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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 September 2015
This is truly one hell of an amazing film! The trailers definitely did not do this justice. The quality of the picture and sound was absolutely flawless, considering that 'Gold' was originally released back in 1974 (the same year Roger's JB film 'The Man With The Golden Gun' came out in Cinemas). But, Roger, as an actor, has never failed to impress me and this film was no exception. It was an absolute masterpiece! There was some intense heart-stopping action and the gradual love interest, which naturally blossomed between Roger's character (Rod Slater) and Susannah York's character (Terry) added a really nice touch. When I ordered this, I did wonder why on earth 'Gold' was rated a 12. After watching it, I do understand why, as there is the odd bit of language and some of the action scenes do get a little bit graphic in places. But, generally, the film was clean and easy to watch. The soundtrack is also something to be proud of. Elma Bernstein, who actually wrote the majority of the music, really knew what he was doing musically. The main theme, in particular, helps to define the overall theme of 'Gold' and leaves us knowing 100% that this was a film of the 70's. This digitally remastered, limited edition of 'Gold' is worth every single penny and for a complete Roger Moore, like myself, it is a must!!!!
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A group of high-flying businessmen plan to have 'South Africa's' largest
gold mine flooded to inflate the gold prices world wide, making a financial
killing, to ensure success they have the mines chairman's son-in-law 'Manfred
Steyner' in their pocket.
When the mines general manager dies by accident whilst working in the mine,
'Manfred' has lost his on-site puppet.
'Manfred' manages to persuade father-in-law 'Hurry Hirschfeld' to appoint
'Rod Slater' a young contender for the post,'Manfred' believes the cavalier
attitude of the new appointment will be the ideal candidate to attribute
blame to when the plan to 'blast' and flood the mine succeeds.
The film builds up toward a tense and gripping conclusion.
The picture quality on 'blu-ray' is superior to the DVD version, the sound
has been enhanced to a satisfactory level.
The story is of corruption and greed with a total disregard for the lives
that would be lost if the plan succeeds.
Enjoyable, well worth a spin.
There is little in the way of additional features.....just a 'Roger Moore'
documentary and trailers.
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on 18 June 2016
At last the best version I have ever seen. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely. The other prints we own certainly did a disservice to this 1974 classic.
Great cast and some amazing set pieces and terrific music make this a must have for fans of solid entertainment and of course Roger Moore!
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on 11 January 2016
If you have not seen Gold then you are missing out. It's an absolute gem from 1974 with the late great Sir Roger Moore at his best. For when it was made, Gold is a full on action thriller with some fantastic set pieces and practical stunts. It's so well made and exciting all the way through. I love this film and you should too.

Last week we had the bad news that Roger Moore passed on which was a blow even though he was 89 years old. I was luckily enough to have seen him in November 2015 when I went to An Audience With Roger Moore. I nearly got to speak to him but my dreams shattered when the steward with the mic got a bit muddled up with who's turn it was to speak. Oh well at least I got to see one of my hero's.

So now I have paid a small tribute to Roger, I encourage you to grab a copy of Gold and sit down with a bottle of wine and have your own tribute night to the legend. RIP.
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on 31 March 2016
An overlooked classic in my opinion. I remember seeing this at the cinema in the 70s in a Roger Moore double bill with The Man With The Golden Gun. For many years the film has been available on various very sub-standard public domain DVDs. This Blu-ray is a revelation as the picture quality is very good for a film released over 40 years ago. The film is a well executed thriller set in South Africa and passes a very enjoyable couple of hours. Very pleased to have added this to my collection.
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Gold certainly comes over better in widescreen than it does in the cropped and edited TV and Public Domain prints that have been floating around for years. The first of Roger Moore's trio of South African shot adventures (along with Shout at the Devil and The Wild Geese), it's very much of its time: this being the mid-70s, the villains are easy to spot - they're the ones who wash their hands, don't smoke and aren't any good in the sack - while the good guys aren't afraid of a little dirt or sleeping with the boss's wife. Along with Moore the credits are littered with many of the regular Bond team most of whom would go through the same flooding-the-mine routine again in A View To a Kill - but then, since the film's hiking-up-the-price-of-gold premise is borrowed from Goldfinger (albeit a tad more credible than setting off a nuclear bomb in Fort Knox), there's no real cause for complaint. Like Elmer Bernstein and Jimmy Helms' title song, it's not subtle but it's an entertaining two hours if it catches you in the right mood.

Finally available in its original widescreen ratio on an English-friendly DVD in Germany and in a UK release from SlamDunk Media after years of terrible fullframe releases from Public Domain labels, there are no extras apart from a poorly reproduced stills gallery. Odeon's 2013 Blu-ray release also offers the film in its original 2.35:1 ratio in a good but not outstanding transfer, faring better on the extras front - the original theatrical trailer and a 45-minute mid-80s US documentary on Roger Moore.
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on 5 June 2017
Great film. arrived early.
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on 8 June 2017
Very happy with DVD, and entire process. Many thanks, Tom.
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on 6 July 2017
Great quality release of a favourite film from the 70's.
Sound and picture are excellent
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on 11 February 2002
The Film: A fine slice of 1970's hokum, set in the world of South African gold mining. Rod Slater(Roger Moore) becomes general manager of the Sonderditch Mine when his predecessor is killed in an underground accident. It's not long before Slater becomes an unwilling pawn in a conspiracy to flood the mine and raise the price of gold on the world's markets.
It's great entertainment with Moore at his heroic best, aided by Susannah York as the love interest, and quality old school acting from John Gielgud and Ray Milland.
Peter Hunt directs some excellent underground action sequences, but that's hardly surprising....he had previously edited the early James Bond movies, and directed the vastly underrated "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."
The music, from veteren Elmer Bernstein is suitably rousing, and the plot (from Wilbur Smith's novel "Gold Mine") keeps yor interest throughout.
The disc: Sadly everything has been spared in this very basic DVD. The picture quality looks as if it has been transfered direct from video, and the widescreen impact is totally lost in a 4:3 presentation. Extras ? None in sight! The film is the full, uncut version, so that is something to be grateful for at least.
This great adventure movie has been long overdue for DVD (or even video) release....such a shame it hasn't been treated with the respect it deserves.
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