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on 7 September 2016
My mistake with Amazon Coins was to think of it it as a prepayment system for the Amazon AppStore. It's really more of a sort of low-commitment subscription service.

This is a case of "buyer beware" because the T&C that you agree to when buying Amazon Coins does state "To make a purchase with Coins, you must pay the entire purchase price for the applicable product, plus any applicable taxes, with Coins." Unfortunately I don't see this crucial detail made clear on any of the main Amazon Coins pages.

This means that if you buy 1000 Amazon Coins, you will need to buy exactly 1000 Coins worth of apps or IAP from Amazon AppStore or you'll find yourself with an unusable remaining balance because Amazon doesn't let you make a partial payment with Coins. It's all or nothing. If left unused, this remaining balance wipes out any discount from buying Coins in the first place - particularly in the 1000 Coins example where you save 50p.

From a customer's perspective, this issue could be overcome so simply if Amazon would allow you to spend Amazon Coins the same way you spend Gift Card balances - i.e. you can use your balance and just pay for the remainder.
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on 11 January 2018
So, if you’re new to these, they’re a bit confusing to purchase, but once you’ve got them they’re easy to use and they do save some pennies - which I guess is the whole point.

If you’re new and you’re reading this:
These will only purchase if your one-click ordering details are up to date (ie your credit card assigned to one-click hasn’t expired). Check that first. If you try to do it with out of date details the transaction will fail but it’ll show up in your orders anyway.

These do not purchase instantly, they are not credited to your account instantly. Mine took several hours. That, in itself, was fine for me but it would have been useful to know (because I thought it had failed again and so I tried again and ended up buying twice as many as planned and having to call customer services to cancel one transaction).

Other than that, once they’re in your account they’re really easy to use and saving money on apps for the kids to use is always good!
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on 19 March 2016
My son managed to purchase 500 coins on the app store on our new fire tv and as I have no intention to spend these on coins I was looking into a refund for accidental purchase but this is not accepted. I am not happy with this system and would advise other users to be careful or to get left with stupid coins that can't even be used on digital downloads of music or films to use them up. Has left a bad taste in my mouth about using amazon's apps and I have unlinked all payment methods to ensure this one click system does not catch me out again.
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on 19 December 2016
This used to be good value for money less than a month ago. It was £71 for 10,000 coins. Now it is £91 for the same amount. I am just as cheap buying the content from the suppliers themselves. I'm a big spender on games and apps, I have been for years but now it looks like ill be starting to look elsewhere if amazon doesn't reduce the cost again. I came on to order 10,000 coins today and another 10,000 tomorrow. But now I will just be going to google play or to the developer.
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on 3 July 2016
I use Amazon Coins to buy Hearthstone card packs. Not only do you get a discount on the coins (£45 for £50 worth of coins), but you also get 10% back on your purchases, meaning you get more card packs than from buying directly.
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on 10 November 2016
I obtained a game (free I seem to remember), which seemed reasonable at the time, but offered in-app purchases also. Now usually I completely ignore these aspects of games because I'm NOT interested in interacting with anyone else when I play, and I'm NOT interested in buying things in games either, but this was a really sneaky one that offered "points" redeemable against game "bits" for game tokens that were virtually impossible to acquire any other way. BAD. Then I found myself spending money buying Amazon coins, to purchase the game tokens. BADDER. It was only at the point that I realised I had spent about £20 on Amazon coins that I realised I'd been well and truly sucked in, and my "FREE" game had cost me more than any other game I've ever played!!!

DO NOT BE FOOLED. Amazon coins are very useful, but only if you use them on your own terms. DON'T get conned into spending them in games or you will very rapidly lose out.
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on 26 November 2017
The whole system in getting coins is a little awkward to say the least. Its not as you would expect in being an immediate transfer, at least not every time. Just buying the coins can be a hassle to get to the page or tab.

Every time so far (three purchases) I've had to contact a customer service agent but other than one time (who lied to me regarding external promotions) The others have been extremely helpful.

Anyone Wishing to buy coins, Id advise you wait till the following evening for your order then contact customer service If your order hasn't gone through but they are very good folks at Amazon customer service, very polite and look to help genuine folks that don't try and lie there way through for free stuff or break the rules, even going so far as to honor offers that are just outside the line of what was advertised (in my case *NEW* customers only having bought coins my first time 3 days prior).

FYI DON'T spam buy the coins because you think it hasn't gone through. Often you will find your bank and or Amazon will cancel all orders because your forcing multiple orders which activates automated security systems.

Otherwise a great way to save some money over a long period of time
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on 16 April 2016
The concept behind these coins is excellent, and they certainly do offer a great saving when used for in app purchases on gaming apps when compared to purchasing via Google Play or iTunes. However, they do come with one very big drawback, and that is the processing time it can sometime take between clicking buy and Amazon actually processing the order. There appears to be no reason or explanation of these delays, for example, I regularly purchase 10,000 coins in batches of 2. The first transaction will process instantly the second can take hours before the coins are credited to your account. Generally this is not a problem, unless you are using coins to purchase limited time offers within your game or app. I have lost out on some deal because of the mysterious delay in the coins actually showing on my account. The lesson in this is, if you plan to use these coins for any form or purchase where you need a quick turnaround - buy them in advance.
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on 17 January 2018
A great way to buy apps, etc. at a reduced price. Example; app cost £4.99 or 500 coins which can be bought for £4.
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on 17 December 2016
Was good at first but they have put the price of 10000 coins up from £71 to £93 in less than a week it's a waste of time now won't be buying them will go back to Google play which is cheaper now very disappointed amazon especially after just joining prime and music Aswell
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