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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Lust In The Dust [DVD]
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on 6 July 2009
I love this film. I showed "Lust In The Dust" in my own cinema on its release in 1985 on a double bill with "Body Double" What a long programme !!! Not everyones cup of tea, but I found the film hilarious and never tire of watching it again. Like all Divine films they stand the test of being able to re-watch. I must state that not everyone was as enthusiatic about the film as I was. When part of a tresure map is found on the backside of none other than Divine, then the hunt is on to find the other half. This comedy western then travels to a sleepy town called Chile Verde (which means green chilli for those who dont speak Spanish) and the utterly ridiculous turns comically corrupt. The film is deliciously distasteful fun and features Divine singing a bawdy love song. There is a brilliant supporting caste with Tab Hunter, Lainie Kazan, Geoffrey Lewis, Henry Silva and Cesar Romero. This is one of the films Divine did away from John Walters (in fact it was directed by Paul Bartel) it would have been interesting to see what John Walters would have done with this. No doubt Mink Stole would have have been somewhere in there and Edith Massey did audition for the part of the old saloon gal who want to go to Abilene, but was too ill to appear.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 9 May 2014
This spoof western is spot-on and can be recommended wholeheartedly to people who don't even like westerns - in fact they are more likely to be in tune with it than fans of the genre, given how ridiculous the events portrayed are. Yet it is close enough to serious models to be very funny. All the types are there, the strong silent hero who looks a bit like Clint Eastwood and seems to be refusing to speak to Divine to remain true to his archetype, the brazen prostitute who runs the bar, and a whole chorus of Wild West types who are ready to throw punches at the least provocation - as are the girls, with Divine rolling around in the dust trying to get her own way. She sings on arrival at Chili Verde, an absolute show-stopper than whets the appetite of some while drawing ungenerous comments from others. It's a sort of Mae West send-up, not that she looks like Mae West at all, here sporting a luxuriant brunette wig. But in her way she looks fabulous, and acts it, even on all fours scrubbing the floor she has that unmistakeable class, a kind of Cinderella syndrome in a fuller figure. A young lad who plays the piano and looks a bit like Mickey Rooney clearly takes a shine to her and later pleasures her under the covers, giving rise to the saucy expressions of ecstasy that were so much part of the persona when the character could escape being downtrodden and taken advantage of in the wrong way (see Polyester for a heartfelt version of this) ... But here it is not fantasy, this phwoarsome young lad is for real, although sadly the situation seems to be too much for him. The story, which is preposterous, hangs on a frantic scramble for buried treasure using a map only half of which is tattooed on Divine's bottom. To give more away would spoil the fun, but if this kind of thing appeals its re-release can only be greeted with squeals of delight. The cover alone gives a good idea of the tone.
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on 22 November 2014
The improbable pairing of Tab Hunter and Divine (both on and off screen) plus a plot that resembles British farce or one of the better Carry On films set in a dirt poor back water of the truly "wild" West delivers great entertainment and memorable performances.

Divine really gives as good as she gets in this film which she literally at some points straddles. The monologue with the donkey and the shower scenes are my personal favourites. But every minute brings a fresh bellyful of laughs - take the saloon brawl - a high point of any 1950s 1960s B movie western which for sheer energy rivals any of those and is 100% spoof. Lee Marvin or John Wayne going at it in Donovan's Reef, or for that matter even the lip biting gung-ho punch up featuring Randolph Scott in Carson City, seem dull by comparison. Of course there is no room for any dignity or sense of decorum in this film. Everything is pieces scattered on the floor. And it's a refreshing and resourceful escapade for that.

The central thesis of a matching half of a treasure map tattooed on the cheek of another ass and the competitive hot pursuit it creates (the sweet road to success one might say) could also stand for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the American dream.

Even social comment is covered in this wonderful film.
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on 10 October 2011
Of all the movies that the late Divine made, this one is my favourite. Although John Waters had nothing to do with this one [Tab Hunter was mainly responsible] it plays as well as Waters' Polyester [DVD] which also features Tab Hunter, so maybe Tab picked up a few hints:) The script is basically a good old fashioned Cowboy Movie of the Clint Eastwood sort [basically this is a re-write of Clint's spaghetti westerns], with not as many twists as you might expect... maybe a bit more 'adult' humour than a John Wayne movie. Divine is in great form, and clearly having a ball playing the distraught heroine, Hunter is the Eastwood clone, and a very sultry job he makes of it too. The rest of the cast are clearly in on the joke, and all seem to be having a ball in the desert. As a movie, it plays well, gallops along and plenty of gags. As a Divine vehicle, it was his last movie, and to me it was his best of the mainstream movies Polyester, Hairspray [DVD] although I doubt if Divine would ever have been accepted fully as a mainstream artist. Then again, that's why his fans love him, because he was outside of all that [although he wanted to be accepted, and to be taken 'seriously as an actor'] Anyway, this is a great old romp, Divine's 'singing' in the movie is worth the admission alone:)
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The best of Divine's film with Geoffrey Hunter
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on 18 April 2017
A bawdy campo classic in the western genre. Full of laughs and naughtiness. Love it !
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on 13 December 2009
I watched this a dozen times 10 years ago. It's lost its edge now, but if you haven't seen it, I recommend it, and you might love it. I can't quite grasp Bartel's career - he was vaguely amusing and on the fringe, but why did he get 200 acting jobs? His acting in Eating Raoul (and Piranha) is pretty amateurish. The audition tapes of Edith Massey are embarrassing - why audition her at all? Either you want her and you want a Waters lookalike movie or you don't. Auditioning her is as pointless as auditioning Divine - either you want him or you don't. Edith Massey was too ill to film the part of Big Ed in the end, luckily for us, if not for her. Favourite Divine quote: "All my life I wanted to look like Elizabeth Taylor. Now Elizabeth Taylor looks like me."
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on 2 February 2017
I haven't actually watched this myself, as it was a present, but the person I bought it for loves it and has already watched it three times! Divine only made a hand full of films and they usually go for outrageous prices, I was pleased to find this one at a reasonable cost, also as a nice bonus the cover is reversible, in my opinion the artwork on the reverse featuring the original theatrical poster is far superior plus there's a small booklet of facts and photos also included.
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on 1 July 2015
This is the spaghetti western Clint Eastwood never made as shot for shot it sends up the great man's genre. Divine is divine as the saloon girl in search of the gold as is Tab Hunter as the man with no name. It is very funny, very crude - wait till you find out how the piano player dies, ending up stuffed inside his instrument - and worth every penny. This is not great cinema, and certainly not art, but it is entertainment which is what everyone set out to provide.
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on 3 April 2016
This came with the i Am Divine DVD documentary and as i keep watching that i haven't had a chance to see this yet!
But from the bits that the documentary are showing i know I'm going to love this as much as i love everything else Divine!
Shame for the lack of extras by he look at the back of the box! Reversible cover which is good and I'll have a read of the book later :-)
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