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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2007
Just so people here know, this version of season 2 is the only one available with the entirety of season 2 on it (apart from the season 1+2 bundle).

The Season 2.0 and Season 2.5 boxsets were only released in the US and contain the first (episodes 1-10) and second (episodes 11-20) halves of the season respectively. Also, season 2.5 contained an extended cut (an extra 10 minutes) of episode 10 which was not televised or included on the Season 2.0 DVDs. These 2 sets also contain deleted scenes from many episodes.

The Season 2 DVD boxset on this page is the UK release and contains all episodes (episodes 1-20) from season 2 except for the original cut of episode 10; we have the extended cut instead, which is a good thing in my book. I've heard that not all of the deleted scenes on the US DVDs are present on the UK one, but the box of the UK version tells me there are just over 6 hours of extras which is more than enough for me.

Now, the only difference between the combined US versions (Season 2.0 and Season 2.5) and the single UK version we have here is that we don't have the original cut of episode 10; only the extended cut, and may not have as many deleted scenes. Other than that, we get the series in one boxset whereas in the US they had to pay for two sets.

I recommend not buying the US DVDs unless you're a serious collector. I also seriously doubt they will release either of the US versions in PAL Region 2 format. So if anyone is waiting for that to happen, do yourself a favour and buy this.

I hope that dispelled any myths the reviewers below me have been spreading.
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on 10 August 2006
First things first: This version (region 2) is the FULL second season of battlestar galactica. The region one version is 440 min. each, this is 882 min. and (as seen on another site) the cover differs slightly. I guess "borrowed" from!

Nevertheless this (full) second season continues where the first one left of. I can honestly say that I have not seen a bad episode.

It is really exciting, it has a nice devellopment of the characters and the story.

If you liked the first season you will like this one even more!
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A slight gripe first, namely that the DVD package is somewhat lacking. We don't get any podcast commentaries for the latter two-thirds of the season and the special features are feeble compared to the US release. I hope for Season 3 they hold off on releasing the DVD for a few more weeks to ensure they have a complete package.

That gripe aside, Season 2 of BSG improves on the first in a number of key areas. The widely-separated storylines of the Galactica's adventures in deep space and Lt. Helo's problems on Caprica are finally brought together satisfyingly, whilst the mechanical Cylon Centurions that looked really good in the first season but didn't do very much are allowed to cut loose in spectacular style. The semi-serialised nature of the first season turns into a full-scale serialised storyline here, with the first seven episodes representing a sustained story arc resolving the first season cliffhanger through some breathless twists and turns. Commander Adama has been shot and is on the edge of death in sickbay, leaving the alcoholic Colonel Tigh in command and the exposed Cylon traitor Boomer in the brig. A military coup has been staged and President Roslin is also in the brig, with Apollo on parole for mutiny. Meanwhile, several Galactica crewmen are stranded on the planet Kobol under constant Cylon attack, whilst Starbuck and Helo are now trapped on Caprica with no way off the planet. The writers later admitted taking too long to tell this story, but I found it compelling viewing and it's difficult to see how it could have been shortened. After this arc is concluded we are barely given a pause for breath before the three-part Pegasus arc kicks in, with the crew of the Galactica encountering the larger, more powerful battlestar Pegasus, whose commander, Admiral Cain (the excellent Michelle Forbes from Star Trek: The Next Generation and the second season of 24), has a very different idea of what the survivors of humanity should be doing than Adama.

The result is an awesome display of drama against a backdrop of an incendiary space battle that shames anything in the new Star Wars movies for concept and design. Unfortunately, the show cannot sustain this level of quality and after the Pegasus Trilogy (which, surprisingly ends with the Pegasus not being destroyed, in contravention of the rules of TV script-writing) there is a sustained period of weak episodes: Epiphanies, Black Market and Sacrifice are less than stellar episodes and Scar, whilst dramatically satisfying with excellent effects, has a number of problems regarding consistency with previous episodes (such as why Scar wasn't mentioned before). The episode The Captain's Hand restores the show to its former glory, however, as the battlestar Pegasus is forced into a military confrontation with three Cylon basestars with no hope of relief.

The final three episodes of the season are truly jaw-dropping stuff, however, signalling a massive shift in the format of the show and a cliffhanger ending of monumental proportions. The wait for the DVD of the third season of Battlestar Galactica (the fourth episode of which is the best SF TV episode of the last ten years, no question) will be a long one.
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VINE VOICEon 10 September 2006
We needed a hero. We needed a saviour. For the past few years we've been sitting in the cinemas waiting for the next big thing that our kids will remember fondly when they're grown up... The Matrix Trilogy wasn't it. The Star Wars prequels weren't it. Turns out we were looking in the wrong place! Hollywood has forgotten how to make characters matter to us in a short space of time, and so instead TV has triumped, lead by a vanguard of shows like The Sopranos, The Shield, and Prison Break. Spurred on by the success of serious, intelligent shows for grownups, the Sci-Fi channel has bravely launched the "reboot" of Battlestar Galactica, and I'm relieved to tell you it's bloody fantastic.

Being a remake of the original series, I had thought that it was going to be like the short-lived Space: Above and Beyond. Namely a series that got too excited about special effects and dogfights, but left us with hollow stereotypes for character development. BG has none of these failings, and in this series there are some great revelations which will definitely make a fan out of anyone with vaguely Sci-Fi tendencies.

This series we see that the Cylons are far more complex than we had first thought. They aren't simply mindless automotons, they each have their own indpendent views, relationships, hopes, and fears. We see more of how the rest of the fleet is coping with the exodus from the colonies. Series one focussed primarily on the battlestar itself and turned a blind eye to the other 48,000 people in this "rag-tag" fleet. Even better, the plot developments that happen are quite feasible and realistic. For instance in the context of extreme rationing, a black market was bound to open up for everything from medicines to prostitution.

The relationship between Gaius Baltar and his "is-she isn't she real?" ex-girlfriend Six takes on a new level of complexity too, particularly when Gaius comes across another incarnation of her that has been tortured and abused by the human military.

Even more satisfying is this season's ending, which takes a shocking and radical departure from the status quo.

I like this series because it really engages your brain. It's clearly been written by fellow sci-fi fans who know all the cliches and want to turn them on their head to engage with their audiences.

I mean throwing in a cameo from Lucy Lawless to a bunch of sci-fi fans?

These guys know what we like, so I say watch it by the bucketload!
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on 2 October 2006
20 episodes of, frankly, the best television on air. starting off where the incredible climax of last season's kobol's last gleaming arc, the season builds to a fabulous mid-season climax with 'pegasus' and the two-parter 'resurrection ship', and then ends with the even better episodes 'downloaded' (the cylon P-O-V episode) and 'Lay Down Your Burdens 1&2'. The latter is a specially extended episode that runs to about 70 minutes overall and ends with another amazing cliffhanger leading to season 3.

'pegasus' is also the extended version as standard - this episode was cut for tv broadcast in the R1 release and is an extra on the 2.5 R1 boxset, but is standard here.

the only disappointments are the lack of extras - because the R2 set was released before the 2.5 release in the US we do not get any of the deleted scenes or commentaries from the second half of the season....
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on 19 August 2006
The show that lends TV scifi a level of credibility it's never had continues to raise the bar. There's no wonder it's Emmy- and Peabody-winning. It's one of the finest dramas on television.

Season 2 elaborates on the two major themes of the first season: the shape of the Cylon threat, and more importantly, the threat from within - the capacity for a community of people under enormous pressure to fragment and turn on themselves, to make questionable decisions and have to deal with the consequences, and to struggle to define a *reason* for their survival.

Co-creator and writer Ron Moore has publicly stated his dissatisfaction with a couple of the later episodes - what this translates to is that there are a few episodes that are merely very good. The best episodes, particularly the 3-part arc starting with "Pegasus" and the 2-part finale "Lay Down Your Burdens", are of a quality and subtlety and grittiness I never thought I'd see in TV scifi.

'Nuff said.
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VINE VOICEon 11 August 2006
Don't worry - the Region 2 release is the complete season 2, with all 20 episodes and the extended 'Pegasus' (though not the original cut).

The series is stunning, audacious, and thought-provoking. Buy it. Nothing else needs to be said.
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on 15 September 2006
After the absolutely fabulous first season, I wondered if such high standards could be kept towards this season 2. With no doubt what so ever, it did.

It brings you amazing plots, outrageous CGI, outstanding acting. It's a Sci-Fi gem. The development is truly intelligent. It respects any one of us, lovers of high quality TV shows, by refusing to look down into our ability to understand complicated plots filled with social-political, religious and also mythological references.

This Region 2 Season 2 has all the episodes, unlike the R1 that comes divided in two boxes. It provides English SUBTITLES for the hearing unpaired (which is also great for all those non English, whom need a little help to better follow the dialogs, myself included). Special features: very poor. The box set: it could be better, but with such high quality show, "it's the inside that counts".

If you read some of the other reviews, you can catch some very good synopsis for last season's clifhanger continuation. So, I'll pass on doing so. Only a remark about "Pegasus": if you remember the original Battlestar Galactica, then you will enjoy watching this (extended) arc episode in particular.

Season 3 on its way, unfortunately for all of us that don't have access to the TV channel which will premier it, only DVD box sets are the unique opportunity to get to see it. So hang on for about a year. It will be, most definitely, worthy.

You can choose from R1 or R2, but my advice is: Buy it, and enjoy it.
A must have...indeed.
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on 23 April 2007
A fine addition to anyone wanting to add to their collection. Complete season with a disc of deleted scenes

My main gripe is with the commentary, these are in actual fact podcasts and are only on the first two discs and even then are incomplete in one of the two discs.

Aside from that is perhaps one of the cheapest and most annoying interactive menu screens i have come across
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on 8 September 2006
How far the series has come from the original days of Lorne Green, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict! Season 2 of this seminal Sci-Fi series continues in the same vein, high production values, focus on the 'human' interest and wearing the science fiction like a suit to go about its business of telling the story of the last surviving humans from the twelve colonies.

The cast is numerous, talented and cohesive producing without question one of the most consistently successful sci-fi sagas to date. The DVD package is a fine addition to anyone's collection, but I must echo another reviewer in my disappoint at the extras - so much more could have been done, and if Sky Interactive could offer this through digital satellite, surely the R2 DVD producers could have gone one better?

As another reviewer has said, the ideal relief from reality TV, and unlike most shows, each re-viewing often offers yet another something new.
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