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on 22 June 2014
This dongle uses the same CSR chip and the same CSR Harmony stack from March 2012 as every other CSR BT4.0 dongle.

After several hours of effort, I finally got apt-X to work under Windows 8.1 64-bit. One important thing to notice is that the "you are now connected to an apt-X enabled headset" splash screen/logo is generated by the "TestIt.exe" under the progamme's installation directory. Running it will produce the splash screen regardless of whether the apt-X device is connected or not. If you managed to get the driver to transmit audio to your headset/receiver, but did not see the splash, you may want to check if you can run that exe directly. It requires .Net Framework 4.0.

Now, the dongle did not immediately enable apt-X when I first installed the driver. I then tried it on another Windows 7 box which showed the splash screen when paird with my headset. I then pluged the dongle back into my Win 8 box and apt-X started working somehow. I don't think the Win 7 bit made any read difference, maybe the dongle requires a power cycle after the driver is installed to work properly.
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on 19 January 2015
Installing this was a doddle! Worked effortlessly from the outset. Would strongly recommend.
Expected complications - there were none.

Update: I spoke too soon! I have recently had to switch my PC on and off several times to resolve a problem.

Now, when I switch it off, it loses the connection with my sound bar, and has to be re-connected, which is not always immediate and can take several minutes. A bit disappointing, but much better than other Bluetooth dongles I have tried. I have removed one star.


The above problem was solved by some tweaking. I purchased a second one, which has given me no trouble at all. Installed in seconds and there have been no problems at all.


However, I have just purchased a third, I was so impressed. BUT, after more than 2 hours of trying to install, no joy at all! The driver installs, but no device is to be found, no matter how hard I try, and I have tried everything! The action centre said there was a compatibility issue.

Possible causes? The first 2 computers I installed this device on were both 64 bit, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. I tried to install this item on a PC with a 32 bit OS. I can see no other reason for the problem (other than a faulty dongle). Other reviewers do not mention their OS.
I would be interested to know if other reviewers successfully installed this dongle on a 32 bit Windows 7 PC. (This info can be found in System, System Type}

Hope this is useful.
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2014
This tiny dongle is a really good product. It's added more Bluetooth functionality to my laptop than I could possibly need, communicates very fast with my devices, and is barely wider than the USB slot so will fit in a side-by-side arrangement. My only advice to purchasers is DON'T install Inateck's drivers!

I realise this will vary according to users' devices and desired purpose. I'm using mine with a laptop running Windows 7. The Inateck update took forever to download & install, after which my computer couldn't recognise the dongle as anything useful. Having waved goodbye to two hours of my life, I rolled back the computer to pre-installation and allowed Microsoft to install whatever drivers it wanted. This took a quarter of an hour, following which I'd gained Bluetooth audio, video, file sharing, remote control, pointing devices and keyboard, bio identification, and a bunch of other stuff I don't need (yet.) Currently the dongle's working with my Jam Storm speaker, and doing it perfectly.

Glad I bought it.
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on 21 July 2015
The first time I used it I didn't installed the CD drivers (just generic Windows 7 SP1 drivers), and it worked like a charm with my P S 4 gamepad with the DS4Windows tool. I had a fresh install on my computer and then it wouldn't work. So be advised, this might work with your DualShock4, but if you mess a bit with the setup you might end up with you DS4 gamepad going off before it is paired.

The workaround is really simple, it worked for me somehow:

You don't need the drivers from the CD in Windows 7 SP1 to use this dongle with a P S 4 (DS4) gamepad.

Close DS4Windows.

It seems you can't connect the DS4 through an USB cable before trying to pair through Bluetooth. It must install the wrong drivers or something. Such a simple solution!!!

If you have connected an USB cable already, here's the long workaround:

Close DS4Windows.

Remove any Human Interface Device from the Windows Device Manager (open Control Panel > Device Manager on left panel > Human Interface Devices category) with the DS4 disconnected and turned off.

Pair your DS4 with the Bluetooth dongle with the Alert when a Bluetooth Device wants to connect disabled (right-click on System Tray Bluetooth Icon > Open Settings) and do it manually (right-click on System Tray Bluetooth Icon > Add Device). This step wasn't tested for relevance by me, but I read it in other guide, and I did do it this way.

Just plug-out and plug-in your mouse if it got disconnected and you're done.

Happy games!

Seller is brilliant and considerate as well.
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on 14 May 2014
Works perfectly, i use it to broadcast computer audio output to a bluetooth speaker and for this job it works very well. The bluetooth on my motherboard kept breaking up within a short distance and it was unreliable, but now i can get audio downstairs and outside too on my bluetooth speaker! Great price too :-)

One thing i don't like is the CSR software automatically adds plugins to Microsoft Office apps like Word and Outlook. The plugins are quite out of date and can cause these apps to crash, so i'd avoid them and deactivate them after installation. Driver seems relable though.

I've used this both in Windows 7 SP1 64 bit and Windows 8.1 64 bit without any problems apart from with the plugins previously stated.
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on 26 March 2014
I have an HP Pavillion and Windows 8 and I wanted to link my laptop to my Sony stereo / speakers. I have never used Bluetooth before and am not terrifically techno-savvy but I have managed to achieve my aim in less than 1 hour and it works perfectly. The dongle is nice and compact but comes with no instructions at all. Initially I used the disc provided to install drivers but when I tried to pair with the speakers nothing happened.....this doesn't mean it wasn't working, I just had no idea what I was doing and quite frankly have no idea what I am doing on Windows 8 either (what was wrong with the 'Start' button??!).....ANYWAY, after reading some stuff saying that there was no need to install drivers for Windows 8 I uninstalled them and re-plugged in the dongle. This time I found a small Bluetooth icon in the bottom RHS of the desktop and when I clicked on this to 'add devices' my speaker came up and I could pick it and connect....and VOILA!! ...music from my laptop coming out of the speakers.... one happy Amazon purchaser!!!
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on 12 September 2014
Works great on the Raspberry Pi, I have been doing iBeacon stuff with these for over a year and they're great. The problem came with using it in Windows. If you've got anything remotely more complicated than a Bluetooth headset then you're going to need to download the driver from the Inateck website. It almost 500M bytes and their server is connected to the Internet using a long piece of frayed wet string... 5 hours to download a driver is ridiculous...
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on 19 June 2014
OK...so this didn't work at 1st on either my Windows 7 laptop or Desktop...neither would recognized the USB Device. After reinstalling the drivers several times, I decided to give Inateck Support a try (in Germany).

I was contacted by Stella and their Customer Service was excellent. After a period of diagnosis, Stella arranged for a replacement to be sent....and boom it worked 1st time. So we all no that hardware can be faulty sometimes, and thats when Customer Service should kick in...and with Inateck it certainly does. All works great now. AAA++++
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on 27 January 2015
Great device. As another review has said, the device installs with standard Windows drivers upon plugging in but had to download latest drivers and software from Inateck's website for it to function correctly. Took a matter of seconds from installing driver to using the device.

I was worried about the range of the device as in the past usb dongles have proved poor but I was surprised to find this exceeds my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 10 in range. I am using the dongle to stream Spotify to an LG Soundbar approximately 5m away and it hasn't skipped a beat. Audio quality is at least as good as APTX Galaxy S4.

I am using a 2m USB extension cable as my base unit is in a cupboard and this hasn't affected performance.

Overall, a great buy with usual amazing Amazon service. Ordered Thursday night on supersaver delivery and it was delivered on Sunday!
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on 30 April 2014
I ordered this item back in January. It came with the package unsealed and had been obviously opened prior to my receipt. The attached driver CD was unable to load anything, just whirring and whirring in the drive. I tried the disk in other PC's I have, trying at least copy the disk or take the files off to install manually, but without success. I then thought I would try the website of the manufacturer- [...], as previous reviews had mentioned their support was good. I searched the Inateck website but unfortunately it did not give a direct link to the drivers and software for this particular product. I eventually had to guess a software option that was not correct and ended up a trial time limited piece of unhelpful software. I emailed Inateck via their website in early February with my Amazon order reference explaining my problem but I have never received a reply to date. I have a useless £20 Bluetooth dongle with no operational software that refuses to pair with any of my Bluetooth devices and the manufacturer doesn't care. Waste of money in my opinion. I have tried and tried to download third party software but without success. I have even noticed Poundworld selling a bluetooth dongle for.... wait for it, a pound!!!
If you don't get good support from a manufacturer for a product you have paid good money for, then the product is rubbish and the manufacturers reputation goes down the pan.

Postscript-Since posting this review Lucille from Inatek/SpringRainUK has bent over backwards to help me sort the problem out. All is now good and to be honest I have never experienced a company hell bent on giving a very personal service to address a problem. German efficiency at its best, and that really is a compliment. Danke schoen Lucille.
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