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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2006
1991- Nothing but a glut of Guns `n' Roses generic rip-offs that the kids are listening to on the radio and MTV. At the time I was 15 years old and I was listening to U2 and R.E.M. that I loved and still do but then the skies cleared and like manna from heaven Pearl Jam's `Ten' appeared. I bought this album, listened to it, and my musical universe expanded.

If you are not familiar with `Ten' then all I will say is that it sounds like a blend of seventies rock with heart of punk in particular post-punk bands of the American Underground in the eighties. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, Kiss, Husker Du, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Black Flag, X, Mission of Burma as well as artists like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Jethro Tull all went into the making of `Ten'. This album was a result of music being able to grow and develop without the snobbery that often pervades many underground scenes. That snobbery is the reason why Pearl Jam came in for some unjustified criticism from certain quarters.

`Ten' is the biggest selling record of the grunge scene and it's no secret as to why it was so successful. Here was a record that spoke directly and honestly to every disenfranchised kid who was struggling to be heard by parents, teachers and even peers without being nihilistic or preachy. In a post-modern age where there is nothing really to believe in except nothing, `Ten' instilled in me the belief that music is the only thing that really matters and can feel a part of while still being completely alone. This album got me into the many, many other bands that may be greater, but `Ten' was the portal through which I passed and for a brief period in the early nineties we had our 1967 or 1976 and I only hope that today's new music fans will have theirs.

This album is the reason why I have since then spent a fortune on records. I have bought 2500 records since `Ten' in the hope that I would find another that would move me like this did and I've not been disappointed.
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on 19 February 2004
Pearl Jam's debut album, although becoming distant in the past, became a legend among the new coming grunge / hard rock bands back in the early 90s.
A timeless album, a mark in every rocker's collection. Even after all this years, this is the ONE album, the best Pearl Jam album ever (in my opinion, of course).
Timeless songs like Even Flow, Alive, Black, Oceans, Jeremy, Wash... i could go on and on until i reached the entire album song list.
After 10... never did Pearl Jam achieve this unique feeling of power and balance in one album.
Black and Oceans are my favorite songs ever and the lyrics... pure poetry. You could write the songs of this album in a poetry book, a heavy, disturbing poetry book... unforgetable, unavoidable...
Simple unique.
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on 20 April 2009
Like one of the previous reviewers I'm reviewing this based on whether as a big fan of the band its worth paying for the extras and remixes if you already own the original classic debut.
There seems to be mixed feelings about the remixes. I don't know about the technical details but I know that the redux version by Brendan O'Brien sounds great. Finally when you make a mix CD the tracks from Ten aren't quieter than the others. Also the sound is much clearer without the heavy reverb of the original. But.... they are different to the versions of Alive, Evenflow etc that were remixed (again by Brendan O'Brien) for the Greatest Hits collection not long ago. And... I think I prefer the versions from this collection - they had little extra vocal bits and slightly different sounding intros sometimes. Just a matter of personal preference I suppose.
Extra tracks in my opinion are not going to hold the attention of even the most die-hard fan for long. The exception to this is Brother (with lyrics that were absent from the Lost Dogs version) which is pretty good.
The DVD of MTV Unplugged looks and sounds great. I've never seen it and it was great to see the band at such an early stage - a little shyer but sounding fantastic. I loved the end when Eddie and Jeff go a bit crazy and get up on their stools and of course the comedy moment previously where Eddie falls off his stool. Well worth having.
The booklet was very dissapointing. I was hoping for some freshly penned liner notes from the band recounting their experiences and mindset when forming the band and creating the album. Instead we get a bunch of arty photos and scribbles and old posters for early gigs with the likes of Alice in Chains and the Screaming Trees amongst others. Mildly interesting but nothing out of the ordinary.
The price tag is possibly a little steep here as well I feel, given that its basically a special edition of the album (do we really need two different versions?) with a DVD and some fancy packaging. I think maybe £15-£17 would have been a little more reasonable.
So overall I really like the remix and the DVD but with the other extras being a little bit dissapointing - and the hefty price tag I rate it four stars overall (but obviously the album itself is a five-star classic).
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on 14 August 2009
Some fool rated 'Ten' 2 out of. I'm not one to knock someones opinion but it was so factually wrong I felt the need to respond! Pearl Jam were not influenced by Bush(Ten was recorded in 1991, Bush formed in 1992 and did not release until 1994!) The members of Pearl Jam had been playing together since the early/mid 80's and if you care to trace their sound it's pretty consistant only productions and playing improve over the years. No where does it say 'Ten' is ment to be a miserable album either - they never claimed to be, or thier music...

Ten is a definative album of the era and still sounds amazing today and they more than likely inspired Bush.
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on 30 March 2009
The albums a classic. There's nothing more I can add to what's already been said in heralding this i'll concentrate on the merits of this version of the re-release ie the MTV show, the Re-Mix and the new tracks.

Starting with the Re-Mix. I love it. There had been a suggestion that you would hardly spot the difference but for me it's there in spades. I'm not saying it's better, and the original slightly muddier lower budget production, I suppose, was part of it's charm. However, on the re-mix you can now clearly pick out all the relevant instruments as clear as a bell....which is particularly good if you have ever tried learing some of the guitar parts which in the original mix sometimes dissappear in a wall of sound.

One of the best parts of getting into a band is discovering them in the first place and then discovering more and more in an album listen after listen......and it's not often you get a chance to discover that classic moment all over again.

As far as the MTV DVD is concerned the quality is excellent and it's great to have that memory of the band in the early days with the whole band looking a little shy but sounding so assured, completely unaware of the classic status they would achieve. The quality of the music and performance is excellent...better in fact than I remembered.

Finally, the extra tracks. Bearing in mind that Lost Dogs trawled through most of their unreleased past and had seemed to prove they'd were not capable of releasing a dud, the extras do not really live up to those expectations. However, the first of these, Brother, is pretty good, as is Just a Girl, although I could have lived without the latter.

State of Love and Trust and Breath and a Scream are just earlier versions of the two on the 'Singles' film soundtrack release, but give you a good feel for what they started out as......and makes you appreciate the fact they took time to improve them.

Evil Little Goat is worth it for the smile it puts on your face. 2000 Miles Blues....doesn't do any harm.

All in all this is one re-release that's really been worth the purchase.
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on 25 March 2009
I'm only commenting on the Brendan O'Brien remix and MTV Unplugged sections:

Ten [remixed by Brendan O'Brien]

When Ten first broke onto the scene, we embraced Rick Parasher's reverb heavy, anthemic sounding production values. But it soon became clear via bootlegs of the band's live shows, that Pearl Jam's sound was actually far much more raw, blistering and in-yer-face.

Producer Brendan O' Brien took over the reigns for subsequent albums and the real Pearl Jam sound was finally captured. I was a very happy man when I heard O' Brien was going to remix Ten and having heard what he did with Once, Alive and Black on the Rearviewmirror album, I couldn't wait to hear how the rest of the album sounded.

When hearing the band live for the first time it became apparent that the drumming had taken on a new lease of life with the acquisition of Texan Dave Abbruzzese, who replaced Dave Krusen, the original drummer from the Ten recording. There's no Abbruzesse on the remix, but the drumming is clearer and packs more punch. The guitars have extra nuances that got lost on the original and the vocals are more natural allowing Vedder's intensity and emotions to shine through. The remix does a far better job at recreating the sound of the band by keeping it stripped down with less studio effects.

The original Jeremy worked really well with the anthemic sound, but the remixed version allows you to hear the complexities of the arrangement much clearer - it almost sounds like the band have gone from a stadium to a sound proof room.

An essential purchase for audiophiles and hardcore Pearl Jam fans who want to continue listening to a classic album as it was meant to be heard.


Pearl Jam's MTV Unplugged session has long been a favourite moment of mine in the band's history. The band recorded this in New York on the back of heavy touring of Europe and it was a chance to show the masses just how talented they were. The songs had been perfected and honed from countless gigs and Vedder's baritone, rasping vocals were at their finest. It was highlighted just how good and technical drummer Dave Abbruzesse was - at times it sounds as if he has four arms due to the amount of cymbals he is hitting. This is none more evident than on Porch, one of the highlights of the show. State of Love and Trust and Black have never sounded so good - this session really demonstrates the power and quality of the whole band, in particular Vedder and Abbruzzese. A fantastic purchase for any Pearl Jam/rock music fan.
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on 29 July 2000
This album is so amazing. There are so many classic Pearl Jam songs on what I view as their best album. Black is such an amazing tune but Eddie Vedders voice really makes it. The feel good tune that is Alive is guranteed to brighten even the worst of days. I've owned this album for 5 years now and I never tire of it. If i could own only one album this would be it. I love Pearl Jam and have the other Albums which vary in quality but this is probably their best. If you ever have the chance watch Mtvs pearl Jam unplugged and listen to the Live version of Black. Buy Ten, It is so good !
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on 9 April 2009
Firstly let me say that I'm a massive fan of Pearl Jam and I think the original Ten is a masterpiece.

However, this edition has major problems. Firstly the first disc, the remastered disc, sounds worse than the original pressing. This is due to the disc being mastered about 4 dBa louder than the original, and to do this the dynamic range had to be compressed. This results in the complex layering being merged together, sounding flat and indistinct. If this is remastering then so is turning up the volume on my hi-fi and putting a pillow in front of the speakers!

The second disc the "remixed" disc is more interesting and features a clearer, simpler and less layered sound when compared to the original versions. Are the tracks better? No. Are they worse? No, just different.

Unfortunately this second disc is mastered just as loud (or 'hot') as the first disc, though admittedly it gets away with it more than the first disc does (due to it's relative simplicity).

However this second disc is not what 'The Freedom Sessions' is to 'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy', the remixed disc is just a remixed disc rather than alternate versions.

So if you don't have the original, then I'd recommend you buy that instead of this edition. If you have the original then I'd recommend that you go for the next edition up that adds a DVD-Video of their MTV Unplugged session, but keep hold of your original!
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on 16 December 2014
One of my favourite albums , and sounds even better ( better frequency response and range)) on vinyl than a stupidly boosted modern CD like you buy nowadays. ( just a pro tip for produces of CDs. You don't have to boost the output so its all at the same level , volume knobs exist for a reason )
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on 7 July 2015
having recently got back to playing vinyl after 15 years and of course buying a deck ! one of the many albums on my wish list to repurchase was ten. after playing the original vinyl release to death (replaced on cd) this version was a bargain at £13 containg both the 2000 remaster and the remixed version from 2003. the remaster sounds awful to much reverb but the remix is just brilliant every track is just mixed with such attention to detail makes ten come alive and a joy to listen to.
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