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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2013
Having read the first twelve books in this series in a block sitting I have been waiting, what seems like, forever for this book and having devoured it much like a zombie devours brains all I can really say is Jolly Good Job Mr. Haywood.
The chances are that if you are buying this you have read the precious 12 episodes and if you have I will silly say you will not be disappointed. RR Haywood just seems to get better as a writer with each installment. And if you haven't read the others first I would seriously suggest that you go and so it now and god are you in for a treat
Abso"f@@king"lutely 5 Stars
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on 10 April 2017
Omg! What a fantastic journey with an equally gobstopping climax! Immune! Brilliant and the cause of why I did not get much sleep last night as I could not put my flipping kindle down! Have just downloaded book fourteen and must wait to see what happens next.
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on 24 September 2013
Haywood and Howie make a truly great partnership! This is probably the best book yet in the series which is saying something as I have thoroughly enjoyed each one, but this has just a bit of extra 'je ne sais pas quoi'. Maybe the new characters are enhancing the storyline? Certainly they give a new perspective and an uplift after the disaster in the previous book. Please keep the feel good factor going in the next one, which I await with a keen anticipation.
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on 3 March 2017
Re-reading this series for the 3rd time now - with the recent release of Day 21. I love the plot - the realness of the characters and the uniquely Brit sense of humour that goes with it ... although the real Living Army as we know is a global concern ...
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on 30 August 2013
Just Epic. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, loved the new characters and loved the fort getting back on its feet, I honestly could not put it down. You know throughout the book that the gang are heading towards a battle but my gosh what chaos, it had me biting my nails and by the end I was a total bag of nerves. Please hurry up with the next book I need to know if the gang are ok.
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on 5 March 2014
Another great read in the saga of howie dave lani et all. More explosions axes traps heroes villains and of course bows n arrows!!!!! Well worth reading.
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on 29 September 2013
Having read the series from book one I am impressed with not only the story telling but more importantly, the character progression. The central characters are easy to identify with and act in ways its not too difficult to imagine any normal person would react in such circumstances adding to the gritty realism and supporting the well thought out and realistic story line. The action is non-stop and even when its glaringly obvious exactly where things are heading you still need to keep reading - not so much that you might miss a plot twist or surprise, but more that you want to make sure they all make it and dont want to miss any of the jokes or personal revelations along the way - you just feel that connected to the characters.

As an ex-soldier of 23 years I have to inwardly laugh at the amount of GPMG ammo they must be carrying in the back of that Saxon and few other little technical glitches crop up but they in no way detract from the book(s) overall feel or damage the story's plausibility or realism.

The new characters in this book are a welcome addition expanding the humour even further and bringing new skills into the mix, coupled to the reappearance of Maddox and his crews expanding the team's potential for success.

You'll need to read the book to understand, but what we discover about Howie at the end has been hovering subtly in the background all along and now that it's out there and confirmed - I cant wait for the next installment to find out where it takes us, what it means for Howie, the group, their plans and most of all, the infection iteslf.............

I thoroughly recommend this book and the rest of the series - its right up there with the best in the genre - each one has you turning pages franticly and laughing and panicing in equal measure. Come on Mr Haywood, I need day 14!

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on 28 August 2013
I have just finished day 13 and I am as impressed as ever. The introduction of some new characters is always welcome as it gives Mr Haywood a chance to demonstrate again how in tune he is with the types of people that make up our diverse society. I found Roy and his hypochondria extremely amusing and sympathised with his borderline obsessive compulsive behaviour. Once again R R Haywood shows an incredibly accurate understanding of some of the people we share our world with. With the Paula storyline he once again demonstrates his ability to create characters who are immensely likeable and contrast these with equally loathsome ones, again probing the depths of human behaviour and how people are prone to act in times of pressure and crisis.

I have been a fan of zombies and the zombie genre for many years, with an interest ranging from watching George A Romero's original trilogy as a child and exploring the streets of Raccoon city in the early Resident Evil days to reading current zombie fiction and watching more modern examples of zombies depicted in film and television. At first I thought my interest was solely in zombies themselves but have become to realise that what interests me even more is the way that society would degrade and people would act when faced with such a threat, and it is this that has also clearly captured the vast imagination of R R Haywood. The genre has never, in my opinion, been approached with such depth of thought and such attention to detail until the undead series. R R Haywood is able to switch deftly and seamlessly between action, humour, deep sadness and from time to time even eroticism, with a talent that convinces me that he could excel in any genre (an opinion also proven by his excellent Mike Humber crime fiction novel), but his success and writing ability in the zombie genre shows his true passion for the subject.

One of the most impressive features of his writing are his action sequences, of which day 13 is a prime example, as the last chapters depict Howie's most ambitious and large scale battle with the undead to date. He so successfully sets the pace and raises the adrenaline that I found that the pace of my reading actually increased with it (although I think this is due in part to having to find out what happened next as soon as possible!). R R Haywood's use of description, first person style and wording in equal measure create a truly unique immersion into the story.

I was gripped by day 13 throughout, as I have been with the other 12 books in the series. As the title of this review denotes, R R Haywood's writing goes from strength to strength and his latest cliffhanger has left me waiting in anticipation for the next instalment. While I wait I have resolved to go back to Day 1, as I feel that what I have learned about Howie and his team in the latter instalments of their journey will enrich my experience of their earlier adventures. I can think of no better testament to Mr Haywood's intrinsic level of character development. Keep up the fine work!
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on 3 October 2013
Having finished Day Thirteen I am now lost and finding it difficult to get into any other book keep checking every day for Day Fourteen. If you have not read any of R.R.Haywood's book you just don't know what you are missing and I highly recommend you get them, I am now starting to reread the series while I paitiently wait for Day Fourteen to come out. Great story line lots of twists and turns you laugh and cry with Howie and his companions and you just don't want the story to end.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2013
Oh the breathless anticipation with which I waited for this next instalment in the awesome UK set zombie series. So is it any good? Hell yeah!! You betcha. It's a rip snorter. Emotional thrills and yes, chills abound. And yet... And yet... Despite a huge amount of bloodshed, action and excitement, this is also a more measured, thoughtful and introspective work than some of the previous days. Yes, this is an action persons book. But its also a thinking, feeling persons book. And all the better for it.

We see the harrowing events of the previous novels come home to roost in Howie's head and we see his continuing doubt at his worthiness to lead , the decisions he has made and almost made shake his drive. He was a whisker away from acts he never ever thought himself capable of and it shakes his core. For me, this dose of realism and truth makes the novel far superior to almost any other long running saga I've read. Yes the action sequences are awesome and there are plenty of them. Yes the fights are, as ever perfectly, sweepingly, cinematically described. Yet all of this would be for nothing if we didn't have emotions and heart to pin this on. I cried on more than one occasion whilst reading, moved by the interplay between ordinary people having to do extraordinary things to be safe. I had goosebumps up my arms during one key scene and towards the end, my heart was so firmly in my mouth and I was so absorbed for a moment I literally stopped breathing. No other writer has done that to me.

I love the strong female characters in Mr Haywood's books. A new individual storyline shows that in conflict, brain is frequently more deadly than brawn. There are sections with a lone female using every ounce of cunning and planning (not to mention exploiting a possible childhood spending far too much time watching 'Home Alone') to single handedly engage an enormous zombie count.

I don't wish to add too many specific details and spoil anyone's reading pleasure but again we have the ripple effect present in 13. Howie is like a stone, thrown into a still pool, making storyline ripples speed away from this centre, like the concentric circles on a raccoon's tale. We gain insights into other survivors, emboldened by his growing legend, inspired to take action and overcome their personal anxieties, fears and experiences to truly begin to live amongst the death and destruction. First alone and then, as word of mouth sets in, seeking to find Howie and his 'safe haven' for the hope it represents.

Yet how safe is that 'safe haven'? Beset by horror at every turn, maybe the very bravest thing the characters do is keep their hope alive. Hope that whilst they may individually falter and fall that the human spirit will prevail as long as someone is inspired to hope and therefore fight. Howie grapples with the knowledge that he may not see this through to the end and struggles to make peace with the idea that his destiny may not be to finish the battle, only to give it the momentum that it can BE finished. By someone.

This futile longing for normalcy and word of mouth, chinese whisper effect of news amongst the survivors is just one of the skilfully handled elements in the backdrop to the action-meat of the Undead Saga. It is easy to ignore this seamless tapestry of worldbuilding upon which the main action unfolds. Yet it is such quietly and deftly handled descriptive backdrop details that elevate this from an action horror series to something special. Mr Haywood has not just written a set of exciting zombie tales. He has built a world through his astonishing use of superlative detail, logic, rich understanding of people and their psychological motivations both for good and evil. Yet so seamlessly does this realism support the action that it is easy to overlook what clever writing craftsmanship went into its creation. And it is for this reason that I am still nowhere near tired of this saga. The story remains totally engaging, rich, nuanced and continually, refreshingly unexpected. Thank you Mr Haywood for giving your readers such a brilliant experience. Long may it continue.
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