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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 October 2009
This series was the best yet. Finally a Sci fi show to rival Dr Who, great effects, great plots, this series really found its feet. Some fantastic stories made it the best season so far. Ends on a great cliff-hanger which see varies members of the team trapped in different time zones. Ealier in the year ITV axed this series due to cutbacks in programme making but they have now had a change of heart and it will return in 2011 for 2 new seasons as a co production between BBC America and a German TV network. 13 new episodes in total will be made. Thank you ITV for having a change of heart on what is your best Sci-fi show ever.
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on 23 June 2009
So ITV have axed Primeval at its peak? Just shows that they don't have a clue about real entertainment value. Game shows and "reality TV" seems to be their forte these days and will probably be for a long time to come. The fact that Primeval is gaining excellent reviews in the USA, where sci-fi shows bite the dust with alarming regularity, should be an indicator to its true worth. OK, Primeval isn't the most logical programme on TV - some of the science is decidedly offish - but look again at one of the most popular sci-fi series ever - Space:1999 - and you will realise that this isn't too important to a whole lot of people. Primeval has fast plots, humour and likeable characters. You can watch it with the kids and not be worried about the content, but it still has enough bite - literally sometimes - to keep adult interest. Series 3 is sometimes infuriating, sometimes exciting, sometimes even thought provoking and shows great promise for a potential future series or two. The production values vary a lot and the special effects are sometimes less than state of the art - so what? - Doctor Who has had some very shaky moments, but is still with us. This is because the stories are good and rise above the limitations of budget and wobbly sets. Despite having minimal extras, this is a cracking DVD set and will certainly be a mainstay of my late night viewing for a while to come. As for the future of the show... There was once a TV series called Farscape which got axed on a cliff-hanger ending. The fans didn't give up and roll over, but kept on lobbying for another series. Eventually a mini-series was made to round it off. Email ITV to tell them how much money is to be made through selling abroad and merchandising as this seems to be their criteria for successful TV. Email the sponsors to tell them your thoughts about a programme that they are presumably funding to promote their product. Email the makers of the show to show support. Eventually something will have to give - even a telemovie special to resolve the cliff-hanger would be better than the rough edge we have at present.
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on 28 March 2016
Like series 1 and 2, I give 5 stars....but like the first 2 it has things that make me angry because primevil could of been a real classic if.....I stop hearing about Dr who......they stop shots of strutting and pouting in packs.....they stop the idea human beings are in control...always right..and as history and the world around us shows 24/7......they are a wasteful.thick..self Centrick war mongering...greedy pointless morons....the real morons and aliens of the solar and all!!!!!!-just watch American housewife and the like....this jumps around planets of the name it.....the medieval knight episode could be on its own a great series....I loved that....but by the end I thought of Charlton Heston looking at the statue of liberty in the sea.....if you seen that film?????....episode 1, was very American...and big praise to Heather s.who went from the worst character.....from the first 2 series..(stupid hair..knickers...and boy band fantasy)-to be for me the best of the bunch in series 3,,,,very more look at me..more down to earth and human....episode 1,,,was her all over...anyway I don't want to give the idea I'm just picking's just primevil has some kind of message.....and those behind this are not subtle!....even a thick !!!!!!!-!!!!!!!-like me gets it.....we are at a crossroads......yes I understand..........well on on to 4/5........what next? Que catwalk and head up pout walk to camera and....cut!
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on 19 April 2016
Primeval started as a great concept, however seemed to lose direction over the story arc in general, and as such the series conducted a complete about turn. Each individual episode though does stand alone, and the series is a must for any die hard fan of dinosaurs, other monsters, and time travel.
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on 12 March 2010
After the thrilling series 1 and 2 this third series does not let you down!
Great fun for my kids..and myself
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on 9 November 2009
This is an excellent series. Fast moving, excellent characters and good story lines. Contrary to what some are saying it was canceled in June, but has now been resurrected. The following taken from bbc news article 29th September - "part-funded by ITV, BBC Worldwide and Germany's Pro7, 13 new episodes will be split over the two series, with series four going out in early 2011."It also states the main characters will be reappearing. I concur with every other review, this is quality British television, the like of which hasn't been seen for some years.
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This third series of Primeval is longer than before - 10 episodes - which is great news, as the writing and the graphics are as good as ever. There are some surprises as the episodes go by, and the shake-up of cast members ensures that the show is kept fresh and interesting. Adding an actor to the opening credits before they are dramatically revealed isn't one of their better ideas, but that's the only real thing I can complain about. The story arc this season is fantastically good - and the finale is extremely dramatic.

Sadly, this is actually the last series, as - almost unbelievably if you didn't know that they're making severe cutbacks - ITV have now axed the show.

In recent television history, only two British science fiction shows have been of high enough quality to beat the North Americans at their own game, and those are Doctor Who and Primeval. It's so sad that ITV - a limp organisation with no ambition - have chosen not to even bother trying to replicate the international success of shows such as Stargate SG-1 (not an American series incidentally - it's produced by Canada, so why can't we do the same for the Americans with Primeval?). Despite favourable reviews from American TV critics, if it's not a gameshow format ITV are not interested in pushing it. Why the British audience should pay the price for their indifference is beyond me - if this show was taken up by a major US network it would undoubtedly be a hit. I can only hope Sky, Channel 5 or some other channel picks it up. Please, don't let Primeval become extinct!
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**** slight spoilers ****

OK so series 1 was a bit lightweight, but still did just enough to pique my interest. Series 2 was a welcome progression, introducing a few darker and more adult themes. Series 3 brings it all together with a far greater scope, more intelligent and involved story lines, improved CGI and much better characterisation. There are a few shocks along the way as a major character gets killed off, changing the whole dynamic of the team. And yet it all still works. The major new addition to the team is Jason Flemyng (of Lock Stock and Benjamin Button fame) who plays the new macho tough guy with just the right amount of ironic posturing and humour. Some of his stunts would make James Bond gulp in disbelief! A couple of the episodes struck me as a tad weak and whimsical (episode 2 with the invisible gremlin-like creature and 5 with the downright silly fungus man), but that was more than compensated by other intelligent and even profound plots. My favourite has to be episode 7 with the medieval knight still fighting dragons in today's London. The CGI was superb in this - the dracorex loping across those English country lanes was beautifully done. The 'Green Man' Inn figuring in the two time lines and the knight discovering his own tomb were genuinely profound and thought-provoking scenarios. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the writers stepped it all up a notch, switching from apocalyptic future glimpses, to an act of near-genocide at the dawn of humankind. It all ends on a real cliff-hanger and I hope they employ some very clever script-writers to provide us with plausible continuity for the start of season 4! As for the main players, Connor and Abby are as likeable as ever (you'll cheer when that long-awaited kiss occurs!), Helen makes a great comeback as a sexy but thoroughly evil villainess, new girl Bollywood star Laila Rouass is both feisty and beautiful and even the long-suffering Lester gets a few good lines and a moment or two of glory. The extras include the genuinely interesting Cutter's Odyssey - an entertaining and whimsical look back over the three series and a short feature showing how a competition-winning creature design was transformed into one of the most menacing monsters on the series.
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on 15 April 2013
Occasionally it loses its way with grim stories of weird futures, but that's what you have to accept as well as the concept that a crystal with strange effects can propel you into another time and place.

When a series moves away from the original, rather fun, premise of dinosaurs in the swimming pool, it's because they don't seem to feel confident in that original concept. Shame, really, as it is why we started watching it. Back to basics, more quirky appearances of pteranodons in the park and it will all be right.
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2009
The third series of Primeval is the best so far. So, if you liked any of what you've seen so far, then you'll love it! Great action, super effects, Helen Cutter snarling and sexy and, of course, super creatures. I won't spoil the surprise, but expect some 'old skool' dinos towards the end. Great stuff. Plus, Nigel Marvin gets eaten. Result. I'll also add that the Danny Quinn (the wonderful Jason Flemyng) brings a lot of 'Pertwee Era' action to the series, with chases, jeeps, helicopters, guns...the works, basically. So, go on, give Primeval another go. It's nowhere near as bad as Demons, or the recent Doctor Who stories, and needs our support. Long live the Ark.
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