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on 19 February 2015
Fantastic in every way. The writing is slick and fast-paced, the characters are complex and likeable, the story is original and engaging and as a whole the book absolutely shines. The fantasy element is low-key and intrinsic to the expertly built world the protagonists reside in, the romance element is refreshingly non-existent. What small undercurrents do exist do not detract from the story in any way and are not dwelt upon making this book as suitable reading for men as women and a pleasing alternative to many of the romance-laden historic fantasy books out there at the minute.

I normally have two books on the go - one on my kindle to read in my lunch breaks and one in hard copy to read at home. I was so entranced by this tale that I put down the one I was reading in hard copy and doubt I will pick it up again until I have finished the entire published works of this author. It is not often I add a new author to my list of those whose latest book is on my "must buy" list and I am actually willing to pay good money for rather than waiting until it is on sale. Dee Harrison just made that list.
I wholeheartedly recommend this to every fan of epic fantasy sagas and cannot wait to read more.
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on 20 October 2013
Fast-paced and atmospheric, this fantasy adventure has at its core interesting and well-developed characters, such as Prince Falath and his cousin, Rollo. These characters quickly engage the reader and pull him/her into the complex world the writer has created. I've been reading this book all weekend and in my opinion, The Firelord's Crown is an exciting read for all those who enjoy good fantasy and adventure.
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on 1 August 2014
Must say I don't really write any review's but I have just finished reading this magnificent book. All the way through I couldn't put it down. As I was reading this I thought to myself that Airen must be on the others side even though he explained his part in it all and why he was there but still the way the Dee wrote the characters it had you guessing as to who was really loyal to the crown.

Well done Dee an exceptional read. Now I must download the other one :D
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on 16 November 2014
The Firelord’s Crown by Dee Harrison is an epic fantasy about the seventeen-year-old crown prince Falath and his despairing flight from the powerful usurper of his father’s kingdom.

Treachery claims Falath’s bed-ridden father. The extent becomes clear when one of Rollo’s kinsmen, Malglint, reveals himself as a vassal to the conquering lord who has killed the king. Falath leaves his home with two companions: his cousin and sworn protector Rollo, and a foreigner-come-lately magician named Airen.

Falath and his friends are ever harried in his homeland. The hateful Malglint has a knack for trailing the prince’s party, plus has a deadly matter to settle with Rollo. Allies and double-crossers swirl into the prince’s path. The useful Airen swears to help, but harbors unsaid motivations that may jeopardize the prince.

Desperation finally convinces Falath to choose exile in Airen’s foreign land while Rollo stays behind. His cousin will kindle an uprising among the prince’s subjects who dislike the usurper’s rule. Things do not go as planned when the canny Malglint corners the three fugitives in a desperate fight at the edge of a precipice. The outcome is heartbreaking.

The Firelord’s Crown is a most satisfying start to a hero’s journey. Falath, Rollo, and Airen are likable guys who cannot catch a break. Harrison uses a masterful hand to describe the brutal winter weather and adrenalin-soaked fights. Malglint is my favorite kind of villain—despicable.

Readers who love epic fantasy and haggard flights through an unforgiving countryside would enjoy The Firelord’s Crown. Beware of the political intrigue. The story will have you all but trusting enemies and casting doubtful glances at your friends.
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on 23 October 2013
This is a very well written novel irrespective of genre. Each chapter is full of drama, drama which arises from the tensions within and between the characters and their situation. It is not surprising that The Firelord's Crown became a favourite on the Authonomy website. It is a fantasy with noble and evil characters, which reads like Morte d'Arthur. The machinations of Malglint pepper the plot but they are insufficient to overcome the loyal, heroic Rollo. The protagonist is Falath, whom we meet at the start, depressed at his frailty. He has already lost his brother and fears his father, the king, has limited time. We can easily identify with his continuing dilemmas. We hope that Aislin, the healer, will solve problems but the complex sequence of events keep us on the edge of our seats. By the end we are satisfied only to want the next book in the series. A gripping read.
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on 31 May 2014
…The Firelord’s Crown, by Dee Harrison.

A true epic fantasy that takes the reader on a tumultuous journey, from the conquered land of Dinith, through mountain strongholds, rivers, cities, and much more.

Dee Harrison has created a truly wonderful and three dimensional world, and the characters that inhabit it will engage the reader’s emotions to a startling degree. Travel with Prince Falath, his cousin Rollo and their companions, on a journey that fills the imagination with a plethora of images.

I took my time reading this book, simply so I could absorb the contents, like a fine glass of wine. I also didn’t want it to end, as the characters became almost real to me. I loved the heroes, hated the villains, and felt each wound inflicted. I bowed my head against the winter storms and shivered with the biting cold.

From start to finish, this book offers any fan of speculative fiction the chance to indulge their passion. A must read for anyone who appreciates a good story.
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on 4 June 2014
*I was gifted this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

Fantasy is my favorite genre and The Firelord’s Crown is an intricately woven story set in a vividly drawn fantasy world. The plot is suspenseful and the characters have been well developed. We set off with Airen on a quest and reach Dinith where the young prince Falath, the protagonist of the novel is trying to keep order in his kingdom.

The quest for a piece of a magical crown brings out hidden strength in the characters, builds and breaks relationships and is a fast paced adventure which will have you staying up all night. And when you finish, you want to reach for the next book in the series. A brilliant debut novel!
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on 15 November 2014
I just read Dee Harrison's Book 1 in The Firelord's Series. It's great. Her writing is notable for its attention to detail and strong character development. If you like fantasy and complexity, this is the series for you. The quest is on to find a missing piece of a legendary crown. From there, the author demonstrates a skill for world building and compelling descriptions of layered relationships among the characters. Read the entire series!
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on 29 June 2014
This is a fantasy book that I really enjoyed. The character development was well done and I was drawn into the drama of the good and evil of their world. The book was well written and held my attention from the beginning. An adventure and story that you won't be disappointed with. I wasn't.
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on 24 November 2014
This story is about a quest to find all six pieces of the powerful Firelord's crown, a journey that demands crossing the deadly Marshes of Duil. The sixth and final piece, the Lost Talerii, also known as Vorien's section of the crown or the twin armrings of Chanon (the Chanon bracelets), went missing hundreds of years ago on the (sixth) Lost Ship. This story is also about relationships among rulers, friends, family, and descendants. The story takes place in the old world of Riom where lords, warriors, kings, personal bodythanes, and kinsmen live. Great detail and rich language with a renaissance style in each scene, a complex fantasy world is revealed little by little. Interesting characters such as Falath, Airen, and Lord Rollo the kinsman, as well as the quest to find the lost piece, kept me turning the pages.

Beautifully written, Dee Harrison weaves an interesting plot set in a charming old world of Riom. I look forward to reading book 2.
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