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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 2015
Love this author's writing style - he paints such a vivid picture of locations that I can see them clearly in my mind. Likewise with his characters, he develops them so well that I didn't just get to know and like John Milton, I got to know and like those Milton set out to help (to atone for his previous existence as a government assassin) and also some of those who he comes into contact with as he uses his almost super-human skills in pursuit of his many tasks. Once started I couldn't put this (my fourth John Milton novel) down and read it in a couple of days so now catching up on abandoned chores. Whilst there is a sequence to the John Milton series each novel is complete so start anywhere - but do start if you are a fan of Reacher, James Bond, or similar entertaining action novels.

I use a standard approach to assessment with 'star ratings' based on awarding one star for a 'yes' to each of the following questions: 1. Did I enjoy the story? 2. Did it hold my attention throughout? 3. Did I get to know the characters and care what happened to them? 4. Was I sorry that the story finished - did I want to read more? and 5. Would I buy another book from this author? The answer to each of those is once more 'yes' and consequently this book gets my 5 stars along with the other Mark Dawson novels I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.
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on 21 June 2016
Mark Dawson does it again as Johmn Milton wanders the world trying to atone for his violent past.

This time Milton's in Mexico and takes on an all powerful drug lord, not knowing that the UK's special forces team have manged to find his location and are ready to pounce. One of the few "straight" local policemen becomes a reluctant ally, despite his impending retirement, and gives Milton invaluable assistance.

Plenty of violence, blood and guts - and very difficult to put down. Full marks Mr Dawson.
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on 8 February 2014
Really liked the first Milton book knew straight away this was my, as us English say "cup of tea" but the second outing " saint death" stepped up big time. Ever thing about it seemed superior . The story line never lets up , good secondary characters , with just the right amount of action. The location is spot on. Loved it . I have devoured over the last forty years plus 1000s of books and paid full price for paper back and hardback . Can say with hand on heart would have been pleased to have brought this book back in the day. Now it seems like a bargain. Please if you like Reacher, Rapp , or the grey man give it a go and you will have a new one on your list. Milton.
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on 6 February 2015
John Milton 2.

Milton is a British assassin who one day decides to quit and stop killing people for HMG. So he does a runner to South America, ending up in a Mexican border town dominated by the narcotraficantes. When I say dominated, I mean that you do what they say or they kill you, your wife, your kids and your pet Labrador. Milton, however, is rather less willing to comply.

It's a cracking thriller. Dawson writes very believably about his characters - I particularly liked Jesús Plato, the cop on the edge of retirement who doesn't want his wife, kids and dog to die, but knows he has to do something... I liked Anna, the punkette GCHQ analyst, too - they don't often write thrillers about data analysts. I'm fairly sure that GCHQ's recruitment procedures and background checks are more stringent than appear in this novel though.

I gave the first book four stars - this one is heading for the fifth...
Yep. 5*
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on 18 September 2013
This is an unassuming man who is unafraid of anything. He is the British equivalent of Jack Reacher. Sticks his nose in when he could just walk away and causes havoc. Brilliant! This book sees him wandering around Mexico, getting involved with drug cartels and journalists with a straight as a die policeman being an unlikely ally.

I do hope that Mark Dawson contines with Milton as he seems to be a character who can grow and grow.
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on 5 October 2015
A solid thriller, that certainly delivers with the action.
I enjoyed this book even more than the first (The Cleaner) because it really hit the ground running, with Milton struggling to deal with both his past work and the events in London.
Although not as physically imposing as say Jack Reacher Milton is as every bit as lethal and with a past not as clear cut as JR the drug cartels had better watch out! with great supporting characters (especially Plato) this was a well rounded action thriller and I am looking forwards to the next installment!
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on 21 May 2016
I didn't expect the second book in this series to be as good as the first one but it did not disappoint in any way. In my head, I've got Jason Latham as John Milton. Can't wait to get started on the next book.
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on 10 February 2015
Absolutely brilliant. John Milton is a fabulous character, the other characters in his books are great too. Without spoiling anything, I'm glad things turned out like they did in the end! Bring on book number 3. If you like the early Lee Child- Jack Teacher books. You will love these. The author Mark Dawson has a unique way of keeping in touch with his readers too.keep up the great work!
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on 13 December 2014
John Milton has escaped the clutches of Control and has spent the previous six months working his way northwards into Mexico as a fast order chef without incident until arriving in Ciudad Juarez where he bumps into the local drug cartel and the action begins. As a result of this he attracts the attention of the local police. This leads to information about him being put on a computer which enables Control to find him, further complicating the action.
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on 29 October 2013
In this installment we find our redoubtable hero, Milton, 6 months after his venture in The Cleaner. He has been travelling through S. America helping people where needed and still trying to get rid of his demons from his time in Group15 (G15), and the Controller who has made it his personal obsessesion to get rid of Milton for good.
He lands up in Ciudad Juarez, a town on the Mexican border with the USA which is owned and run by a drugs cartel and where 99% of local government and police are in the pay of its boss, Felipe Gonzalez aka El Patron. His psychopathic son Emilo, aka Santa Muerte, (St Death), is mainly responsible for the town's other names, Murder City and The City of Lost Girls.
Caterina, a female journalist, is writing about the loss of these girls in a blog which is bringing unwanted attention to the Cartel. Five of their best men are sent to kill her in a restaurant where Milton is working as a cook. He foils the attempt with the help of a local off duty policeman. He takes on the daunting and precarious task, with the assistance of the policeman and a bounty hunter, to keep her safe and get her across the border.

El Patron gives the job of preventing this to the best assassin he has, his son Emilo, St Death. As it happens the bounty hunter has been paid by the Mafia to deliver him to them DOA after he reneged on a deal and massacred six of their men.

To add to this G15 have recruited the best analyst from GCHQ to find Milton and when she does an elite group of six agents are deployed to Mexico to bring him home, again DOA. When you are dealing with a man who has apparently no one or nothing to lose, (except his own life, which he doesn't much like anyway, but will fight to save), you have an extremely formidable adversary to contend with and the job isn't as easy as it seems.
This all ties together for a belter of a finale.

I know there are a few typos and that as a serving officer he would have been awarded the Military Cross (MC) and not the Military Medal (MM) which is for enlisted ranks.
Neither detract from a superb book with an ending that leaves us wondering and waiting. Thoroughly recommend.
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