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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2017
Love the mouse. I have just about always bought Logitec however the only things I miss about this mouse are the features of my last two. One had an extra battery cartridge and the other could be use wireless or plugged in. Though they are way to expensive now.

I wasnt keen on batteries though they seemed to have lasted 7 months before needing to be changed.

As a tip, when it flashes up there is 20% left, dont change the batteries straight away, I was able to use them for another several weeks before they flashed up as 5% and the mouse is used everyday for several hours
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on 15 November 2016
I've only had this mouse for about a week but have been putting it through its paces (including dropping it on the floor a couple of times) since then. It's really well built, comfortable even after hours of continuous use, tracks brilliantly, and the batteries last a really long time.

I upgraded to this mouse from the MX Revolution which had failed switches after many years of use, and it feels like Logitech have really refined things since then. This mouse is slightly lower at the top which is considerably easier on the wrist, and I haven't run into any problems using it even though I have joint trouble. The photos make it look a bit smaller than it really is, but for my large hands it's just big enough to be comfortable. Smaller hands should fare even better, with easier access to the thumb buttons. The mouse is heavier than some rechargeables because of the 2 AA batteries, but it's nothing your arm won't get used to after a few days and the glide pads are well positioned and numerous enough that it's never a struggle to shift it around. Can't speak as to the wear resistance of those pads yet but they seem to be the standard PTFE type and having a few extra pads on the base is reassuring (there are four around the edges and two more surrounding the sensor, which also helps to keep dust out of there). Build quality in general is excellent and the grippy parts are more grainy than rubbery and provide grip without your fingers sticking to them.

Performance is brilliant, with absolutely no tracking issues across a variety of surfaces and the buttons are all responsive and display just the right amount of resistance to avoid accidental clicks. The wheel is a very gentle clicky type rather than a smooth scrolling one, and no function is available to swap between clicky and smooth, but it's also highly responsive and feels like it's in exactly the right place. The ability to switch between DPI settings on the fly is a useful bonus, backed up by being able to set your own DPI presets in software (I reduced mine from 5 to 3).

I have only used the Mac software so far but it has all the functions you'd expect and performs a lot better than the old Logitech software used to. All the buttons can be remapped to custom functions, DPI presets can be customised and added/removed, and per-app profiles can be created for any software so the functionality will change automatically as you swap between your apps. This mouse is fully Mac compatible, provided you use Logitech's software (USB Overdrive didn't pick up the top row of thumb buttons).

The extra buttons and ability to switch DPI on the fly make this mouse excellent for design work as well as gaming and I have used it for both.

One thing I did have difficulty with is the lack of anything in the design to catch your ring or little finger on the right side, so if you want to lift the mouse it needs gripping tighter than would be ideal. The right side of the body does have a slight concave curve to it but it's not really enough to gently pick up a mouse of this weight without it wanting to slip. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever and no issues with connectivity or interference between different wireless devices.
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on 22 September 2017
I have had this for some time now and as an avid gamer (although not a very good one) I can say this mouse is fantastic. I'm not a professional FPS player but I do currently play about 70 hours a fortnight on survival games (Sad, I know) but really this is a solid bit of kit. I have no input lag or response issues at all. The programmable buttons are really awesome. The feel under your hand is the best I have had with a mouse and generally it functions perfectly. The battery life is great ( had it since June 15th) and played well over 1000hrs of gaming and 100's of hours browsing and there is no sign of having to replace the battery's. I have dropped it a number of times (usually at the moment something attacks me which generally sends me panicking to the floor only to be eaten or killed by some horrible monster (thats in-game, not the wife :) ). For me this has been one of my better purchasing choices. I know every product has its failures, but, for me this has been worth every penny and I highly recommend trying one.
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on 17 November 2016
Absolutely love it. I was a bit sceptical about getting a wireless mouse as I'm a big gamer, I took a chance and didn't regret it.
It's well made, feels great in my hand and has a nice weight to it. It's excellent for gaming, I play BF4 and it performs really well.
If anyone tells you wireless mice aren't as good as wired ones they're talking total nonsense. I've been a gamer for around thirty years and had always used a wired mouse, since owning the Logitech G602 I'll never go back. No more annoying cable getting trapped or putting me off as it pulls on other cables, that was really annoying.
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on 16 August 2017
I've never had a mouse as good as this. Easy to reconfigure buttons and extremely comfortable. Batteries last a long time - well over a month - and I replace them with rechargeables so it's never a problem. No noticeable lag at all, mouse is responsive and well designed.

Best of all - I bought this in December 2014. In August 2017, it developed a fault (a double clicking fault, the left button had gone). Sent an email to Logitech, followed it up with a phone call and they sent me out a brand new boxed replacement within a few days. Really good customer service and a great mouse.
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on 9 March 2017
Using this mouse for work at the moment, used it as a gaming mouse for an MMORPG for awhile until my Naga broke for work (macro'd diff keys i use every day and hard to get too on the keyboard to the mouse, makes life ALOT easier).

Great mouse, don't use it with only 1 battery though, 1 blew up in the mouse but I just simply cleaned the place the battery goes into and its working again :).

Button's don't stick , and battery life is great when you put it on endurance mode :) normally lasts 2-3 months on performance mode with 2 new batteries 8hours a day :).
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on 5 February 2017
As the title suggests, I bought this on recommendation for use as a CAD mouse, the programmeable buttons being possible to map to certain CAD functions via the software offered by Logitech.

Overall, the mouse is sleek, comfortable to use for sustained periods, and has a nice solid feel and weight to it (weight can be adjusted by removing one of the 2 AA batteries (which still works).

I liked this so much I bought the wired alternative for my desk at work.
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on 13 April 2017
I am very happy with it. It is stable. It seems like you indeed need a mouse pad to be able to use it properly. After paying that amount of money I expected it to work better than my old and cheap Logitech M560 on various surfaces.
It didnt work on my bed very well. But on the desk it is really nice. It has quality buttons.
I use it for gaming and so far I have nothing to complain. It comes with Duracell batteries which is cool.

I also had wireless headset Arctis 7 and while I using both of them somehow my wireless internet connection has broken from time to time. I changed my wireless band from both 2.4&5GHz to 5GHz only, then the problem was resolved permanently. Careful on that bit.
Your wireless network adapter should support new 5GHz wireless band to avoid wireless signal collisions.
review image review image review image review image
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on 15 August 2017
The mouse worked nicely for a little less than a year, then middle-click button stopped working correctly. I looked online and saw that it's a common problem with this model but there's no easy fix to it. Now another button stopped responding altogether. I opened a case at Logitech support site but I got no response. Buyer beware.

--- UPDATE 2017/09/03 ---
So immediately after posting this review I was contacted by Logitech Support, which is great. However, I remember well that it's two months after opening the case on their own support site.
From the moment they contacted they acted super-swiftly to send me a replacement and follow up on the case. The replacement works fine.
I cross my fingers that it will last longer than it's predecessor.
Updated score from 1 to 3 stars. The product itself is great when it works (5 stars) but I have little confidence in it (1 star), support is potentially great but my personal feeling is that more of them should operate Logitech's own support site rather than read reviews on Amazon.
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on 25 April 2014
UPDATE 2017 - This mouse is still going strong, it has yet to break after intensive use and slightly abusive use (throwing it in my back pack). Mouse still runs great, I can still use it to make my job a lot easier, I've used it in every job I've had over the last 3 years, even had fellow employees ask me for it when I was leaving (they thought it was company property! ha!). Only niggle is that it's a bit large for my hands, I guess the Razer Naga would've been a better choice for smaller hands.

I bought this a good while ago and have yet to change the battery on it. Very good mouse can program it with any application you want so I've set myself up a few hotkeys in my design programs as well as any games I play! Giving it a 4 star only because it never came with a carry case.
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