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on 7 May 2016
I was just recently given a kindle as a birthday present and decided to start using it instead of blasting my ears out with music everyday on my way to work.
This was one of my first purchases / downloads from the kindle store and it has lived up to my expectations.
The writing was fantastic and had me hooked from the first page.
The characters are superb and you get to know everything about them - so much so it's as though they are real people.
There are plots, sub plots and all kinds of shennanigans to keep you interested from start to finish.
Very hard to put this book down and I will definitely be buying the paperback version as a way of a thank you.
Thrilling read from start to finish and I would highly recommend this book to anyone.


The world's longest poem written in the English language, entitled 'Maz'zaroth’, has now been published. Consisting of 367,000 words within 10,200 quatrains and including 137 colour illustrations it is more than just a poem. Maz’zaroth is a serious and controversial historical account of the world which suggests that mankind has not only been deliberately placed on the Earth but has over the millennia been affected by a series of extra-terrestrial intelligences, the knowledge of which has been suppressed by a number of world governments from the public domain. The author of the work remains anonymous.
Maz'zaroth re-writes the Bible in its entirety and in chronological order including the forbidden Gnostic gospels that were never included by the Church- a literary first. It shows how, within the Bible, many of the documented events actually portray a series of extra-terrestrial visitations. This however is merely the beginning of our history that develops through religion with the coming of Islam (of which the entire Qu’ran is included in Maz’zaroth), the wars fought between Islam and Christianity and the 'Secret Societies' that developed in the Middle Ages that have had profound effects, even today, in our everyday lives.
Maz'zaroth goes further and in detail describes how the Catholic Church in Europe decided to become a controlling power and how it was eventually unsuccessful in its battle with the 'Secret Societies' who regained their power over the church through banking. One can learn how these 'Secret Societies' have organised a clandestine government behind our visible governments and have been involved in some of the greatest atrocities upon the Earth, cleverly hiding their own tracks through the creation of organisations and committees such as The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Committee of 300, The Council of Foreign Relations to name but a few mentioned in Maz'zaroth.
It was John F. Kennedy who in 1961 warned the American people of the ultimate aim of these 'Secret Societies' that have been hundreds of years in the making. Members include many prominent politicians, business leaders, members of royal families and military leaders that have created and put in place 'a system' which many refer to as 'The New World Order'. Maz’zaroth demonstrates how the term 'Conspiracy Theory' is conveniently used by these 'Secret Societies' to deflect any blame or wrongdoing from themselves and how they are gradually controlling the world labour market through 'Globalisation'.
Maz’zaroth shows how even recent events in world history can all be attributed to the same 'Secret Societies', such as the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb, the assassination of prominent politicians such as President John F. Kennedy, First US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and other world figures, the cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, the governmental approval of smuggling narcotics into western society, the theft of natural resources from the under-developed regions of the world to the developed world, the instigation of wars in the Gulf region through the creation of a false enemy in Al Qaeda to generate fear in the public as an excuse to go to war for the purposes of generating profit from war, reconstruction and natural resources, the creation of debt to control the labour market through the printing of money backed by nothing other than trust, the destruction of civil liberties in western society so that the masses can be more easily controlled.
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on 26 March 2014
I found this to be a good read. A woman who is married to a man who has affairs when he goes away and she finds out. They have 3 children, and she has no money as she wants to leave him. She does some escorting work to get the money and he finds out. Good read
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on 19 March 2018
Brilliant idea and concept. Brilliant storyline and I enjoyed the woman regaining her power back whilst maintaining her marriage to a cheating bastard. Will love to read the whole series
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on 9 August 2017
It would be lovely to think that this was written from experience, so vividly is it drawn. In fairness to the author this wont be true but the description is vivid and heartfelt. I have obviously missed out on quite a lot in life, but it is all here and alluring.
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on 19 April 2014
This book was lovely to read. Nicely written, erotic and seductive, it was an absolute page turner. It is so invigorating to see a woman rediscover her sexuality, the one supressed for years by her thoughtless cheating husband. It shows that a woman is more than able to empower herself and become strong enough to adapt and survive, as well as turn the tables on a cheating spouse. Good for you girl.
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on 17 December 2017
My wife, a nurse, wants easy, entertaining short stories to read on her Kindle during breaks, this fits the bill.
She enjoyed it and thats all that matters really
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on 13 September 2014
I really enjoyed reading this book, it has a great storyline, is well written and I loved Julia the main character. I wasn't expecting. to enjoy this so much and was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely have to see what happens next.
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on 16 August 2017
A nice relaxing read and an interesting storyline will defiantly be reading the next book ..intrigued to see what happens next
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on 3 January 2015
Not really sure about the title -I was expecting it to be about an escort next door, not a mum who becomes one. Sad start really but at least it helped make the main character real.
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on 4 June 2017
This is a really good read, that you can dip in and out of. The kindle version works really well.
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