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on 1 September 2015
A perfect example of Pixar's spirit and quality: a film that everyone can enjoy and so multilayered that kids have fun, adult don't feel diminished and film experts can appreciate it under many points of view.
Monsters inc is a gentle, fine story full of imagination, perfect technique, action and heart, and artistic references (a lot of hints at surrealism).
The characters are not just hilarious but also emotional and moving, and the "message" is about the relativity of our fears and the somehow eternal fight between greed and good values, prejudice and open-mindness. All conducted with the usual Pixar touch, where digital animation and digitally animated characters still recall the hand-drawn cartoons (warmer and truer than many digital/3D current animation films), music choices are tasteful, classy, elegant, mostly jazzy and not common like the captivating pop/techno stuff you usually hear in current cartoons, and the story is not just uncommon, but always meant not to diminish and "offend" viewers' intelligence, wether it's kids or adult.
Excellent blu ray, as usual
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 August 2012
Not only is Monsters Inc a fantastically well thought out and produced concept, it has characters which I feel are completely unrivalled by some of Disney's other popular characters. Mike and Sulley (our two main monsters) are brilliant - they are funny, witty characters with heaps of charisma; so much so that you can't help but fall in love with them. But Boo (the human child who is let into the monster world by accident) is the most adorable character imaginable.

The story centres around Mike and Sulley who work for the Monsters Incorporated Scaring company. The Incorpation essentially opens doors into the human world and, in order to collect power for the monsters world, sends the monsters into an unsuspecting childs bedroom and makes them scream. The scream acts as the monster worlds energy source. Boo - a human child, is accidentally let into the monster world and Mike and Sulley must do everything they can to keep her hidden (or risk decontamination procedure, not to mention being fired) and return her safely back to her door (each child has a specific bedroom door which appears in the monsters world).

I love this movie, and a part of me did think "What's the point in buying the Blu-ray when I have the original already?". But I can assure you that the Blu-ray is absolutely beautiful. Sulley's fur for instance is probably one of the most detailed, spectacular parts of the movie. Additionally, alongside the much improved visual aspects, the audio aspects have been greatly improved - to the extent that you can hear the characters footsteps or rustles of some paper on the street floor.

I can't recommend this enough, to all ages and even to those who already own the standard DVD because it is such a vast improvement. The bonus features are also pretty good and give us some insight into what the creators had in mind when coming up with Monsters Inc. This is a feel-good, family movie that everyone should see. Usually I wouldn't think the Blu-Ray is worth buying if you have a copy already, but this instance it's definitely worth the extra purchase.
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on 23 December 2017
I love it !! I know the dialogs by heart ! One of my fav Disney/Pixar
Quality picture in high def is just perfect !!
I bought it here only 6.45 GBP this is a real bargain (only 7.30 euros) as in France it is sold by Amazon FR for around 20 euros.
there is english & French audio so perfect for me ! You made by day dear Amazon UK :)
I've bought some other Disney Blu-ray here even with postal fees it is a real bargain but so sad that not all have the french audio on them
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 27 January 2018
One of my very favorite Pixar films (the other being A BUG'S LIFE, even if it isn't available in 3-D) like MONSTERS, INC. Great direction, humor, animation, designs, & attention to detail. No wonder Pixar is still my favorite CGI company!
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on 3 November 2012
I absolutely love this film, not as much as Finding Nemo admittedly, but it's my 2nd fave Pixar film. My favourite scenes are where Sulley thinks Boo has gone through the machine and keeps fainting (tears of laughter there) and at the end where he goes back to visit her when she's older (real tears then!). It's just a wonderful film, laugh out loud funny and very moving by turns, the baddies get their comeuppance in the end (as they should), Mike finally sees that all kids are not evil, and Roz, well she's the boss! Billy Crystal and John Goodman were the perfect pairing for the main characters voices, and I really liked the extras at the end. Well done Pixar.
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VINE VOICEon 26 November 2003
All I need say here is that this is by far the very best Disney, Pixar or any oher brand of animated film that exists.
The concept is truly brilliant; what lurks in the cupboard when the lights go out? Disney and Pixar have very cleverly created a parallel world to our own - one populated by Monsters whose only energy source is derrived from the screams of our kids, collected as the Monsters in question burst through that dark cupboard when those lights are out! The plot is sufficiently dark and humerous to keep even the most cynical adult entertained. More importantly, though, your kids - of any age - will love it.
My five-year-old has watched this countless times - which means I have watched it countless times - and we're still not bored.
This is a thoroughly remarkable masterpiece, and unlikely to be equalled for some time.
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on 15 December 2017
Fantastic film and dvd in great condition and plays perfectly. Item listed as good and only box was slightly damaged. All in all happy with purchase
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on 7 July 2013
This is one for the whole family. Leave all the technical stuff at the door because this has a great story. Don't go counting how many of Sully's hairs move at any one time. As soon as you do...... Here's one story you'll enjoy, no matter what age you are. That's why DIsney made movies and cartoons in the first place. It's how Pixar do things now. The best thing is, you never grow tired of this. It's great every time you watch.
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on 11 October 2011
The quality in picture is amazing on this blu-ray. My 2 year old son started talking about monsters and seemed a bit scared at night so I bought this DVD. We have never looked back and he isn't scared of monsters anymore as he thinks they all live at Monsters inc. I can't recall the amount of times we've watched this film now and my husband and I enjoyed it too. Can't wait for Monsters inc 2 which is out on my daughters 1st birthday, we'll definitely be buying it when it's out on 16.11.2011
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on 16 November 2011
My square-eyed little girl was glued to this from the minute we put it on! She's only 18 months, but the colours are enough to keep a very little one happy. The quality of the animation is mesmerising, and there's a lot of humour in here to appeal to the adults (it's a bit of a Billy Cristal vehicle, but that's never a bad thing!). A wonderfully imaginative story, great baddies, tear-jerking ending (typical Pixar!) - all in all, something we can all enjoy and laugh at over and over.
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