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on 22 August 2017
I love the features on this thing. The menu is really intuitive and easy to get around and it's nice having everything in one place. My only problem is the device is rather sluggish. You press a button and there is a delay before it reacts. It's a real shame they didn't put a faster processor in this thing and charge a little more as I would have rather paid more than put up with the annoyance of waiting all the time. My other gripe is there is no amazon instant on here. I can get all the other main on demand services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, itv player, 4od and YouTube plus more but have to switch to my other device to put the gruffalo on amazon instant for my boy every night! There appears to be no way of installing additional apps which kinda sucks!
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on 19 August 2017
Living in France, we have had a Sky Box for 18 years. We had trouble with 'pixilation' on several free channels recently.
I had the system tested by a local TV engineer shoe decided that the problem lay with the Sky digibox - That examination cost 75 euros.
I investigated purchase of the 'freebox' and took the plunge. I was anvious that one could recieve all the 'red button' BBC information concerning financial matters. The Humax digibox was a very wise decision. It works perfectly. There are little wrinkles to it which just need getting used to. The audio output (which we use to connect to other loudspeakers in the house) is affected by the volume control on the remote. Reasonable but different. All channels are free of pixelation.
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on 19 April 2015
Great little media box, can't complain at all. Interface is fast enough and very well laid out. Absence of a hard drive is a non issue when you are using catch up services for the main 4 broadcast services. I would recommend anyone who doesn't have a smart TV to seriously consider this as a cost effective and quick upgrade to start accessing online services as well as in home streaming from network storage etc. Built in media playback from network storage is very good, compatibility to video formats is plentiful and quality from up scaling is impressive. Very small footprint, and although not winning beauty awards is by no means ugly. It's small enough to disappear almost. Make sure you have Ethernet connection to hand or pick up some power line adapters.
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on 4 November 2016
Comparing it to the Virgin Tivo Box:
This is superior in every way.
The GUI (look and feel of the menus) is very good and much easier to use.
It is much faster than the Tivo.
I am very pleased indeed.
This comparison of course is false because a Tivo won't do freesat and this won't do Virgin... Just a simple way to give a benchmark.
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on 28 September 2016
All set up very quickly. Tidy EPG with a small picture in picture of current channel. Good remote. Haven't tried USB storage for recording yet and using USB port for Wi-Fi
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on 11 May 2016
Having been so pleased with my Humax sat receiver/decoder I have downstairs, I decided to purchase a Humax sat receiver for the bedroom. I installed it within minutes and could not believe the picture quality against the old receiver from a different manufacturer.
The menu display is the best one I have ever seen, Today I connected it up to the internet for catchup and on demand services. It can record programs using a USB hard drive connected to it. It is also a Which "BEST BUY".
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on 20 March 2015
This product has a problem with the sound. It started off with a 5 star rating as the picture is great, the EPG is brilliant and it is easy to use. After a while, the sound on the non-HD channels drops to very low. This is a problem when changing between HD and non-HD channels as you have to turn the sound right up to hear it and when you change to a HD channel it becomes deafening. When I switch to the Spanish Freeview equivalent channels, the sound is so loud that it is almost painful so you have to ensure you turn the sound right down when changing channels.
This happened after 10 months of using the item.
On looking at other user sites, it would appear that several people have had this problem but no fix is forthcoming.
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on 21 April 2016
Worked straight out of the box, really simple to set up and use - even my less-than-tech-savvy parents could work the interface easily. It needs an internet connection for the 'on demand' services, and doesn't have the record function of the more expensive models (even though the buttons are there on the remote), but it does have over 100 channels all for free. All you need is a dish pointed at the right satellite (same one as the Sky satellite).
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on 3 November 2014
I bought this to team up with a Samsung UE32H5000 non-Smart TV. This Humax box has certain 'smart' type properties and avoids
having to buy a 'Smart' type TV. Set-up was easy, aided by simple manuals and reasonable on-screen help menus. The remote appears to be of decent quality and navigates the 'freetime' facility, text service, on demand/iPlayer etc. with ease.
I haven't got around to using the record facility, as yet, but that's more to do with deciding which dedicated USB HDD Drive to buy.
I would say, based on some four weeks of use, that this receiver can be recommended. On the down-side - I haven't, as yet, been able to locate a programme planner based on programmes set with a 'reminder' (as operates on the Sky box system); some reviewers have complained about the delay in booting-up from cold. Well it does take some 15-20 secs or so but I can live with that;
finally, it is only a single tuner device, as has been stated elsewhere in the reviews, so recording ability is slightly limited compared with the much more expensive twin-tuner devices (and, of course, the Humax HB-1000S doesn't come with a USB HDD Drive - you have to purchase this separately).
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on 13 July 2017
Solid build quality, intuitive, easy to set-up, simple to use, good picture and sound, no ongoing fees, plenty of programming to choose from. Maybe not quite the diversity of a the larger well known satellite broadcaster but also fewer channels of rubbish to waste time on!
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