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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 June 2014
This is a good screen protector. It comes in a pack of two, which basically allows you to wreck one during fitting. In my view you need to have at least one spare for this purpose.

Even after studying the advice in some of the reviews, I had difficulty fitting it. I found the manufacturers extremely helpful. For this product, with the risk of getting it wrong, that excellent customer service makes all the difference. I would recommend studying the youtube videos which show how to do it.
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on 11 January 2014
As the title says it took me less than 60 seconds to apply this screen protector and there are no bubbles at all. These are the best quality protectors I have been, they have great instructions, comes with everything you need (2 protectors, cloth, sticker to collect any dust, a scraper to push out any bubbles). Perfect product. I would recommend these to anyone.
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on 22 July 2014
This was a good product, the best I ever bought, it was almost perfect, one tiny bubble & couldn't get rid of. I recommend
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on 28 October 2013
I have bought and received things for free for testing from Anker previously, but with a new phone and very little available for it on the high street I had to get something ASAP...so a quick search led me here! I have to say I like Anker products generally, but these Anker Screen Protectors are amazing...firstly they come packaged really well, even though the amazon packet was damaged the stuff inside was without a mark, in the packet there are:
2 screen protectors.
1 hard plastic squeegee (just in case you get an air bubble when applying.)
1 lens cloth
1 dust removal sticker (to help with those annoying tiny flecks that would otherwise ruin your attempt at a perfect fit.)

After turning off the phone, cleaning the screen and trying to make the work area as dust free as possible it took less than a minute to apply the protector, even with my first attempt trapping a single stray piece of dust, this was quickly rectified with the dust removal sticker pressed lightly to the protector surface.

it almost adhered itself completely bubble free, just a single small one pushed swiftly to the edge with the squeegee.

first use (literally 5 seconds after turning the thing back on) felt slightly odd with the pen, almost like it was catching on the surface, but left it two mins and it was smooth as the original screen (think it had something to do with the capacitive nature of the screen!) but already noticing fewer fingermarks and the home button now feels flush with the screen.

Loving it (think it will be a while before I need to use the second one!)
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on 4 February 2014
I read all the reviews for all the likely screen protectors for the Tab 3 and settled on this one. I was not disappointed. It comes well packed with two protectors a cloth, a sticky tab for helping you get rid of dust and lifting up the protector, and a small credit card like thing for helping work out air bubbles. I did as someone suggested and did the application in the bathroom after running the hot tap for a while to give the room some small humidity to help any dust settle and not float about. It was a bit fiddly, but I expected that, but in the end I got a near perfect fit with NO air bubbles. I made sure the phone had been off for a decent while before doing it to prevent any problems there. The last corner I put down (I was probably bending that bit the hardest) was for a little while not looking like it was sticking properly, but like someone else I read doing, left it for a bit... maybe half an hour and it was then flat and sticking as good as the rest.

I've had no problems with touch sensitivity at all and the screen so brilliantly clear and doesn't look like it has any protector on it at all.
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VINE VOICEon 12 March 2014
Review for “[2-Pack] Anker® Ultra-Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - High Definition (HD) and Quality Japanese PET Material - Smudge Resistant + Retail Packaging - Lifetime warranty”

pros: packaged well. will protect against light scratches and smudges. Customer service appears to be very good, and they do offer lifetime warranty?

cons: very thin compared to branded protectors - if you’re after serious protection then consider tempered glass screen protector or a premium brand screen protector. Quite expensive considering there are cheaper similar protectors.

bottom line: A little on the expensive side for budget screen protector.


When i bought this, the item was labelled “High Definition - Quality Japanese PET Material” Having had a previous anker I tried this to see what the High Definition is about. I think they are just referring to the Note 3 having a HD screen as the protector isn't different from the previous (and cheaper anker ones I have bought).

The only difference I could tell is the packaging, which btw is very good. The previous anker's I have bought, (last one only a couple months ago), have had their description changed to HD (and price increase), so its most likely just a marketing gimmick.

The pack comes with two protectors, as well as the usual cloth, card, and adhesive strip to help you apply the protector. Its a pity they don't include a screen wipe to clean the screen before installation, but thats just a minor observation.

To apply screen protectors with a good finish, all you really need is lint free cloth (like the cloth used to clean specs), a hard edge edge to push bubbles out, like plastic card or small piece of stiff cardboard, two pens with sellotape wrapped around the end, sticky side facing outwards (one to pick up the protector from the screen after its been applied and the other to dab at trapped dust), a screen wipe to prepare the screen and a steam filled environment, like bathroom just after a hot shower, is helpful (has less dust)

I have had countless screen protectors from branded to unbranded but I wasn't happy with my first attempt putting the Anker on, but got it right on the second attempt. As I had one to throw away I thought I would try a few basic tests on it.

The fork test was an epic fail - straight through with hardly any force at all. The pen test was also a tragic fail, (standard plastic bic pen), straight through with very little force. The scratch test was reasonable - the protector took light scratches (whilst it damaged the protector it didn't go all the way through, with a sharp edge (this in theory would have protected the phone), but any force and it does go through (just try not to think of your phone in this instance!).

Bit disappointed how easily the protector can be penetrated, which means this is more of a budget item, but with so many competitors selling the same item much cheaper, you really are paying for just the packaging and customer service. For some that might be enough?

Usage wise, the screen protector feels good to touch and works well with the spen. All in all the, anker should hold up to loose change and objects in your pocket, but I wouldn't count on it for protection against anything serious - if you want serious protection consider tempered glass or one of the branded protectors which do stand up to a lot more harsh punishment and can be much thicker. For example I had an old tech21 screen protector to hand from my previous phone and you could tell instantly, comparing it against the Anker, that it was much more thicker. Obviously that protection comes at a premium cost. The price on some of the Ankers have slowly been creeping up though, so it might be worth shopping around.

Having used the Note 3 with the Anker on it for a few weeks, the protector is okay against smudges, still needs a wipe now and again, but it is definitely much better than having nothing at all.

Star dropped for the misleading title, and the price at £6 for 2 protectors is a little steep for what you are getting imho. I will most likely shop around for my next screen protector.
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on 13 February 2014
I originally posted a negative comment about this product as I had a bad experience, Since then Anker have actually contacted me and sent me a replacement on next day delivery. "Sunnie" who contacted me, really went the extra mile and probably deserves a raise. The product worked like a charm on the second go!

If you have any problems contact their customer support.

The product itself feels very natural, like the phone doesnt even have a screen protector on it. I have also noticed there are no more big thumb prints everywhere!

If Sunnie's boss is reading this, give Sunnie a raise!
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on 2 April 2014
The best screen protector on the market for your precious Galaxy Note 3.

So easy to apply and absolutely prefect for my Note. I've used many screen protector from other more expensive manufacture and they all have a weakness or two. Not Anker though! Don't let the affordable price tag fool you, Anker has been in the market for a long time now and they know what they are doing.

The screen protector itself is strong, sturdy, extremely thin yet feel tough, it is perfectly clear like a piece of clean glass. MediaDevil's screen protector has a slight yellow tint to it, you wouldn't notice such unless you put it next to the Anker's s one

Application process is easy and effortless. Once it's on the screen it's invisible. The sharpness/contrast/colour and all other goodness from the FHD AMOLED display are kept as original quality. You cannot tell the different (tested with a mate's Note 3 side by side). 5 stars for Anker, well done you guys. I have had many products from you guys and not a single regrets. Definitely recommended!

Don't think about another manufacture, just buy this one. You'll be happy :-)
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on 12 January 2014
Easy to install, with clear instructions and perfect protection for this phone. I srtongly recommend this product, especially at a very good price.
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on 19 April 2014
If you're looking for a screen protector for your device buy it from Anker!

I've tested several screen protectors made by Anker (Galaxy Note 3, iPad Mini Retina, Galaxy Tab 3) and every time I manage to install it with not a single air/dust bubble! I repeat, NOT A SINGLE BUBBLE :D

I thought it was just impossible to do that, I've tried so many brands and every time there was one or two bubbles that would get in my way, but with these no sir! Just follow the instructions provided and you'll get a perfect result.

Plus, if you choose to buy the "Ultra-Clear" version, I guarantee that you won't even notice that a screen protector is on your device!

Thank you Anker!
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