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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 19 September 2016
With this 2003 film director Christopher Guest continues his series of fake documentaries. That started with the now cult film This is Spinal Tap. That was followed by Best in Show which explored the world of dog shows with greatly amusing and essential accuracy and that was followed by an investigation into the world of amateur dramatics via Waiting for Guffman.

The current 'A Mighty Wind' brings his dissecting eye to bear upon the world of Country and Western. Once again he uses the same team featured in the previous two films to good effect both serious and humorous. The team perform their own music with considerable talent so the musical element is presented very well indeed. The music is simply the vehicle into an investigation into the main characterisations involved.

However, this review is not intended to discuss the actual film as by now it will have both its supporters and detractors. Entering into those conflicts is not the purpose of the review which is aimed squarely at the many supporters of this film.

Essentially, for all of those who are keen supporters of this film and who have bought the previous DVD version of this disc, the only issue of vital importance will be whether the Blu-ray offers an improvement technically sufficient to justify the additional expense.

For this reviewer the answer is a clear affirmative. The upgrade offers a clear advance on both image and audio quality with the imaging being a marked improvement. The colours are firmer and there is an increase to the perceived depth of the imaging. The whole film simply becomes more 'real.' The film, which is so concerned with close characterisation, benefits considerably from this enhancement of reality.

The degree of improvement experienced from this BD will also inevitably depend on the replay equipment used. The following technical information is intended to be a guide to aid in assessment.

The screen used for this review is only of moderate dimensions being a 40 inch television screen. However, the television is a high performing 4K unit which delivers a compensating positive effect. The moderate screen size lacks the impact of larger screens but is less critical of film faults.

However, the contributing player is, unusually, able to separate the audio and visual HDMI signals before they leave separately to the television and pre-amp. That feature enhances both the visual and audio elements of the output. The audio delivers an unusually wide-ranging and revealing performance, useful in this case.

Readers with alternative equipment will have to interpret this review bearing in mind their own equipment and its comparative advantages and disadvantages.

In summary this BD is a transfer from good quality and relatively recent 2003 film stock and has responded well to the BD transfer. It is well worth considering for fans of Country and Western and admirers of Christopher Guest's style of humour.
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2011
Not just memorable because of Fred Willard's Schtick, but because all the other performances are brilliant, from Posey to Levy. The songs are good too, funny and oddly catchy, just like Spinal Tap's. Bringing together the makers of that classic, this instead is about the folk music scene, how old bands are getting together for a special tribute gig. Will it be a success? Will Mitch and Micky kiss? Will Mike La Fontaine get a ten minute spot? Watch to see Wha' happens.

O'Hara and Levy star as Mitch and Micky, a folk couple who were once sweethearts, but their relationship fell apart. Now Mitch is an odd recluse and Micky has married a model train fanatic. The highlight of their show was a kiss during one song. The New Main Street Singers are a group revamped from the Golden age while the Folksmen are 3 men- Guest, Mckean, Shearer who are looking to reclaim their fame. Throw into the mix La Fontaine, owner and founder of High Class management and many other insane characters, and we have another very funny film. Best moments include- all of Willard's scenes, proving he is one of the funniest men alive, and the 'I would love to see this town in the Autumn' scene and the ' best acoustics in the world' scene. Very underrated and pretty much unknown (though it has garnered a cult following in recent years), if you're a fan of 'strange' comedy, watch this.

The DVD is surprisingly filled with special features from deleted scenes to chats with the cast, and even a gig with most of the acts. The features are very entertaining and also highlight how tight, how full of ideas, and how much love they have for the art this group have.
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on 16 January 2004
From the same people who brought you "Waiting for Guffman" and "Best in Show," here comes Christopher Guest's new masterpiece, "A Mighty Wind," which proves to be his best effort yet. This is one of the better films to come out of the year 2003. While the film proves to be a hilarious comedy with very clever satirical elements in it, it is also touching and sincere.
When a big-name manager and icon in the folk music world passes away, the son feels that the best tribute for him would be a live-broadcast reunion of the once popular folk bands that his father once represented. While they were very successful and popular in the 60's, most of them have fallen under the "where are they now?" category. There's The Folksmen, who haven't played together for years. Then, there's The New Mainstreet Singers, who always ends up playing at amusement parks. And finally, there's Mitch and Mickey, who were once a popular duo-in-love until their angry breakup long ago. All of them will be performing together again, and it's all live.
As I said in the beginning, I think this is Guest's best movie of the three he has done. Not only is it funny and entertaining, but it's also touching and has a very sincere tone to it all. The laughs that come from this movie are always from the subtlety rather than the obvious. All of the actors are a joy to watch (especially Eugene Levy, who once again steals the show). Another stand-out performance comes from Fred Willard, who proves to be ten times more animated and comical than he was in "Best of Show" (who ever thought such a thing could be possible!). Catherine O'Hara, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and everybody else does a fantastic job in their roles.
There's some mighty cool extras included on the DVD. The picture and sound quality is really great, and makes the movie what it is. Extras included are deleted scenes, commentary from Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy, the live-TV broadcast of the concert, TV appearances from the bands in the movie and more. Very cool features for a film of this magnitude.
If you're a fan of Guest's other two films, then I highly recommend that you see "A Mighty Wind." You don't even have to like folk music in order to enjoy it. This review is coming from a guy who was born the 80's, and I'm telling you that I loved every minute of this film. It's funny, witty, clever and sincere. If you're tired of the overly ordinary comedies, then you will fall in love with this one, which is anything but ordinary. A true gem to come out of 2003, without a doubt. -Michael Crane
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on 18 July 2017
Not one of Christopher Guests best movies, the subject of folk music is one he's clearly in love with. But it lacks the laugh-out loud Gags of "This is Spinal Tap" Eugene Levy though steals the show playing a washed up singer
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on 9 January 2018
Not really that funny.
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on 18 July 2017
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on 3 June 2017
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on 31 March 2017
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 February 2016
I brought this because I loved spinal tap, it was OK but not great
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on 3 February 2011
This movie definitely improves with repeated viewings as at least one other reviewer has indicated. What sticks out is that while sending up the whole genre, in a wonderfully affectionate way, the musicianship and songwriting is actually of a better calibre than most mainstream musicals. Comparisons with Spinal Tap are probably unfair as the viewer will probably be biased towards one or the other depending on their personal musical tastes. What it shows is the incredible versatility of the cast. Anyway, I loved it, but watch it for yourself!
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