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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2014
I bought this headset on a recommendation from a friend as he has the v1 of these. Firstly the pros:

1. Very well made, they scream quality and as usual for Corsair they are robust.
2. They look great, the volume control on the braided cable changes colour from blue to red if muted and purple if the PC is off.
3. The software is easy to use and is easy to setup (just make sure you restart after installing otherwise strange things can happen).
4. The gaming surround sound is cracking!
The cons:
1. They give me a headache! My friend and other reviews I have read say that over time they relax but the first few gaming sessions have left me with raging pain in my head from the tightness of them.
2. Music sound quality is bettered by my 30quid sennheisers! This is a little unfair as that is what the sennheisers are designed for and the corsair is a headset but I do find myself swapping over if I want to listen to tunes!
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on 18 December 2014
I've been into gaming headsets for a few years now, and the headset is a peripheral you don't want to get wrong. Having had some bad luck with my previous set, the Turtle Beach Z300, I decided to turn to a brand that I trust - Corsair. I already own several Corsair products and am very happy with them, so I decided to give one of their headsets a try.

The Vengeance 2100 is a wireless headset using Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound, and there are quite a few headsets that do this nowadays, though the quality can vary. It has a strong battery life at 10 hours, large 50mm drivers, and a good control panel. The headset itself has one button for turning the device on and off, and a fantastic knurled scroll wheel for adjusting the master volume.

Straight out of the box, you can tell this device is built to a high standard. The logo placement looks very professional, something Corsair have unfortunately ruined with their latest line of 'Corsair Gaming' devices. The headband has markings for adjustments and the headset as a whole appears quite rigid.

I'm no expert on sound quality, however the sound produced by this headset is the best of any I've owned. At the time of reviewing this, I got to compare it with the Logitech G930, and can say that the Vengeance headset produces far superior sounds which is likely due to the large 50mm drivers this headset uses.

The wireless connectivity is extremely convenient - especially if you like to use it with other computers. I actually use this with my Surface Pro 3 when I'm working out so that I can stream music in my workout room, which was known as the living room before I took it over. When using it with my gaming rig, I use the USB extension that Corsair provided with the device to plug the wireless adapter into. This is the first wireless headset I've had which provided an extension like this, and it's very nice to have. By using this extension, you can get a direct line of sight to the adapter and as a result you get zero interference as opposed to plugging the adapter directly into the back of the PC, where it can cut out every now and then due to obstructions.

The control panel is packed with features, including the ability to turn the surround sound on and off, which is very much necessary as music mostly sounds better without the surround sound. You can change the relative intensities of the frequencies in your audio by yourself, or select from a handy list of pre-sets that Corsair have provided. The control panel also allows you to enable microphone playback, so that you can hear yourself when speaking. Some people like this, and some don't, but it's great to see so many customization options.

The microphone is unidirectional and noise-cancelling, and sounds pretty good. Simply flip it down to start using it, and flip it back up to mute the mic at any time. The mic has a lot of adjustment vertically but not much horizontally - however, horizontal movement shouldn't be required. There is an issue with the mic, which is related to charging. The charging port is on the left cup with the mic, as opposed to charging on the right like most other headsets. It appears that due to close proximity, charging causes interference with the microphone and my friends can hear intermittent buzzing through my mic. If you need to charge when talking, it appears that fiddling with the mic a bit can often make the buzzing go away, but this is definitely an issue that you should consider as talking whilst charging is not practical. The mic is perfectly fine when not charging - the buzzing is only an issue when charging.

When charging the headset, the charging port pulses orange. Corsair were very clever and made the end of their charging cable transparent, so the light propagates through the clear plastic and allows you to see this orange pulsing from any angle. It's a great example of attention to the small details, and you can see the images I've taken for an example of this.

In my experience, the main issue with headsets has been comfort. Comfort is very important - and I've had two headsets that caused me considerable discomfort during use, and this hasn't always been obvious from the beginning. I can't tell you which headset will be most comfortable for you, as it's largely dependent on the shape of your head. If you can, then try them on - look for ear cups that sit over your ears and are deep enough to not put pressure on your ears, as this can cause discomfort after a while. You should also make sure that the cups close properly around your ears, which is a big deal for sound quality and will also affect your ability to use the surround sound to its full potential. What I can tell you is that the ear pads on this headset are soft - they're memory foam, which is always nice and I would say the headband is soft, although seems to be padded with something other than memory foam. I've found this headset to be a tight enough fit for me to lift weights with and have it mostly stay on my head, but also have sufficient padding to not cause any discomfort.

The Vengeance 2100 is a great headset. It's comfortable, fits me perfectly, the cups close around my ears, battery life is strong and the sound produced by the 50mm drivers is great. If you're looking for a wireless surround sound gaming headset, you should definitely give this a chance, because even with the charging/mic issue, I couldn't see myself using anything else in this price range right now.

Those of you who have been shopping around may have noticed the newer Corsair Gaming H2100 headset, and may be wondering if it's worth looking at. Personally, as I said above, I'm not a fan of their new branding. Thankfully, the H2100 appears to be a near-identical copy of the Vengeance 2100, simply rebranded. I chose the Vengeance headset - if you prefer the yellow and like the new logo, then by all means get the new Corsair Gaming version.

Note: If you're curious about some of my previous headsets or other Corsair peripherals, you should be able to find my reviews through my Amazon profile.
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on 1 May 2016
The sound quality of this device is immense. It has the best immersive sound that I could have ever expected and the 7.1. simulation is remarkable for a two speaker set-up.
I have previously had the Turtle Beach wireless headphones, but they are just too flimsy and don't last and certainly don't have the audio quality of these Corsair devices.
Only three things stop this device being utter perfection -
1. I must have a fairly big head as the tension on the headset is just a little too much for me and I cannot cope with more than 4-5 hours of constant use and it feels like there is too much tension on the band. It would have been great if there had been an adjustment for this, but I am hoping that if I force them open for a a while that they will lose their resistance
2. The microphone doesn't show as if it is working (the levels are very low and need to be wound up to the max), it doesn't affect the audio quality as my listeners seems to think that it isn't a real problem, but it is disconcerting when the volume levels hardly move when you are speaking - I thought it was a fault initially (hopefully to be addressed in future software updates)
3. The wireless signal strength is a bit less than the Turtle Beach and I need to be within about 10 metres in order to keep the signal from the PC

Otherwise, these are the best wireless headsets that I have used, great audio quality, superb for gaming or Skype conversations, very sturdy and robust (they don't feel like they are going to break ever and this is with constant daily use, the wireless feature is wonderful and I easily get 10 hours on a charge (I often where them with the USB cable connected when I am sitting in one place for a while)
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on 8 October 2014
My headset arrived about a week after ordering due to the expanded holiday season shipping times.

On arrival they came in a fairly large box which was adequately protected, although the headset box was awkward to open the design is rather nice.

The Corsair Vengeance 2100 Wireless Headset is a great piece of kit, a month after purchase I use them every night without fail! As suggested by others at first they take a bit of getting used to as they re a decent weight and size, but soon you forget about them and they slip right into place..literally! The quality is perfect and according to friends on Skype and my own tests the microphone is spot on!

Note that some headsets may have a feature which enables you to hear yourself through the microphone without any delay, this is good as it allows you to recognize if the headset is functioning and allows you to hear what you're saying as most noise is cancelled by the ear pads. HOWEVER; THIS HEADSET DOES NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE. It can be a little awkward to get used to but after so long it's natural.

Overall they are UNREAL pieces of kit for how much you're paying compared to Turtle Beach, Sony, Beats, Triton etc. where you may be paying in excess of £300+

Cannot recommend more!
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on 13 July 2015
These headphones are second to none in my opinion.
I've compared them with friend's lot it ech and sennheiser and I personally prefer these. Whilst the sennheiser give a better 3D spatial awareness I find they lack in the mid.
These headphones are great for listening to music as well as in game.
The build quality, for saying is plastic, is top notch. They look and feel expensive.
The wireless is a great benefit that whilst isn't absolutely necessary it just makes life all that more easier. If someone rings the front door you can just get up and go downstairs without faffing with cables. You can sit on the sofa and game or go make yourself a drink whilst chatting to a friend on Skype etc.
The biggest issue with these headphones is the firmware. The corsair software didn't work for me. It wouldn't load up and after unsuccessfully contacting a horrendous customer service I was left trawling through forums to get it working. When I finally did there was horrible buzzing and the software wouldn't work properly. Fortunately you don't need to use the software and razors headphone software works so perfectly with these headphones.
So despite the problem with the software I really can't think of any problems with the headset themselves. If you're sat on the fence on whether to get them or not, just buy them! You won't regret it.

Also, a lot of people complain about weight, background noise. These headphones have never felt unbalanced or too heavy for me. I find them incredibly comfortable. There is a light bit of background noise when you turn the headphones on but it is so quiet that it's impossible to hear when your listening to anything. I actually find it's quite helpful in knowing that the headset is on.

Do note that these only work via usb. That means you can't use it with your phone or tablet. There is no jack or audio input. You can of course easily charge the headset whilst your using it and the charge lasts a good long while. It also holds its charge when off which is great for me as I only game every now and then.
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on 3 March 2016
Biggest problem with this headset is static from mic when doing anything, not fixable.

I was a bit worried about buying a wireless headset and especially one for this price. However, after reading a lot of reviews I decided to try it: worse case scenario return it.

The headset itself, I think is lovely. It feels solid, doesn't feel flimsy, has a nice weight and looks nice too. The microphone feels solid and doesn't feel cheap when you move it either - it doesn't bend though, which doesn't bother me at all.

My biggest issue with the headset is for how long it takes to charge, though I suppose a 4 hour charge for up to 10 hour usage isn't bad at all. I haven't ran the battery down yet, but I've defiantly used it for about 5-6 hours in sittings which probably means I'll charge it either every other day or give it boost charges daily. I was a little bit worried that you can't charge and use, since it charges via usb but it does and I'm glad there's always plan B if I need to use it and it's dead.

Sound quality is fantastic at 7.1 and it really makes a difference when gaming. Gaming and on Skype calls seem more robust and the sound doesn't mesh together at all. The range is very good for me, as it allows me to go downstairs onto the opposite corner of the house, where my kitchen is. It drops a little bit nearly noticeable where by your laptop it is consistent

The microphone is better than others I've had, yet I've had nagging that it seems to have a lot of static or gain. I've played around with the settings but this doesn't seem to be fixable.

I like the fact that it's a USB dongle to connect, however for first time use I had some pairing issues but I got there in the end. Once it's paired make sure you set your default sound settings to the headset, as for some reason it will just continue to play through the speakers.

The scroll wheel on the side to adjust volume is very useful, whilst I'm used to sound cards to adjust game and system volumes, it seems easy enough to just adjust these on system preferences then bounce your sound up or down depending on the situation.

Other than that, I find the quality to be good, comfortable and defiantly great value for money. Only way to improve this is to add a mixer and shorter charging times, but for the price of another £100 compared to other headsets, I can happily live without.
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on 9 March 2016
This is a twinned review for this model and the WIRED equivalent.

I bought the wired version initially to record my voice for video documentaries but the mic just wasn't picking up my voice well enough so I returned it.

However the audio was so good that I replaced it with the more expensive wireless version.

Audio is exceptional
7.1 Surround is really good, positional awareness is aparent.
Comfortable, very
Cannot hear anything outside of the headset, immersive!
Build quality is fantastic
NO cable!
Wireless distance is not as good as my LG 6800s but better overall
Much lighter than the wired version (for some this is a pro: I preferred the weight from wired version, these tend too fly off to easily)

Mic quality is questionable (apparently there is a hack available to fix this)
Much lighter than the wired version (I preferred that weight, these tend to fly off to easily)

Overall these are exceptional and you will not be dissapointed!
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on 15 September 2015
It 'works' they are a nice set of headphones aesthetically and good comfort, not quite as good as the older vengeance ones I had before. I have no complaints about them as a piece of hardware however that as it may be, the drivers required make this purchase faulty, the standard drivers on Microsoft (plug in and play) cause them to be exceptionally loud at 1% volume, the correct drivers from corsair themselves do not mitigate this much. In any situation there is a bit of buzzing, at a high pitch - this is an abundant issue that affected my previous corsair headset, a quick Google search and you'll see many many suffering consumers with corsair not doing anything about it for over 3 years. Do not buy them, there will be a better alternative for this price, the white noise, impossible volume & product support takes away from what could be a nice piece of hardware.
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on 23 January 2016
This is the first set of surround headphones I've bought and coming from a full 5.1 surround system I was dubious about the quality of virtual surround sound using only 2 speakers. I'm happy to say I needn't have worried. These do a great job of emulating the full surround experience, especially in FPS games like Battlefield 4.

The headset is pretty big, but comfortable. Not heavy. And the cups fit perfectly around my ears, blocking out any external sounds (I saw one reviewer complaining that the bottom of the cups didn't sit flush over his ears, and I had the same problem, but I just needed to extend the headband a little bit. D'oh!)

Setup is simple and everything works great on Windows 10 64-bit

The one downside is this - although the range is good, I do get a bad signal when I put a wall between me and the receiver. LLike if I nip to the kitchen to grab a coke or something. It's not a big deal for me, but it's worth mentioning.

Oh and they look nice too. 5 stars
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on 15 July 2015
I'll be as honest as possible here

The design and quality of this item visually is absolutely stunning and it out does many of the other headsets on the market to shame, the memory foam cups are absolutely superb and the headband is excellent.

However from the sound I could hear clearly from the left cup I would say these focus more on loudness than clarity, the bass is actually pretty good also.

I had simple audio from the right cup as it seems to have been faulty on this side, absolutely no bass what so ever from the right side, tried several computers and several settings all have the same response.

Software - the software isn't great in honesty however it somewhat does the job required.

Cables and dock - cables overall are okay but the USB holder cable for the wireless stick seems really cheap and flimsy I also had several malfunction USB errors with this part and had to put the USB stick in directly for it to work, even after install the USB dock cable malfunctioned constantly.

I sent this back for a refund and ended up going for a razer kraken chroma, more expensive but apparently better.

I tested this product on 3 systems.
One was a Mac
2 pc's one with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
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