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on 7 November 2011
been a long fan od one tree hill after discovering it randomly on E4. its the story of 2 brothers who share the same dad but have had very different lives up until where we join them in the pilot. basketball brings them both together on the high school team and their 2 worlds collide, for good or bad??? tackles some issues from a different perspective, such as single teen fathers. filmed in wilmington NC (where dawsons creek was filmed) and has been a bit of an undersog of a show as the viewer numbers in the states when it first aired werent great. guest stars include sheryl crow and gavin degraw (his song is the title song)

DVD set includes all episodes, deleted scenes with intros, behing the scenes features
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on 8 March 2009
I only got into this last summer (2008) when my little cousin made me watch an episode of season 4 on E4, instantly i was hooked, i loved Chad Michael Murray anyway so that was an added bonus seeing him in it.

I immediatly went out and got series 1 & 2 on dvd as soon as i could, and suddenly started to understand everything more clearly and christmas 2008 i got series 3 & 4.

Due to the first episode i ever saw being late series 4 my cousin had to fill me in on why certain stuff was happening, i knew from her explanations that i hated Dan (because of episode 316) but i was not prepared for the effect that seeing Paul Johansson portray such an evil character as well has he does would have on me. Any show that can make me feel so much hate for one guy, and any actor who can pull a character like Dan Scott off in my book is worth something, it is the times when you do not think you can hate such a character any more than you already do and you are proven wrong that you have to think what a fantastic show One Tree Hill actually is.

Several times through out the series that i have seen so far (1,2,3 & 4) i have thought that maybe there was a glimmer of hope that Dan Scott could be nice, every time i was wrong, and every time i hated him more and the more i hated him, the more involved in the show i feel i became, more so i think when i actually saw 316 and would scream at the tv for someone to just take him down and find out what he did, the longer people couldn't see what Dan Scott really was, the more i needed to see, so that i saw his down fall.

But One Tree Hill is not just good because of Dan, Nathan in the first series, is horrible, and like his father is very easy to hate for a while, and this comes back again briefly at various stages throught the other series (1/2/3/4) but you have to admire the courage shown by Lucas, and the friendship between Haley and Lucas when Nathan is being this way.

The characters, the fantastic actors and brilliant scripts make One Tree Hill the best show i have ever seen in my life, any show that can make someone like me who hardly ever shows emotion (especially when it comes to tv shows) as emotional as it has done (and believe me there have been a range of emotions i have felt while watching episodes from sad to angry to happy to "omg i just want to die laughing right now") is worth a never ending amount of stars for a rating, but it only goes up to 5 so that will have to do.

I do not look at shows to pick it apart, maybe if i did the review i am writing now would be completely different, but if you enjoy teen dramas and you want a show packed with a variety of emotional scenes that are portrayed by such fantastic actors One Tree Hill is the show for you. Take a risk and do not listen to bad reviews you won't be dissapointed
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on 11 May 2010
As you can guess from the title I absolutely LOVE One Tree Hill. The series is amazing, full of twists, unexpected love and young people trying to find their way in the world. I highly recommend One Tree Hill to anyone, of course mainly teenagers but adults would like this too - my dad being a prime example! The characters are all easy to fall in love with and in some cases hate! By the end of watching the 1st series you will totally be hooked and will be happy to know that currently there are another 5 series on dvd and one on tv in America!!!! I must admit as the series continues some of the plots get stranger but they are still amazing and keep you transfixed! I just wish that these characters really existed : Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, Haley ... and all the rest. So I hope that I have convinced you to watch One Tree Hill and fall in love with the whole series!
P.S. The music is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 27 December 2007
I watched my first One Tree Hill episode completely by accident when i was off uni with the flu. It brightened my day no end and i have been obsessed ever since. It's not as cringeworthy as Dawson's Creek and not as false as The OC. The five main characters are all so likeable, even bad bot Nate while the adults also provide grat storylines and more diversity. Some of the best humour comes from the parents and Coach 'Whitey' Durham. A legend in the making.

Series one is all about developing relationships and how they are all interlinked. My favourite is the Haley/Nathan scenario as it was so unexpected My favourite character has to be Brooke though as initially she was the good time girl but throughout the series you get see more of her as she develops. Comparisons could be made to Summer (The OC) but this would be unfair to Sophia Bush as she has made Brooke an instantly loveable charcter and has a wicked sense of humour. One of my favourite episodes has to be the away game where all the girls end up in the car together while Brooke is high and Nate and Lucas end up being forced to work together to escape their rivals. Hilarious!!!

I find myself identifying with every character and find it a far more intelligent teen drama when compared to it's peers.
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on 21 January 2010
I started watching season six of One Tree Hill on E4 and I was so thrilled I stopped after a few episodes as I am completely anal about watching anything from the start. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made as I got fully into the storyline. The story line is pretty in depth and you quite literally grow up with the characters. The sound track to every episode is great and I've discovered a few artists I highly enjoy through watching this. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new TV series to pass the time as it's highly addictive and it's cast is definitely lovable.
Team Brooke all the way!
(other series I've fully enjoyed - Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse, The OC, 90210, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Death Note)
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on 31 December 2008
My girlfriend is a Dawson's Creek fan and now has all the series boxsets. I decided to get her the first series of this for Christmas to see what she makes of it.

I never got into Dawson's Creek at all, as it was never really my cup of tea. However I decided to watch the first few episodes of this with her and now I'm hooked! My girlfriend loves it and is now telling me to order the next series!

Much of what happens is a little predictable in places, but for me its good light hearted viewing with enough drama to keep you interested.

Having said that I have no idea about how this story is going to unfold over the 5 series, but am looking forward to finding out.

I was going to give 4 stars, but its the season of goodwill, so I'm giving it 5. Anyway for me to get hooked on something like this, it deserves 5 stars for achieving that!
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on 15 April 2014
The first season is the best season of One Tree Hill. While it can be extremely cheesy at times it is very addictive and you do warm to all the main characters rather quickly.
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on 17 September 2005
I was obsessed with this show from the moment I watched the Pilot. I love the way it has a fantastic storyline as the basis of the show. Nathan and Lucas's rivalry is gripping 2 watch as well as adding Peyton and Haley to add complication make the web of Tree Hill even more twisted. I was so upset when it ended on E4 and am thrilled 2 bits now its back on. With Nathan and Lucas now close it will intresting to see where there relationship as brothers is headed. As well as Nathan and Haley's marriage! Fantastic gripping storylines I reccommend it 2 every1. I also love the fact that the adults have there own storylines and aren't always involved in the teens life like The O.C. does. Well worth the money!!!
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on 27 December 2011
This product is great value and so worth the money! I recommend this to anyone that has ever watched the show or anyone that has heard great things about it and wants to see how amazing it is. You will not be disappointed! The quality of this product is amazing for the price and mine came a few days before it was meant to, a great service and a great product!
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on 13 March 2005
Chad Michael Murraty is amazing, what more can you nee that him almost naked in one of the first episodes?! not only is there him but also his half brother James Lafferty is steaming up the screen. For males it has the gorgeous Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush and ofcourse it being based around a basketball team! With the confusing plot that seem to become more and more confusing, you would think that it is just another teen drama, but with the adult storylines being just as centeral, it for any ages! To make the programme even better the title track "I Don't Wana Be" by Gavin Degraw has a instantly recognisable start!
One of the best quotes from the season has to be "nice hands"......... " nice legs", from to sexual tension that was being bulit up by Peyton and Lucas.
In my veiw it is not a normal teen programme, as you show a range of emotions, especially when the series gets going and we see a range of accidents! in the last episode it leaves you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next seaon to greet our shores!!!!
Not only on the DVD are there all the episodes, but you also get hours of bonus footage, which is as enjoyable as the series itself!!!
IT A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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