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on 28 September 2014
OK - so there are a lot of poor reviews for this printer at the moment. But that still didn't stop us from buying it. We actually bought it from a 'proper' bricks&mortar shop - so that we can return it in case it didn't live up to expectation. It cost us 79 Euros (about 60 UK pounds). We were replacing our broken 8-year old Lexmark Inkjet - and all we needed the printer for was occasional light printing at home - so no photo printing, or anything resource-heavy like that.

The Canon MG5550 was an excellent price for a wi-fi capable device - and we brought it home on the bus! :-) OK - so the setting up part was just a bit fidgety - but not really that complicated. You just follow the simple picture-instructions on the set-up card - and in 5 mins, you're away!

We had no problems at all with wi-fi recognition. The printer locked on our wireless signal at home, we entered the password and that was it! We then got both of our laptops and my phone to recognise it. After 10 minutes, we had done test prints (using the wi-fi) from both our computers and my mobile phone (Android).

I mentioned that its a bit fidgety - but only a bit! So for example when you turn it on, it starts going through a sequence of internal movements (probably cartridge alignment). Also, once you finish printing, it will go through another sequence of movements as the mechanism returns to its parking position. But it's not really a problem. These internal motions last about 10-20 seconds and then the printer rests.

As for complaints about noise - what noise ? Yes, when the paper loads, you can hear it go in and when its printing you can hear the thing getting on with the job - but you can expect at LEAST that amount of noise from any printer or photocopier! And yes, the sound is actually useful because it lets me know the print request has gone ahead and the thing is doing its job! Otherwise I would have to be looking straight at it - and that defeats the purpose of having a wireless connection in the first place!

You need to be gentle with the paper tray door - so no excessive use of force. But that's true for more expensive printers too.

For 79 Euros - a wireless enabled colour inkjet made by a major electronics manufacturer is a pretty good deal. Hence 5 stars.
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on 22 August 2014
The MG5550 arrived a week ago and has proven to be easy to set up, has good software, excellent print and scan quality and good networking. The set-up sheet was simple to follow and the printer's LCD screen took you through the processes anyway. Unpacking and set-up took about an hour and that includes connecting it by USB and wirelessly, downloading Mac driver software and installing.

Some reports of wireless problems are probably be due to the individual routers or owner's software and hardware. In any case, it is very easy to give the printer a static IP which appears to be the solution to wireless problems and all the functions can be accessed from the LCD panel. Similarly the complaints about it churning away before starting printing are a little unfair. We set our Canon Pixma iP 4850 printing a file and then started the MG5550 on the same file. The document included full page images and duplex printing. The 4850 started quicker and was already printing the document before we set the 5550 off, but they both finished the job together even though the 5550 went through its lengthy pre-print actions. This means it is a faster printer than the already speedy 4850.

We also scanned the same image on the 5550 with the Canon software and Image Capture on a Mac and then compared with the same image scanned on our trusty Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner. All were set to automatic and all scans were acceptable for print reproduction (we are graphic designers) with possibly the best overall coming from the 5550 using the Canon software. Output onto cheap 80gsm office paper is near photographic, on photo paper it is outstanding.

There are no downsides to the 5550. It is a little noisier than our other Canon printer but acceptably so. Black text prints beautifully and much darker than from the Pixma iP4850. Under a glass you can see there is more ink on the page with letters as good as laser printing. This obviously means greater ink use and a set of Canon OEM extra large cartridges cost nearly as much as a new printer. The cheapest sources I have found are here on Amazon.

Networking is automatic and easy. Wireless connection means that it is available over the Internet from anywhere in the world if it is connected to a wireless router with an Internet connection. Free Canon apps make it easy to print and scan directly to and from a smartphone or tablet. Connecting by USB also creates an internal network so that as long as the host computer is awake, any computer connected to the LAN can print to the 5550.

This is our fourth Canon inkjet, after moving across from Epson printers, all of which suffered from blocked heads even though we used the printers regularly. When some cost £1500 it was particularly painful to see the dustmen take perfectly good printers away because it was impossible to get them repaired.
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on 23 December 2013
It took me almost 2 weeks to get this printer working on my network. On some days it would show as installed, I even managed to print a test page.... but then it would disappear. After re-installing many, many times I kept getting the message that "there are ports that can't be used with the current settings."
A Canon customer service technician talked me through the installation (nothing that I hadn't already done) and all was working fine until I put the phone down!! I had switched off the printer and when it was switched on again, it had disappeared. SO frustrating!!
The On-line manual had nothing to offer. Finally, after much head scratching about what the error message actually meant... I decided to disable the IPv6 drivers, realising that my router was using IPv4 for everything else on my network.... and bingo! The router picked up the printer, the printer downloaded and installed the firmware update and has been working fine since.
The printer itself is very good, but quite noisy (even on the quiet setting) and seems to go into panic mode every time it's switched on... with much buzzing, clicking and whirring. It also seems to have gobbled up the supplied ink very fast, but that's quite normal in my experience. With hindsight, I'm not sure I'd buy this particular model again but I suppose as an occasional printer it's adequate.
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on 28 December 2013
Easy to setup wirelessly to iphone and ipad. Had to download driver software from Canon for my mac. First few images that I have printed are stunning, so no complaints there. Printer is of top build quality too, would highly recommend!
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on 28 October 2014
As soon as I started unpacking the printer, I was put off by the flimsy construction of the lid and trays. The power lead is a euro plug with a shoddy-looking UK adaptor, which did not inspire confidence. There is no USB printer lead included. The CD-ROM installs a huge suite of several different obscure programs, some of which are mostly for advertising, and all of which are set to run on startup.

I could possibly have put up with all this if the printer actually worked. I had endless problems getting it to connect to my laptop. At first it did eventually print, but then it started sulking and occasionally spitting out half-printed pages. Even when it does print, the duplex is excruciatingly slow, grinding away for a couple of minutes on each page. The machine appears to have some kind of mechanical seizure after every print job, rattling and rumbling away to itself for some time. It does not save wireless internet passwords, which have to be labouriously re-entered on the directional pad every time the printer is switched on.

The final deciding factor was Canon's customer support. They do reply quickly, but the advice is not always helpful or specific and they ignored several important questions. What's particularly frustrating is that you have to go through the process of filling in all your product details every time you send a request, as there is no way to reply to the emails you receive. What is the point of registering a product with Canon if it does not give you a technical support account?

I wasted many precious work hours trying to get this useless object to work, even reinstalling my operating system at one point.

I would strongly advise you to avoid this product. Personally, I would never buy anything from Canon after this experience.

I should make it clear that the seller has been very helpful, agreeing immediately to refund the purchase price and arranging for collection by courier.
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on 2 April 2014
Very easy to set up, print quality good, wireless printing a dream, and double sided as well! No problems .
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on 9 June 2015
Dear printer manufacturers, why is making a reliable, simple printer so bloody hard??

This is hands down the worst printer I've ever owned. Setting it up was fiddly, it didn't play well with a Wifi extender and a windows 7 laptop. It appeared intermittently to our ipad. It doesn't pick paper up reliably. The print quality is great and photos came out well. The user interface is triumph of confusion and unnecessary clutter. Why do you need so many buttons, and soft buttons and a directional control. Will be taking a baseball bat to this printer in the near future. Infuriating device.
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on 8 February 2015
I actually got this for £63 so it's well worth keeping an eye on the price. I've been very impressed by this printer so far.It's quite a smart-looking thing which sits comfortably on a filing cabinet.
The setup was quick and very easy , wireless setup perfectly simple as well ( or it would have been if I had entered the wireless code correctly the first time....). It really does print photos very impressively indeed , on shiny photo paper I've printed off a couple of landscape pictures and the tones and detail are spot-on and pin-sharp. Excellent job. I like the little LCD panel as well , which makes copying and fiddling around with sheet music ( my main use for it , at present) very easy indeed , once you figure out the menu system of course. A good printer at a good price and it would seem that replacement cartridges are not going to break the bank either , as I got a set ( of compatible types , rather than originals ) for £10.
The technical bit.
The printer does take a while to get going but once printing it is quiet and speedy. The Photo printing ( on glossy paper ) was surprisingly fast.
It takes 5 cartridges , the usual Red , Yellow and Cyan but also 2 black cartridges , one larger than the other.
It features an automatic head adjustment , you print of a test sheet turn it over on the screen and the printer scans this and corrects itself as needed .
Paper is loaded onto a slide-out trayunder the front and copies and prints appear through a flap above this tray. Make sure you have opened this flap ( the printer will tell you if you haven't ! ) before printing and also pulled out the little extension otherwise everything goes on the floor.
As seems to be normal with wireless printers , it does not come with a USB lead . There was also no UK type power lead included , only a Euro-style one.
However both the USB lead and power socket are standard types and you'll probably find the ones off your previous printer will fit. Mine did.
The only problem I have had so far is that the paper doesn't feed in every time which is cured by pulling the paper loading tray out and pushing it back in again.
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on 12 December 2014
Forty minutes to print a simple 20 side document in black and white. Telling me that the paper tray is empty every other page when it isn't. Cancelling print jobs mid-way through because it is out of paper - even when it isn't. Telling me that the printer is switched off when it isn't and that it isn't connected to the wi-fi when it is. As you might have gathered, I have found using this printer an enormously frustrating experience, which is a shame because when it finally does get around to printing the quality is good.
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on 27 January 2015
What an absolute catastrophe of a printer: doesn't work half the time (any machine you try to print off from will not detect the thing at all even after turning it off, re-entering the wireless settings, resetting your wifi hub, everything under the sun), when it does you have to jitter the paper tray around before it decides to print. Awful, avoid it like you would a bullet.
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