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on 29 January 2017
Who could not love this Sunday evening entertainment featuring our national treasure, Stephen Fry? The comedy is gentle and the supporting cast of superb pedigree. There is nothing in this to offend Great Auntie Brian so you can invite her round for a gin without qualms (I always take my gin without qualms). The kids might get a bit bored because there are no frantic activities buzzing around like a swarm of angry meerkats, but if you can bolt them to the sofa for a few minutes - the kids, not the meerkats - I recommend keeping meerkats away from sofas (they burrow) - they might enjoy it a bit. You will too, if you can put your phone down for long enough.
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on 10 September 2015
Surprised at the time of writing here in 2015 to find no other Reviews as this was a sweet little British production (2007-09) that went to 3 series, 18 episodes and probably boosted tourism to the county of Norfolk where the fictional Market Shipborough was set (real location: Swaffham). Stephen Fry on wonderful form as a small town solicitor Peter Kingdom willing to bat for the underdogs, assisted by extraordinarily quirky Norris as his slightly unhinged half sister; also Imrie his receptionist who is clearly secretly in love with him, and Law as his lovely also quirky auntie. Other big names find parts: Richard Wilson, John Thomson, Robert Bathurst, the late Lynsey de Paul and Richard Briers, Jack Dee and Rory Bremner.
l never felt quite sure the actor playing his associate Lyle totally fitted in but his character took the many knocks, with grace and always ended up wet.
Settle back and enjoy. To me the litmus test on any production is if you can re-watch it multiple times and still find it delightful.
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VINE VOICEon 11 June 2008
What a refreshing change this series is. Quality drama, a superb cast, Stephen Fry as the solicitor with a conscience and compassion, hermione norris excels as Beatrice Peter`s tormented and utterly self centred sisiter whom one should hate but cant help feeling sorry for. Karl davis as trainee solicitor Lyle is brilliant there is such a rapport between him and Fry. Celia Imrie marvellous as Gloria the firms secretary who is a greiving widow with a troubled son. Tony Slattery is so funny as the tiresome Mr.Snell always wanting to sue the council and making Gloria reach for the air freshner.The series is set in Market shipborough on the Norfolk coast, the scenery is absolutely lovely. The stories contain humanity and subtle humour. A pleasure to watch, do buy this dvd if you want a change from all the violence and cynicisim on tv .
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on 3 October 2013
A great cast , beautifully filmed in Norfolk , interesting storylines - what is there not to like?
Well , it is a little light-weight , tending to the whimsical , but that in itself is some ways part of the charm. I think some of the characters , particularily Kingdoms sister who is annoying to the point of wanting to give her a good slap , and the character played by Tony Slattery , are simply too unbelievable - charicatures rather than characters.
Which is a shame as it is so nearly an excellent series.
As it is its OK , mildly diverting but not something that will repay repeated viewing.
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on 29 April 2016
I saw this series on TV years ago, told my partner about it and bought this DVD for him. We both loved it so much, we bought the full series and have watched it several times. The stories are a gentle expose of village life, serious undertones and kindly humour, rather intriguing. A great "feel good" series, well acted.
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on 24 February 2008
At first glance this is just another in the series of those heartwarming comedies that spring from the BBC, and in many ways it is just that. There's the usual roundup of comic characters all doing their best east anglian accents, the major characters are all good people, and no one gets seriously hurt.

What sets it above the run of the mill is firstly the quality of the acting; Stephen Fry and Hermione Norris are especially good, and secondly the way in which the characters build and develop and bits are added to the back story episode by episode. There's a solid story under the froth.

I for one am certainly hooked.
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on 8 January 2017
I watched series 3 first and enjoyed its format and style Then went looking for series 1 and 2 upon finding out there were only three series made. Prior to seeing this series Stephen Fry was an actor I had known very little about having lived in the Southern Hemisphere. He certainly makes this role his own and is ably supported by a cast of suitably quirky characters who add the colour to the fictional Norfolk village in which the series is set.
I await series 2 arriving in the post.
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on 10 June 2009
Kingdom Series 1 Review

Stephen Fry plays country solicitor Peter kingdom in this wonderful series set in the fictional town on Market Shipborough a small coastal town in the U.K.that is filled with quirky but lovable characters who seem to be in contestant need of Peters counsel.
The show is brilliantly cast with Karl Davies playing Kingdoms' assistant solicitor in training, who inevitably gets all of the dirty jobs and has a passion for helping those who need the services of Kingdom and Kingdom.
Hermione Norris plays Perers' half sister who has issues but also has a heart of gold and tries to help out no matter how mis directed her efforts may be.
Gloria Imrie Plays the secretary who is the heart and soul of the office and the unlikely love interest of Mr. Snell played by Tony Slattery whose smell is repugnant but personality is irresistible.
Though panned by the critics when it first aired the numbers of watchers have kept the show on the air for three seasons so far. The stories are funny, heartwarming and the location is nothing short of beautiful. It is a feel good show, which in my opinion there are not enough of these days. If you are lucky enough to have seen one you will be hooked as it is a wonderful break from the harsh violent television that seems to have taken over the airways these days.
The story lines have everything from comedy to drama and even a bit of intrigue. After watching, it is like stitting down to a full meal. One will find themselves satiated and truly satisfied looking forward to the next installment.
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on 23 September 2016
good news is theres more of this to come.really like this stephen fry and his sidekick [pure chance he's very attractive] make much simple merriment.i really enjoy this and did so throughout the full run of the series 1-3. .
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on 19 December 2016
We both thoroughly enjoyed the series, and the next, pity there is not another few to follow. Not generally a Fry fan, but you really cannot deny he has talent.
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