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on 14 February 2014
I'd read several reviews of this lens, some saying it was great and others with not so much praise but all the same I was really interested in it.
My phone upgrade came through and I picked up a Sony Xperia Z1, so it seemed like the right time to pick up the QX10 and have a play around.
First impressions were impressive, once the Play Memories app was installed all you need do is simply hold the lens to back of the Z1 and the devices will sync together (note that this method will only work if your phone is NFC enabled, you can also connect to it using WiFi)

My favourite thing about this lens is that it doesn't need to be clipped to your phone to operate. If there is a hard to reach spot but you can get to it with your hand, you can hold the lens in your hand to get the shot and use your phone as the viewer. (For anybody that's interested, the 'Selfie-Shot' can now be done to near perfection)
The QX10 can hold it's own memory card as well which I recommend you adhere to (micro SD)

I'm a few weeks in now with this lens and I have just come back from a short break in the Lake District where I put the lens through its paces and it performed very well. At full zoom, it picks up an incredible amount of detail which did surprise me! Whilst walking around the Lakeside Aquarium, the lens showed off its ability to handle different lighting conditions. One of the staff saw that I had the lens in my hand whilst shooting and came over to see how I was doing it, I think he was impressed.

Speed is something you don't need to worry abut with this. If you are planning on going some place with it then in mere seconds it can be connected and clipped on, otherwise just use the camera on your phone for that unexpected moment.

This lens was designed for people who want to have a little fun, who could be walking along and see something they believe would make an excellent picture and wish to shoot it, without the constraints of becoming a photography anorak, like me if you've been somewhere like Las Vegas and realised how picturesque the place is but the camera on your phone just won't cut it, then this lens is for you.

I'd recommend this to anybody. It's a lot of fun to use and I can only wonder what future apps may appear for the QX10.
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on 23 March 2015
Good image quality but you have to tolerate the laggy connection between the camera and the phone. The latency is even obvious if you try to move the camera to chase the target and you will find the phone freezes the transferred screenplay. No matter you use wireless or NFC connection the latency is just keeping catching your eyes. And for the image I found that when zooming in the image looks like an oil painting, reminding me of bad image rendering of LG G3. I have to say even the camera on Xperia Z3 is better than QX10 in terms of image quality. So overall this camera is just for 10x zooming if you already have an Xperia phone. Perhaps QX10 is better if you have other brands phones.
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on 22 October 2015
In my view as good as a digital camera of the same specifications.
The advantage of getting this over a digital camera, are that you can split the lens and screen, so that you can take good, still photos (especially necessary at night or dimly lit conditions), as well as photos of yourself (and others). Another advantage is that the battery lasts a long time, as there isn't a screen - I went away on 4 or 5 day breaks without taking the charger with me. Also, it is very compact.
Main disadvantages over getting a digital camera is that you have two separate bits of equipment* to make the camera work, and it takes around 10-15 seconds from the time you switch camera and camera app on, to the time it is ready to take photos
Certainly for me the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, which is why I don't use (or carry) a separate digital camera.

*Strictly speaking this camera can take photos all by itself, but as there isn't a screen, you can't see what you're taking a photo of.
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on 10 December 2016
I have only had this item for 36 hours so I shall probably update later.

You may think it strange but I didn't initially buy this little camera lens for photography, I have a Cannon DSLR and a Fuji bridge camera that take care of that, (although I do take some family snaps on my iPad and phone).

By way of explanation: I am a wheelchair user and I now have to travel in my chair in the back of my converted vehicle. I bought the QX10 so that I could place it on a suitable clamp on my dashboard and watch the road through my iPad. This will enable me to navigate for my driver again. I have to say that I haven't tried this yet but the fact that the QX10 works at a fair distance from my iPad, and the built in tripod bush, means that this shouldn't be a problem.

And so to the QX10 itsef.

The QX10 and the QX100 were all out of stock, so the one that I bought was secondhand and sold "as new". It cost as much as a new one but I didn't mind this because it came with a micro SD card and the connecting brackets to fit to a tablet.

I was pleasently surprised when the item, estimated to arrive on the 22nd of December, arrived on the 10th. It was as described "as new".

The QX10 only connects to Apple products by Wi-Fi.

Connection to my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6 plus was quick and simple.

Other reviewers have criticised the Wi-Fi connection speed as being slow. Whilst it is true that it takes a second or two for the picture to transfer from QX10 to phone, this is not usually a problem. If you want to take a series of action photos you can change the settings in 'PlayMemories' so that the QX10 saves pictures to it's internal SD card instantly. You can then transfer them later.

I found the 18mp picture quality to be excellent compared to my iPad's 5mp. It is also great to be able to focus on any area of your picture and to zoom right from the phone/tablet screen.

Over all, I am very impressed by this 'little wonder'.
I didn't buy it to take photos but I certainly shall!

I can't comment on durability but if there any issues I will update.
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on 29 December 2013
Received this lens today. Once again, great delivery service from Amazon. The lens itself was easy to set up on IPad, via wifi and Sony Xperia via NFC. The only drawback so far, and it is A big one, is that it will not pair with my Iphone4. I can pair with an IPhone 5, with no problems. Looks like Sony will need to update the app to get this working. iPhone4 is my phone, so this is a major drawback at present.
Wifi worked well. I set the lens up in the garden and was able to control it from indoors using an iPad. Much better indoor pictures than the iPad itself and the zoom works well, when controlled from the iPad. Sometimes, get a bit of lag, but can cope with that, considering the technology. Still to really test this to its limits. Hopefully Sony will sort out the app so I can use it with my iPhone4. Only 3 stars for now. If Sony manage to sort out the connection to Iphone4 I will change my rating.

Revised review. I can now connect to my Iphone 4, no thanks to Sony support. Turns out, that if I put my phone in airplane mode and switch the WIFI on, it connects. When I contacted Sony support, they sent me back advice about an E-reader! Then when they did reply about the lens, all they said, was that they do not claim it will connect to all phones (so not helpfull at all).
So, now I can connect to MY phone, I am happy. I have amended my rating to a 4. Can not give it a 5, due to the lag, that I sometimes get. But I am sure Sony will manage to sort this, at some point in the future.
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on 13 January 2014
As an amateur photographer I wanted something light weight to carry, often I am out and see a photo opportunity but only having my phone with me often it is not good enough as the zoom on a iPhone is poor.
This camera works well, is light weight and takes great photos and after testing it out over the holidays I decided to write this review.

Once connected to the cameras wifi, you run the app and take photos or video. To take videos you need a micro SD card inside the camera.

Quality of the photos in low light is good. I use this camera often for my blog. I can understand why people are not keen on the app for iOS and android, but for a technology fanatic like myself this ticks all the boxes.

What are you waiting for, buy one, you won't regret it.
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on 14 June 2014
This is a great inovation for revolutionising camera phone capabilities. When used with htc one images can be modified using phone software. Light and small i would guesss this could easily be mounted for action photography. Only downside like qx 100 is that lens has to be manually turned on before it linksw to phone software. The phone clip on adapter works adequately but setting the lens free for up to thirty feet is so cool. Selfies are just awesome from above behind. Fat stomach thats not really me. Know yourself as others see you. Lens needs sony stick which is pricy compared with micro sym. The ten times zoom is a bonus.
d evans teush
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on 11 December 2013
The Sony Cyber-shot QX-10 is a lens with a sensor built in. It uses NFC to connect with a phone (IOS or Android), and then Wi-Fi to communicate.

The phone shows a preview and allows control of the camera, including setting the mode, zoom, and hitting the shutter.

The camera can be used without a phone, but without a viewfinder, framing shots is difficult.

The lens itself has a 18 Megapixel sensor, and 10x optical zoom.

Now, the most impressive thing about this lens is its night mode. Low light photography, for me, has always needed a tripod. This lens is fantastic at getting great images in low light.

I took a few shots to see how it compared to my Canon 7D, and the HTC One.

The QX-10 still has some ISO noise, but a lot less than the 7D, and with less camera shake. The HTC One's low light performance is very bad in comparison.

The clip that comes with the lens fits the HTC One comfortably, although I never clip it on. It's small enough to go where a DSLR cannot.

I have a feeling I’ll be using this thing a lot!
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on 15 March 2016
Bit disappointed with its usability - I hadn't realised that every time you switch it off you then have to reconnect manually to the wi-fi on an iPhone. I guess the Bluetooth connection on an Android would be fine but the wi-fi system is too fiddly for an iPhone. Also the zoom button is very jerky. To be fair, the picture quality is really great. A really good idea not thought through properly!
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on 26 October 2013
This thing is awesome, looks cool, and does a good job!

The pictures it takes are spot on, better than you'd expect for a camera at this price point.

Works without a phone, so you can just point and shoot, and use PC or phone to review the images later.

Also works on tablets, seeing the view finder rendered onto a 10" screen is pretty cool.

The down side is that there are only basic shooting modes. No burst or pano. I would think that the application for phones and tablets may get updated and add some extra functions.
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