disaster. The picture is far too grainy. There is also a massive problem with the 5.1 sound. The sound should be very immersive but it’s not as there is nothing out of the rear channels: someone has seriously messed this up. The highlight of Second Sight’s release is the excellent recent 80 minute documentary.

Shout Factory has just released a Zone (region) A blu ray in the USA that is far better than the UK version. The picture is significantly better with less grain and much better clarity. It has the proper wrap around 5.1 mix with good sound though not as good as a modern film would sound. All of the UK extras are included on the second disc plus a brand new 100 minute documentary. Although there is some duplication with the UK documentary, there is plenty new to make it worth seeing: it’s more polished too. The US version also some other extras that are not on the UK version. Be warned, this version has zone encoding and will only work if you have a multi-region player. It did not incur any customs duties when I bought it from Amazon.com.

Ratings. Film: 5. UK version: 2. US version: 5.
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on 5 April 2017
Was worried that it wouldn't work in the UK, however I was assured it would and indeed it did, service was brilliant and very good indeed, would recommend and buy again. Blue-ray worked fine and just what My wife wanted. Much, much cheaper than standard DVD and obviously better quality too !
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on 22 May 2016
I saw this film back in the nineties and I liked it very much. When I came across the Blu-Ray-version of this movie I had to buy it. Good music, good story,, good action. What more do you need? I like it a lot.
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on 23 May 2017
OK picture is clear but the amount of grain is unbelievable only buy if you can live with this
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on 4 June 2017
Love this film
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 November 2013
One of my favourites and takes me back to the mid-80's with VHS rentals! Pleased to say though that Second Sight films has released the title in the UK and has given this some 'Special Edition' treatment that you would not normally see for a catalogue type title.

I will concentrate on the product details for this review as most arriving here will know of Walter Hill (Director of films such as The Warriors, Souther Comfort) and his particular style of films but may be wondering if this release is worth the cost. In this respect I consider this a bargain at just over £12 with film itself looking and sounding very good but also with a significant amount of special features. Full details as follows:

Picture quality is very good and the best i have seen the film. Most of the film is set at night so you will see some grain (as you would expect) but it is sharp throughout and I am very pleased with the version we have here. Audio comes courtesy of a DTS-HD Master Audio lossless 5.1 track and sounds very good. You will not get the head-turning surround sound effects as you would expect from a film such as this but the sound is strong (musical numbers are superb) throughout. There are 17 x chapters with pop-up menu access to key scenes.

Special features are extensive. There is a new 1hour 20min feature with Michael Paré, Walter Hill and others and offers a look back at the film production process. Very interesting throughout and great that this has been added to the title - from what I can see this may have been commissioned by the UK based Second Sight Films so very well done for taking this much effort for the release. USA based web sites seem to be looking to the UK disc as the one to buy! Elsewhere there is an 'electronic press kit' which provides interviews, features etc., that were made available at the time of the films release to promote the title and good to see them here. Music videos are also present but, as you would expect, in stereo so you are better off heading to the film to listen in glorious 5.1 lossless audio!

This is the second (!!) title I have purchased from Second Sight Films (Quest for Fire the other) and really pleased to see that the UK seems to have our very own version of the USA Criterion Collection in the making! Keep up the good work and I look forward to buying more of your titles if they are as well presented as the two I now own.

I have added a scan of the back cover to the product images above.

Great stuff and recommended.
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on 25 April 2016
Loved this film since the day it was released so to finally get it on bluray and cd at the same time was a dream!!!!
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on 11 April 2015
A weird fusing of film noir with the 80's pop-video aesthetic. Its setting is supposed to be some kind of alternative dystopic future by my reckoning. The story is about a tough loner Tom Cody who returns to his hometown whereupon his ex-girlfriend (who is now a massive singing star) is kidnapped (direct from the stage!) by a gang of bikers led by Willem Dafoe. What they want with her is not clear but before we have a chance to find out Tom Cody storms their hideout (another neon nitespot with trans gender stage act) along with his new chum who he just met (ex-army tomboy called McCoy) and Rick Moranis (who plays a semi-straight role as the kidnapped singers manager/boyfriend). Willem Dafoe then swears revenge on Cody and the film has a finale of a fight between the two tough guys wielding pick axes. The dialogue of the movie is an important part, though it comes across as very cheesy, sub-Humphrey bogart/Mickey Spillane-esque. The director was going for a certain aesthetic which adds to the film. Everyone in this film is either a tough guy or someone who loves money. Its fair to say the look and feel of this movie has influenced a fair number of films since. But be warned because of the dialogue it is often very very cheesy, im unsure whether this was intentional, perhaps.
In terms of the quality of the Blu Ray, I would say that the source is at fault. The Blu Ray is definitely better than DVD and the picture has a lot more depth, though it often lacks sharpness, but maybe this is the best possible? I was happy enough with the image quality due to the enhanced screen depth.
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on 17 May 2014
If you've seen this you know what it's about. Diane Lane in one of her first grown-up roles. All newcomers that went on to have long careers. Bill Paxton, Willem DeFoe, EG Daley, Amy Madigan and Rick Moranis. Look for Marine Jahan, who doubled Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, as the dancer in Torchies.

Yes it's hockey but, it's supposed to be. A Rock and Roll Fantasy, as it's billed.

The fantastic score by Ry Cooder sets the mood perfecty.

The extras are excellent. Even though there are no subtitles, it's really not needed as the dialog is very clear.

I have the old Universal DVD, which was non-anamorphic, and this beats that to death. For an 80's movie the picture is clear and color is very natural. Some grain but that can be expected.

Whether you've seen this or just like a good old fashion right vs wrong movie with a strong hero you should get this.
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on 3 May 2014
Like a lot of people been waiting years for this to come onto blu ray. One of my favourite guilty pleasure films it's excellent!

Sadly the blu ray isn't. The quality is the same as the dvd, a poor transfer. The music video to Nowhere Fast is missing.

When Streets Of Fire came out in the 80s they also released a video EP you could buy on VHS which contained all three music videos and a making of documentary (not the one on here) Surely somebody somewhere at Universal has got this so they could have made a decent HD release.
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