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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Ninety-five percent Human
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 2 September 2017
A sweet tale about a young man and an alien girl. Family drama abounds and the threat from outsiders make for plenty of excitement to keep the reader involved in the story.
*I got this from Bookfunnel*
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on 27 April 2014
***No Spoilers***

Who knew that sheep farming in the Welsh mountains could be so exciting and dangerous?

Welcome to Joe’s world, which has fallen apart with the untimely loss of his father and now an older brother who wants to cash everything up as soon as possible because he’s hiding a big secret. His Nan, is a bit of a feisty old bird, just how a good Nan should be and luckily for him, she’s on his side.

Sarah, appears in his life just when he needs her, and he appears in hers at the perfect moment.

Ninety-Five Percent Human is a page turning YA sci-fi adventure set in rural Wales, there’s UFO’s galore, hybrid-beings, robots that look like humans and robots that look, well, rather unpleasant. There’s spaceships too, night manoeuvres and not forgetting fires, car chases, secret government agencies, jealous ex-girlfriends, a nice mix of romance and a good party with plenty of cider. What more could you ask for all rolled into one perfectly formed novel!

If you like any of the above mentioned things, you are going to love this. I devoured it in one afternoon and was sorry to read the last word, but then I read the author, is writing a sequel immediately after that and I felt so much better especially since apparently, it is due out this year – oh joy and happiness as I hate having to wait eons for the next novel in a series to be published!
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on 11 September 2013
Wow! A great read!

Really enjoyed the characters, you really disliked the 'bad guys' and fell for the good ones hook, line and sinker! I loved that Joe rationalises all of Sarah's quirky personality traits until is sounds so normal that you almost forget the title! Joe and Sarah have a lovely chemistry that leaves you feeling warm without being too much for the male reader's taste!

It was an unusual take on the alien invasion theory and I really enjoyed the twists and turns along the way. The storyline was really well thought out and there were no loose ends that left you wondering 'what happened there' or 'how did such and such get out of that?'. There were surprises waiting for you all the way through and it kept you gripped! I couldn't put it down!

Really like the cover artwork too, totally grabs your attention!

Thanks so much for a great read Suzanna!!! :)
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on 21 January 2014
Suzanna Williams is a very talented YA author. The first book I awarded 5 stars to in 2013 was Shockwaves by the same author and she's done it again with this one.
Suzanna creates believable and likeable characters, especially teenagers. I especially liked how the two central characters Joe and Sarah complimented each other as equals.
The pacing and suspense is spot on, at just the right level for younger readers but there's enough depth for adult readers as well. Her excellent descriptions of the weather and the Welsh countryside give the finishing touches to a polished impressive read.
I only wish my children were younger. If you have young readers in the house I strongly recommend looking at the works of this writer.
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on 20 June 2015
I found this an extremely well written YA title that was equally accessible to adults. All the characters are very well fleshed out and get under your skin. The budding romance and relationship story dominates the first half of the book with just teasing hints of the girlfriend’s alien status. Because the A-story advances slowly during the first half of the novel, the book initially feels like more of a suspense than a thriller. But once we hit the midpoint, and she can no longer conceal her alien status, the pacing kicks into high gear, and the story takes on the pacing of a thriller, high octane, fast, and knuckle biting.

While both parts of the story are adeptly told, I’m not much of a suspense guy, and much prefer the thriller pacing. So I was itching for the story to kick into high gear. And didn’t fully settle into the book until about halfway through. That said, I can respect the author’s decision to build on a more solid foundation of well-developed characters and of getting the reader to feel fully vested in their fates before subjecting them to such peril. The decision makes all the more sense when you consider that this is the first installment in a series; if you’re going to ask people to hang in there for more than one installment, you probably will have to put more time into developing your characters than you might for a stand-alone novel. And I might hasten to add that this is a series I’ll be happy to follow along with.
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on 7 December 2013
I just recently read a phenomenal book by a phenomenal author. It is called NINETY-FIVE PERCENT HUMAN and was written by Suzanna Williams (one of my favorites!) The story starts out on a rural farm from the perspective of a young man named Joe. With his parents no longer in the picture and his grandma and brother the only family he has left, Joe is stricken with the hard decision of sacrificing his youthful opportunities to fix up and work on the dilapidated farm or to sell it and let go of a history of life-long memories and hard work. Just as he struggles with these obstacles, a mysterious girl named Sarah shows up and Joe is forced to save her from drowning in the lake on his farm. And from that point on things only become more curious and exciting, from car chases to exploding fires, from action to drama. Will Joe be able to handle all of the trouble thrown his way since Sarah showed up? Will Joe ever find out Sarah's true purpose?

This story is a science fiction thriller with a splash of romance. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and wanting more with every turn of the page. I loved it thoroughly and cannot wait until the sequel, Five percent alien comes out next year! Woo Hoo! This book is great for anyone of any age, although it sure has that youthful undertone that I love! I give NINETY-FIVE PERCENT HUMAN by Suzanna Williams a fantastic 5 STARS!
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on 31 October 2013
What makes this sci-fi thriller special in my view, is the characterization. The romance between human Jo and alien Sarah would seem doomed from the start, and one can't help rooting for them. The unlikely lovers head up a terrific supporting cast, including the doughty UFO spotting Nan, and Jake a mysterious geologist with a penchant for making unfunny jokes at precisely the wrong moment. Jake is an ambiguous character, and to my mind the real star of this novel.
Among the other strengths are the welsh hill country setting and the humour which bubbles beneath the surface throughout. Suzanna Williams is a skilled story-teller who knows how to crank up tension and to keep readers engaged to the last page. But more than this, her writing is heartfelt. She really cares about her characters and this can't fail to transmit to the reader.
There is something charmingly retro in feel about the sci-fi which reminded me of John Wyndham's novels. Aimed at Y/A, it's an engaging and entertaining read for all ages.
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on 26 February 2017
Great read, liked the characters & scenario. Especially helpful having had read the prelude short story, Sarah, first - though that's not essential for the story to work.

Looking forward to the next instalment from Suzanna!
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on 28 October 2015
Well written fast paced page turner novel with plenty of punch and excitement.
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