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on 9 January 2014
I was usually very good applying screen proterctors on my previous phones (all iPhones). Now with the Nexus 5, I needed all 3 to get it done properly.
I read a valuable how-to article on the web with two very important steps that I took when applying the 3rd screen protector, after having failed two times:
1.Work in a dust-free environment (a bathroom, right after you took a bath worked perfectly for me)
2.Use scotch tape so that in case you end up having a small piece of dust beneath your protector, you lift it up and remove it with the tape instead of using a finger, which usually leaves an ineffaceable mark).
I now have a perfect screen protector thanks to SPIGEN.

Highly recommend!
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on 21 July 2015
These screen protectors are definitely worth it compared to cheap ones you get on ebay. I've had this on my phone for nearly 2 years now and I'm only on my second one still got one left. These are really resilient to scratches and have left my screen scratch free. The feel and clarity of them also makes you forget you've got a screen protector on. Better than glass screen protectors which break at slightest of drops while these either get small scratches or nothing at all. I only had to replace my first one as I did leave a deep gouge when it was scrapped across a screw, which got a bit distracting when looking at the screen, otherwise I would still have had that same screen protector 2 years on. Worth the extra money these are.
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on 26 August 2014
Arrived quickly and in sensible packaging.
The protectors themselves are of Spigen's usual top quality.
We used them on 3 Nexus 5 phones.
All three went on with no fuss and look practically invisible once attached.
They provide handy a handy little tool to push out any air bubbles and also stickers to remove any bits of dust that get stuck.

Can't really fault something that works so well.
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on 26 November 2013
Worked well, Comes supplied with cloth to clean screen and small sticky pads to remove specs of dust from glass or sticky side of protector cover.
Make sure you try to put these on in the best dust free environment you can and clean the screen thoroughly before attempting to fit the cover. A tiny little speck of dust prevents the cover from sitting flush with the glass screen and is really noticeable. As you drop the cover on pay attention for these, pull back the cover slightly and remove using the supplied sticky pad. Four of these are supplied.
The cover fitted my Nexus 5 exactly and once on looked good. There is no small cut out in front of the front facing camera but the quality of pictures does not seem affected.
Good quality and FAR cheaper than anything I've seen in store.
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on 20 April 2014
The last screen protector I bought was years ago for my Samsung, and I hated it. Made the screen feel almost tacky and reduced the responsiveness of the screen. As such always stuck with closed faced phone covers that didn't need them. I decided to be different this time, got an open-faced cover and therefore needed a screen protector. Am extremely happy with these so far.

They fit very nicely, went on without too much trouble or "bubbling" under the surfance. They feel very smooth and the responsiveness of the screen seems to be the same. You almost don't know it's on there. Haven't battle-tested it so far, and hope I don't have to, but it seems to do the job. Excellent.
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on 9 March 2014
Well as soon as I had a Neusx 5 it was a no brainier but to get the Spigen range of screen protector. This as always was so easy to apply. There are lot of videos showing where and how to apply this protector but in the Kitchen, in the Bathroom whatever place I was able to apply with no hassle. with the clear (no pun intended) instructions I was able to apply we a breeze it has no bubbles and it very rigid and I have had no worries of damaging my screen as I have the Spigen protector.
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on 6 March 2014
Take your time applying this and it'll look like it isn't even there.

I did mine after running a steaming hot shower (stops the air fluff getting onto the screen and stuck behind the protector).... tooks my time doing it and got it absolutely perfect. Literally looks like there isn't one on.

The finish on the screen protector is flawless and the quality overall is fantastic. Wouldn't hesitate recommending them and using them on my other devices....
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on 14 November 2013
Applied it great - cleaned it well with the included screen cloth, however this still leaves bits of dust on the screen. I used the included sticky label dust removers that got rid of all the dust, then breathing in and being very steady, managed to apply the screen protector perfect first time. No air bubbles and you can't even tell there's a screen protector applied. As per other reviews, there aren't cutouts for the sensors but they seem to still be working fine. All in all a quality product, much better than cheap screen protectors I've used before.
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on 22 December 2013
I've always sworn by the Steilheil SPG protectors since they've consistently produced high quality protection, so when I saw a three pack I snapped them up. The fit is perfect and protection seems great as always but their is a much higher level of fingerprint smearing than I'm used to and on closer inspection, I realised these weren't the Ultra Crystal line I usually buy, which has never suffered this problem. In hindsight, I would get the Ultra Crystal which is around the same price for just one or two.
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on 28 May 2016
Ready to fit, screens remains clear and bright. I have used all 3 in the pack over 12 months, second one got fairly badly scratched but protected the screen with no damage. They have protected many drops and putting in pockets with coins and pockets. Better value today than a year ago, I will purchase again. Less than £2 a protector to save your screen for about 4-6 months wear.
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