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on 26 January 2017
Containing 2 CDs and a concert DVD, this is good value, particularly for Stones fans and those who were there. The sound, however, is not 5-star quality. Any outdoor performance sounds a bit muffled or unclear at times, with volumes and low/high notes varying with the breeze, crowd movements etc. All that can (and so should) be cleaned up by professional sound recordists and mixers; sadly this production didn't do that. However, the camera edits don't flick rapidly from one view to another (as is often the case!), and are clear and well chosen, including the audience shots, so it looks like a live event.
The video includes introductory footage from the first Stones In The Park concert, some general Glastonbury scenes, band members making observations etc, but these are mostly well chosen and placed, not intruding on the main story.
I have to agree with other reviewers in despairing of the "bonus tracks" on the DVD. I suppose some bigwig in some remote office insisted at least three be separated out just so the package could have the magic word "bonus" ...!
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on 3 October 2016
The Glastonbury gig in 2013 was fine but not outstanding by Stones' standards. In contrast, the Hyde Park Gig sounded terrific and seemed to be enjoyed by all and sundry. No surprise then that it was issued both in sound and vision. The best value combination is the DVD plus double CD package. So is it good viewing/listening as well as good value? I bought the set mainly for the audio - so many of the Stones songs develop and develop well once they're out of the studio and on the road. They're one band where, at least some if not all live CDs are worth a listen. Here is no exception - Miss You and It's Only Rock 'n' Roll work particularly well. However I found I soon tired of the audio without the video and so tend to listen in short bursts. To my surprise, it's the video I return to most of all. There have been questions about the sound quality of the DVD but on my system it sounds terrific. It's also well edited so there's plenty to watch and enjoy. The snippets of commentary don't turn into a documentary but help to paint the picture of the gig. There's a lot of Stones live material about and this isn't absolutely essential which is why I give it four stars but it is surprisingly enjoyable. and, if you can get it for around a tenner as I did, well it's a snip.
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on 9 March 2017
I saw this concert on TV and really got into the concert, so had to purchase it on Blu Ray, I think the Stones have never been better, great sound and visuals, I think the atmosphere really comes over, and the band really seem to be enjoying it too. Recently brought there Cuban concert, which is also great, I prefer the Hyde Park concert, but theres not much in it, I recomend both.
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on 28 December 2013
I have many Stones live DVD's and albums and this must rate as one of their best ever. It contains nothing new in the way of their material but the way they perform is nothing short of stunning. The sound quality is superb, the DVD is beautifully done and the clarity and camera work superb. The Stones rhythm section of Charlie watts and Daryl Jones is as tight as ever and they together drive the music at an exhilarating pace. Jones in particular excels throughout, what a great bassist he is! His solo on Miss you is a highlight. Keith is in top form with some punchy solos and Mick Taylor joins the band on Midnight Rambler who plays a solo that Clapton would be proud of. If you love the Stones buy this and if you want to hear them at their best buy this..It oozes the summer's of the late 60's, flower power, and great music.
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on 6 March 2015
Excellent!. Service was 1st class, arriving within a couple of days. Well packaged for transit.
What can I say about the albums? It's 'THE STONES'', the greatest rock/blues band on the planet, no equal! Have reveered them since my teens and I am now in my mid sixties.
The DVD encapsulates this wide appeal to all generations and the joy can be seen on the faces of the audience and their total involvement and appreciation of the concert. The atmosphere is electric and you can feel it.
As far as the 'STONES' performance. Still going strong, though a little slower, perhaps, but the energy, enthusiasm and pure professionalism, now so natural, is still going strong, still generating the atmosphere, the excitement we crave, captured for our pleasure on vinyl and disc. Long may they reign!
Very best regards,
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on 3 January 2014
After the dreadful, (to me, anyway!), performance the Stones gave at Glastonbury, I was pleasantly surprised to watch this disk! Loads of energy and some fine playing feature throughout. Even Keith Richard seems to be on form, laughing and joking between playing some very tasty licks. I bought this for my Wife, who is a diehard Stones fan, but can honestly recommend this to anybody who likes good ol' Rock and Roll! Loads of their big hits, with some well chosen album tracks too and if Jagger can't quite hit those top notes any more, well, the backing singers do this admirably! The grandfathers of rock, proving that age really is only a state of mind!
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on 20 December 2013
My wife caught sight of Mick in full flow on the DVD and was less than complimentary, and in one way she's right -they are old enough to be everyone's granddad.
But - if everybody's granddad rocked as hard as the Stones wouldn't the world be a better place? What prompted me to buy this was seeing the concert on TV and being taken by the terrific playing.
If you like the Stones this album is a no brainer, the quality of the playing and the selection of songs is great. As always the 'backroom staff' - Daryl Jones et al - are up to the mark as well.

Out shines 'Shine a Light'.
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on 11 January 2014
Some bands never lose their ability to entertain however long they may have been together or, to put it another way, sheer class never dims with the mere passing of time. And so it is with the remarkable phenomenon that for the last half century has been the Rolling Stones. This must have been a great concert to attend and this set should be part of every serious rock n roll fan's collection. As a friend (and former A&R man for a major record label) once said of the Stones, these guys are "serious rock n roll". Never were truer words spoken! Buy and enjoy!
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on 8 July 2016
There is only one thing can you say about this British Rock Group,and that is...FANTASTIC ! and this Blu-ray has Great Atmosphere,played from Hyde Park in 2013,where the Stones first played their first free concert in 1969,anyway this Blu-ray well worth having in your collection,so I easy give

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on 19 September 2014
Nothing to say, the music and pictures bring that magic day all back and serve as a living reminder of a great day out seeing the Stones playing better tahn I've seen them play for years, and there have been a lot of times seeinf the Stones. But boy was was it hot. Great value for money
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