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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2011
In my Flashforward, I see myself getting a package from Amazon , opening it and finding in it flashforward second season... :-)
This is one of the best tv series ever written. Highly recommended.

Although this is a great Show, intelligent and amazing, bear in mind that at the end of the first season, you are left with no answers as the story is not finished.
I thought to buy the book and read it when I found out that the book and the TV production are not similar. The series is just based on the idea of the book, nothing more.

Now, together with all the people that have seen and bought this show, we are more than just anxious to get answers.

Does anyone here knows if there is or how to find the rest of the story or the script?
This is a real crime to leave us like that...
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6th October - all over the world people black out for 2 minutes 17 seconds. 20,000,000 perish. Most of those who recover have had vivid images of themselves at 10.00 on 29th April. Others saw nothing. Does this mean there is no future for them?

This major series contains much to intrigue. Can free will alter what seems pre-ordained? A mosaic of global prophecies is compiled, all the better to understand what exactly lies ahead. Frantic investigations strive to determine what happened and why. Can a devastating recurrence be averted?

22 dramatic episodes (British stars prominently involved). Visually spectacular, carnage particularly well staged. Many characters to care about. Can FBI's Demetris avoid his forecast demise? What of likeable Dr. Bryce Varley and his terminal cancer?

Joseph Fiennes impresses as FBI's Mark. His flashforward concerns his own findings which may have become too revealing, he thus a target for ruthless assassins. Jack Davenport makes impact as the scientist whose autistic son young Dylan has an unexpected part to play. Some may find the enigmatic Simon less convincing - a regret when this is such a key role.

Genuine surprises are many, as are the shocks - not least when a popular character so devastatingly proves one CAN alter the future.

Sadly one future cannot be changed - a second season denied for a series so deserving another. At least this great boxed set can be enjoyed with its commentaries and extras - a fine souvenir.

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on 15 February 2012
Some of these reviews are misleading in their claims that the set's status as 'Complete Series' is misleading.

The set is exactly what it says on the tin; all 22 episodes of the first and only season of Flashforward which aired on ABC in the US during the 2009/2010 television season. It tells the complete story of the first flashforward, what everyone saw, what it likely meant and the explanation (mostly) of what caused it. It also takes the last few minutes of the final episode to set up the events of a second season based on what the main characters saw/see in their second flashforward but ABC decided to pass on a second season and so we don't see what happens to some of the characters. This is a small source of frustration but hardly the fault of the show's creators.

Personally I really enjoyed watching the series on this DVD boxset because I had seen the first few episodes back in 2010 when they aired here in the UK on Channel 5 and I thought they were pretty good. Then I heard it got cancelled in the US and no longer felt the urge to make sure I didn't miss any episodes. However I then read all over the internet that the series had picked back up in momentum towards the second half of the season and was now considered one of the best shows not to get a second season (like Firefly which I also missed when it aired but ended up watching on DVD and enjoying immensely) and so for £9.99 (the then price, now £7.99 a time of writing) I figured there was nothing to lose.

This now has a prize place in the main TV section of my extensive DVD collection which is usually reserved for top shows like The Wire, Friends, The West Wing or Battlestar Galactica's first 3 seasons. It is one of only two TV shows with less than three seasons in that section rightfully earning its place right next to the other one; the aforementioned Firefly.

The series has a loosely sci-fi premise but as the storyline progresses it comes closer to science fact and the reason behind the flashforward becomes clearer. If I were to categorise this show it would fall primarily into the action/sci-fi genre but there is also an element of intellectual mystery speckled throughout. Some people say it was trying to hard to be like LOST but having watched both I would say that is not the case. The show is similar in that it shared some actors, the network and the fact that there was an overarching conspiracy or mystery to the show but where LOST ran on for years and ultimately failed to live up to expectations with its finale (though, personally, quite liked the final episode) Flashforward really had something based in science which could be explained to the viewers in what I imagine could have been a gripping series finale, maybe 4 or 5 seasons down the road.

Sadly this never got a chance to be the case but nonetheless it is a great story as it stands and is worth watching more than once.

Buy this DVD. You will not regret it.
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on 12 July 2014
You probably know this already but I think its worth pointing out - Flash Forward only lasted one season before the powers that be gave it the bullet. This is a shame because it's a cracking concept and I thought it was a promising opening year which could have been built on.

Based on the book by Robert J Sawyer, the premise is simple but effective - the series opens as the entire human population suffers a simultaneous blackout. They're all unconscious for just a couple of minutes and everyone experiences a flash forward, they each have a vision of the same day a few months in the future. The story follows a disparate group of characters - cops, doctors, scientists included as they attempt to find out what happened and why.

There are some great ideas at work here as various characters wrestle with the idea of knowing their fates and whether they may be able to change them. Things start at a great pace - the opening episodes have a real thrust to them but admittedly things do sag slightly in mid season as the sci-fi elements take a back seat and we get a bit more soap opera. Things soon pick up again in the second half though and the season ends particularly strongly - opening up many more intriguing plot lines. Sadly these are likely to go unexplored for now as season two is just a pipe dream.

It's well budgeted stuff so it all looks good, especially the scenes of carnage during the blackout. The actings mostly pretty good with top honours for me going to Dominic Monaghan as Simon Campos, a shady scientist. He is aided by the fact he gets to play one of the more interesting and complex characters.

Overall, it's worth a watch (it's on Amazon Prime at time of writing) so you can enjoy it while it lasts, just try not to get too attached.
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on 25 January 2011
i think there is no question about the qualities of this show , highly entertaining, thought provoking -what would you do if you knew, i spent more then a few seconds thinking about it!- and then...nothing. the series stops when it begins and it surely deserved 1 or 2 more seasons. then i asked myself why aside from the money would they stop a show like this? i tried and tried to find the most exotic whys and hows of the blackouts (being a scientist and living a few km from CERN in geneva that is actually basically more or less doing this type of experiments) and i cannot find one. so maybe the reason for stopping the show was just that they had reached a dead end?
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on 15 May 2010
It's one of these wonderful shows like Twin Peaks that require you to watch every single episode and rewards you for doing so. The writing is nothing short of brilliant and the delivery is a beautiful movie quality show with competent acting.

Sadly the future of the show, ironically given it's subject matter, is uncertain. Season one is coming to a close and still there is no news if it will survive to live another season. There is so much unexplored in this show and it would be a shame if they weren't allowed to continue this masterful tale.

FlashForward makes science fiction good by focusing on the science and letting the characters tell the story. There are plenty of intense moments and deep secrets to unveil. It's an emotional ride from start to finish, 45 mins of pure enjoyment delivered to you by a large cast of excellent actors.

I'm preordering as a sign of support for a Season 2 and when you see it, any way you see it, hopefully you will as well.
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I began watching this on Amazon Prime but the picture quality was rubbish (as it is on so much on their downloads - they really need to sort that out and get as good as Netflix). But I was enjoying the first two episodes so much - I figured 6 discs on DVD for less than six quid - that's a deal. So I bought it. And it is.

The DVD picture quality is superb - incredibly clear - tons of detail - big production values. The shocks and reveals keep coming at you - episode after clever episode. A little like the unfolding many-layered plot of "Lost" (it even uses Lost's Dominic Monaghan in episodes) - "FlashForward" is a fabulous American TV Show with a massive and talented ensemble cast (especially Brian F. O'Byrne - Ireland's answer to Eddie Marsan).

There's a long history of great TV shows cancelled in their prime - "Boss", "Luck" "Mercy", "Dirty Sexy Money". Invest in this - a stunning bargain - and in these days of over-advertised Sky Fodder - a series you probably haven't seen and need to. The only real shame for me is that "FlashForward" is not yet on BLU RAY where it should be - and would truly shine...
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on 13 July 2010
I can't express how disappointed I was when I heard this show was cancelled. Having tried to watch Lost and finding it difficult to get into, I was apprehensive. I didn't watch the first 3 episodes when they were first aired, but having read reviews decided to give it a go. Wow what a show, I was hooked and couldn't wait for the next episode to air. Trust the US to cancel based only on American ratings, what about all those around the world who watched it. Don't we count, after all the network get paid for distribution. I hope that ABC reconsider, especially after all the publicity from around the world. I will definately be buying the DVD boxset, or requesting it as a present.
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on 22 November 2013
I saw this on television and really enjoyed it, I never did understand why it had been axed. After another watch it was still very good but left with so many unanswered questions that it leaves it a bit useless. I have resorted to the book which so far is better than the series and will finish at the end.
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on 13 January 2014
Ok, so at the end of this we'll never know what the writers planned to happen in part two as the idiot TV company scrapped it (I am being excessively polite)! I considered reading the book but reviews say it is nothing like the series so it is all down to the observer to imagine the ultimate outcome.
The world passes out for two minutes & seventeen seconds & everyone gets a glimpse of their life in the future, not all of it good! The race is on to work out how & why & to live with, or fight against, the knowledge of what is to happen. Joseph Fiennes is brilliant as Agent Mark Benford, trying to tackle his many demons whilst acting as support for his partner Demitri Noh (John Cho) who saw nothing, & fight to save his marriage after his wife sees herself with another man, the very man he needs to collaborate with to try & solve the mystery, If you have the imagination to end this amazing story go for it. If you don't . . . try it anyway!
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