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on 3 August 2014
I never leave reviews but this is such a stirring unique album, I couldn't not. This woman is amazing.....people compare her to Florence Welch and I understand why, but this vocalist does heartbreakingly sad like Florence could never do (not being mean, it's just true). Very few albums manage to make a tear roll down my face, but this is one of them. It's not all sad and melancholic but my god, they do it so well! Beautifully produced, a pleasure to own. Thank you London Grammar.
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on 14 August 2017
'London Grammar' are an English trio comprising Hannah Reid (vocals), Dan Rothman (guitar) and Dominic 'Dot' Major (keyboards, djembe and drums). The group cover a wide range of musical genres including pop, dream pop, trip hop and electronica on this 2013 debut. Vocalist Reid, pens the majority of the lyrics basing them on her own personal experiences in her formative years and is in possession of one of the most gorgeous vocal styles to be found on the current scene - indeed comparisons have been made with 1970s songstress Judie Tzuke and Florence Welch. If you like dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes then tracks such as 'Wasting My Young Years', 'Hey Now', 'Strong', 'Metal And Dust' and the extremely classy 'Flickers' should keep you very satisfied indeed. A highly promising debut album with a follow-up released in 2017.
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on 21 May 2017
Magical cd. Three years old and their second album due on the 8th June already ordered by this new fan, which may surprise any young person if they knew my age of 70. What a voice and what brilliant songs?
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on 5 March 2018
Every once in a while we get a gem of an album the surfaces in the industry, and this is one for sure. Reid’s voice is simply stunning, and what helps is the studio recording on this vinyl is quite simply top class and something we don’t see enough of in this day and age, you can thank mr cowell for that! This album became the de facto standard at pretty much every high end Audio show globally and still is used today. The depth and clarity is truly outstanding, especially on the delux 180g heavy weight vinyl. Wether you have an entry level system or high end this album will bring something to your Audio experience that simply wasn’t there before. The soundstage opened up with such depth you can actually hear Hanna move closer and further way for the mic, and even which side she is stood! The signature tray “hey now” needs no introduction, instantly recognisable, slightly dark under stone with Reid’s massive vocal range, and the when the lower sub range kicks it, absolutely stunning, I never get tiered of it! The whole album start to finish is a gem, getting harder to find now especially on vinyl, and even more so in the 180g format. An audiophile quality must have album, just buy it.
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on 16 November 2016
Previously, London Grammar were one of those bands that I had unwittingly heard on adverts ('Hey Now') and had developed a liking for, without knowing anything about the band itself.
However, the ethereal voice of the female singer (Hannah Reid) kept popping into my head and wouldn't leave. I had to track down that voice and listened to the 'If you Wait' album on YouTube, then bought it straight away. I wasn't prepared for how good this band were until I heard 'Wasting my young years', 'If you wait' and 'Help' - I was truly blown away. It feels as though Hannah Reid's voice is a volcano, slowly building to a crescendo and waiting to unleash its power in every song. In particular 'If you Wait' makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck every time I play it. The lyrics of the entire album are woven with bittersweet pathos, joy, longing and spun with gold: 'Stay awake' - 'I am the blank page before you - the fine idea you crave', the lyrical gymnastics of 'If you wait' - 'To treasure gold is fun, brother, drop your bag at once, from the air to the people, a mass to take you on' and then 'to find just one other, seems to be the goal of everyone'. The lyrics are good, very good, and like all good lyrics are philosophy, or poems set to music. For such a young group, they have a scary handle on life, its meaning and what it means to be a human being, and yet I feel they still have more to impart on the world. This is an album for all ages and I can see it appealing to almost anyone.

If You Wait is probably the best album I've heard in many years and deserves several play through's to appreciate its depth and quality. I can't wait for London Grammar's next offering.
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on 26 October 2015
An album filled with haunting, fragile music. Although the single "Strong" is by now very well known, it is hardly the best track on this wonderful album, and only gives an incling of the capabilities of this band. "If You Wait" is at its best when the band goes beyond the reliance on the amazing vocals of lead singer Hannah Reid for effect, and creates a mash-up of electronica and song that is accompanied by poetic lyricism. Although the band may encounter fierce competition from acts like Daughter and Beach House due to the shoe-gaze nature of the overal feel of the album, it is my opinion that London Grammar is more innovative and offers a more layered listening experience than Daughter and feels less repetitive than genre creating Beach House.
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on 25 April 2018
This is a woman fronted band the young girl who sings sings efortlesly and far excedes most female vocalist her voice is efortlessly producing a fantastic range of tones . This is by far the best voice Ive heard on a woman in decades. Item delivered nice and fast great company. Buy this album .The musicians in the band all just older than kids play thier music like they have been musicians for a hundred years. They do It briliantly. Well done London Grammer
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on 18 September 2013
'If You Wait' is the début album from London Grammar.

London Grammar are made up of three members: Hannah Reid (singing), Dot Major and Dan Rothman (Production). Comparisons to the XX are inevitable but I would say that Tracey Thorn or even Florence work better as vocal benchmarks.

This is a stunning album. You will read many reviews here suggesting many of the thoughts you would get if you just listened to 'Hey Now' or 'Waisting My Young Years' just once. Yet whilst I certainly enjoyed the album and would recommend it I would just like to be honest about how I feel after this release.

'If You Wait' is an excellent record - but in my eyes will certainly be filed under 'Overrated'; evocative in its emotional delivery but worn slightly thin by a lack of diversity in its approach and by an excessively overblown wait since they broke on the blogosphere. Their first track 'Hey Now' is a case in point - this first broke out some time in late 2012. In itself it is a fantastic track and justifiably sent ripples through social networks, but the ensuing wait of almost a year until the full release led to the band becoming so well known that it almost lost its cool and hip shine that a new unknown band tends to carry - this takes nothing away from the quality of the track but 'Hey Now' became overplayed. By the time I went to see them at Bestival a couple of weeks ago they had a following that was bigger than most of the headline acts - based on the merits of three Soundcloud tracks.

Whilst the rest of the album is sumptuously executed there are no surprises and overall the album takes no risks. They have a formula and they have stuck very firmly to it. It's nice to be handed a little diversity in a début, regardless of the hype.
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on 27 September 2014
I don't take much notice of a lot of the new pop / chart music that comes out these days; shows like X Factor have flooded the scene with cheap knock-off, soon forgotten filler.
A complete turnoff for anyone over the age of 12.
But every now and then a thoroughly decent act emerges worthy of the attention of even the most jaded music lover. A chance hearing of a London Grammar single on a station I wouldn't normally have on, literally caused me to stop what I was doing and just.. listen. I loved it. The album become a must-have buy on the strength of that single, and maybe one other. Having now listened to it many, many times, I can honestly say it is one of my standout music purchases of recent years. Hannah Reid's soaring vocals are utterly sublime; this girl has a hell of a voice, and the guys on instruments are just as creative and talented. The compositions clearly have had a lot of thought go into them. The pedigree of the production team is evident with clean, balanced, beautifully crafted arrangements. As another reviewer pointed out "less is more" and that is one of the album's main strengths. There's not a bad song on the album, not even an average one in my opinion, but my favourites are Wasting My Young Years, If You Wait, Strong, and Help Me Lose My Mind (collaboration with dance act Disclosure).
Amazing first effort. These guys deserve to go far.
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on 18 February 2014
I was looking for something different. Something with depth. My daughter put me onto London Grammar as this was what was going round at her Uni. As ever, a few listens on YouTube and there it was a cd I had to have. Hannah's voice is unique, beautiful and haunting. Very distinctive. Almost reminds me of Judie Tzuke in her tone. The cd is full of interesting songs all textually similar but very different from each other. Of course the stand out track is the one they play most often, "Strong," but this is no one song album. There is so much depth. There is intelligence in how the songs are put together. The guitar work is quite superb and yet so understated. I was lucky to buy the deluxe cd as this has extra tracks and shows other dimensions to their music. These are just as good as the album. This album is really as good as its reviews suggest. It destroys the myth that the album is dead and in future only individual songs will be bought. This is quite remarkable as a full set. Certainly one of the albums of the year.
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