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on 8 December 2013
These products come together on one DVD for Windows based PC's and another DVD for MAC PC's. They are installed easily from one start up menu. However I noted that one reviewer complained that you had to purchase the product again after what was described as this being a trial version. This happened to me too because I entered the supplied serial numbers in one long string. When entering the supplied serial numbers on the first screen there are no dividing boxes between each group of four numbers as is the usual way with ADOBE products, hence I got it wrong. You must enter the dash between each group of four numbers. E.G. 1234-4444-5432-2222-9876. If you do not do this the program requests that you purchase the program again.

Having used most of the Photoshop Elements versions from as early as version 2, this version has come a long way to becoming a very good keen amateur digital image editing tool. If its just image correction and improvement you want a pro could get some good mileage out of this too. Its not just a photo editing program, it will create slide shows, photo books, greeting cards, photo calendars, photo collages, CD and DVD jackets and create great panoramas from individual photos. The workspace has three working options, Quick, Guided and Expert.

Quick working mode is for the novice to get to grips with the basics. Guided, list dozens of tools down one side with an explanation title. Open an image and select the tool and the instructions on how to use it appear in the right side of the workspace. Above the workspace you may choose to see only the results of your adjustments or a view of how the image looks before and after adjustment. The expert mode relies on the user knowing in principle what the tools are used for. Of course there is the on line help too.

There is not a major layout change between version 11 and this current version 12. There are several new enhancement tools and a new tool called 'Content - aware move tool. It allows the user to move an object within an image replacing the background as it is moved. Only plain backgrounds work well with this new tool. There is also a smart tone tool which balances the image tone automatically. Several new guided edits have been included.

There is a problem with this program in the organiser part of it. When I created my first catalogue, I noticed that my PC activity on the hard drive was quite busy even after I closed the program down. It appears there is an option in the preferences to select which 'Media Analysis' options are selected. ADOBE in their wisdom have decided to automatically analyse your photos to determine if they are blurred, shaky, have poor contrast or brightness and many other things. The problem is the process carries on after you shut the program down. It is also difficult to stop, you can go to the task manager find the 'AutoAnalysis.exe' process and kill it, but it will start up again next time you start your PC even though you did not start Elements.

I found a web site that explains how to make changes to the software and your PC to fix it. Here is the link below. It works, I have made the changes to my PC. Apparently if you do not do this change, Premiere will also decide where the clips should be divided too in your video.


Overall a good product as you would expect from ADOBE.

The Elements Premiere video editing program is relatively new to me. I have used ADOBE premiere many years ago but the upgraded version became too expensive and I have used other products in between times. Having fired this one up, my first impression is I like the layout but I would have liked to see that some of the resource windows like for example transitions are available all of the time. When it pops open it covers the timeline thus covering your edit. You have to make sure that your edit point is not where the window pops open otherwise you cannot apply the transition. I discovered there is a bug in the audio transition too. If you click the 'Done' button in the audio transition options window the transition flips to the left clip and not central between two clips. I discovered by googling it that you must click the cross to close the window! Usually clicking the cross in an options windows cancels the options you have chosen, strange.

Apart from that, I like using the program, it has a nice clean interface and is fairly intuitive, good value for money.
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on 3 May 2014
I am a long time user of Adobe Photoshop 8 but upgraded to Elements 12 because I now want to use Premiere too and it seemed to make sense to buy the bundle. Ignored the many complaints about install problems and very poor support as I didn't quite believe it could be that bad - people really do like to complain more than praise! In my case I can verify that the installs failed on Windows 7 64bit SP1 first with an old laptop and then again with a virgin new unsullied one! The adobe help on the install disc and on-line simply didn't match or make any sense and nobody had reported satisfaction from the paid-for support. For "the installing shared technologies" problem I got the answer at


gets you to a point where you can use the two editors (photoshop and premiere) but not the organiser. On my machine the organiser runs but doesn't recognise the photoshop editor is installed. I am not sure how much I am missing but I have Lightroom 4.4. and that has another organiser and I am not sure how many I need. One good one would be ideal.

As to Photoshop, it is surprisingly familiar after you finish hunting for stuff in unfamiliar places. I haven't found anything that is actually better so I would say don't waste money and time upgrading if your current version still works for you. I went for Premiere 12 because I have a recent camera that shoots AVCHD 1080 50p and I wanted to be able to edit in this format. It does do that though I gather exporting in the same format is not easy. I am just starting out on the editing so I will not judge.

Without the workaround above the software would have gone back to Amazon which it deserves to anyway. Adobe clearly make so much from bundled new-build Windows 8 machines that us after-market people on Windows 7 just don't matter. Adobe should wake up, it is possible to destroy a great brand quite quickly and they are certainly showing signs of doing that. They are actually starting to make Microsoft look quite warm and friendly by comparison. Should by 2.5 stars really, I hated the experience and the software is just OK.
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on 12 September 2017
For the price, it offers perhaps 70% of the core tasks you would need to do with its parent Adobe Photoshop for a fraction of the cost. For the majority of the time you would be using image adjust features such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, clone, heal, sharpness, levels, scale and layers.

It is also more steamlined and less complex to use, with a choice of advanced or simple interfaces to cater for beginners and more seasoned users.

The asking price for the full blown Photoshop is eye wateringly expensive. This is a very good compromise, and it is able to open Photoshop files.
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on 29 December 2013
I found it easy enough to import photos, clips & audio though adding effects , transitions etc is a tedious process that's really only suitable if you just want to put a couple of clips together - any more than that and it becomes too time consuming. 'Rendering' the finished product is new to me - didn't have to do it with previous versions - and it also takes time. Playback on my laptop was fine but once burned to DVD, the audio simply stopped at different points on each film. I had my DVD burner checked & that wasn't the cause; & the DVDs were brand new so I have to assume this is a problem with Premiere Elements 12 & have reported it to Adobe. I note from various problems that other users have had similar problems & are also disappointed with the product.
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on 5 March 2017
excellent product and very useful tool
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on 16 April 2017
Has a few bugs. Works fine, with everyday tasks, the picture organizer could do with some updating.
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on 16 September 2017
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on 17 December 2013
I bought this bundle having used Adobe products for years and always been more than happy with them. The main reason for buying the bundle rather than just the photo editing software was to create a dvd of photos, videos and soundtrack of my son's wedding. This review is based on my use of the Premiere Elements part of the bundle as I have not had the time (see below!) to spend much time with Elements 12 yet.

After a few hiccups, including the program crashing on three occasions, I managed to made good headway on the dvd and saved the project with the intention of adding more content the following day. However, when I tried to open the saved file I kept getting an error message telling me that the file was corrupt and could not be opened! I even updated the software thinking that the bug may have been discovered and a patch written - no such luck. I bit the bullet and started over again. The project was too big to complete in one sitting so I had no alternative but to save the file again - in more than one place - to try and overcome any problems. The following day I had the same problem and when I went online to see if my problem was unique I found that there were quite a few complaints about Premiere Pro doing the same thing. A few suggestions were listed but none of them worked for me with Premiere Elements so I had no choice but to start yet again. This time I kept the project open in the program and did not try to save it. The following day I was lucky and found that it hadn't crashed in the night.

I wanted the soundtrack to play over the photos but used the audio mixer to fade it out so that it didn't play over the video parts of the project. After rendering I played the project through on my computer to make sure that it ran smoothly and that the soundtrack faded out in the right places. Having spent about 20 hours so far redoing it on a number of occasions I wanted to make sure it was right before publishing it to a dvd. It takes a long time to publish to a dvd so I left it running when I went to bed - only to find that the program had crashed during the night and I, yet again, could not open the previously saved files. Another lesson learned!!!

When I finally managed to complete the project again and publish it to dvd I heaved a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, when I played the dvd through I found that it had completely ignored the fade outs on the soundtrack and the music was playing loudly over the videos making it impossible to hear people talking.

With many more hours work and a dollop of good luck, I finally managed to get a passable project onto dvd. Using this software has been a complete nightmare and I won't be rushing to produce anything else with it. I also found that it deteriorated the quality of many of the photos that I included. All in all, a huge let down.
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on 10 December 2013
I don't have any immediate use for Premiere Elements, but the price was so good I took the opportunity to buy this bundle to update my version of Photoshop Elements. I haven't used it much yet, but it does seem to be a worthwhile improvement.
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on 30 November 2013
I would love to be able to write a review of this software, but so far I have failed to get it to even start! Adobe in their infinite wisdom now require you to create an account with them in order to use the software - its not enough to pay good money, enter the serial number and actually be able to use what you've paid for. I already had an Adobe account from a while back, but that one is apparently no longer valid and cannot be used with this software! I hate software that forces you to create yet another unnecessary account that can be hacked from some faceless corporations server. Even after creating a new account, I'm still waiting for their servers to register my new account meaning that I can't use the software until then. Had I know I would have to do this before hand, I would never have purchased this software and stuck with the freeware software packages such as GIMP which are immensely powerful in their own right.

I know Abode will claim this is all in the name of software copyright etc, but this is an annoying step too far.

To be fair to Amazon, the software was delivered in less than 48 hours on the super saver delivery, so I cant fault them, but Adobe have gone too far this time and I will never purchase one of their products again!
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