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on 1 October 2017
Prior to buying this set I had somewhat carelessly chosen a set containing series 1-3, thinking that I could just buy further sets from the same publisher. However I couldn't find series 4 and onwards so decided to cut my losses and buy this all-in-one "definitive collection" set. Compared with the first purchase, which had clear sharp pictures, this so-called definitive collection is of rather less good image quality. Colour vales are a bit coarse and you're very aware of watching something that's been shot on 16 mm film. I don't know what remastering process the first set had been through, but it's a shame this "definitive collection" wasn't made with the same level of care and expertise.
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on 26 February 2018
If you buy this box, you probably know or seen Hercule Poirot before, so im gonna put the quality part first and my thoguhts on the series after.

The Box looks from the distance nice, but its only a paper cover. Inside there is 2 boxes, wich seems fine but the way the disc are putted in is so unhandy, on each side there is 4 disc (2 on eachother), its a mess to get for example your disc 4 out and then put it back in order, im not a fan of that design special when your dealing with so many disc that pretty much looks identical.
Then we have sound quality, its fine you can clearly hear what they say and it doesnt sound like it was from the early 90`s, but i personally had to have English subtitles on (wich every episode has) to understand better, since im not from an English speaking country.
The Video was ok, the seasons up till 2000 had a problem with dark scenes, it would glitter from black to a little lighter black, it is annoying if you notice it, but you will get use to it. Then we come to the episodes from 2008< not all but most of them had a really annoying glow on everything that was light, it could be a spoon, a window or even a person that glows and that is really really annoying, special if you wear glasses (like me), beacuse it feels like your glasses are dirty/greasy. Else no problems, i really like the darker look the series get in some few episodes.
The Extra is so nice to watch, its so rarely to see any extra material on tv series like this, i really enjoyed the journey with David on the todays Orient Express and the documentary were you follow him at the last shooting of the serie, he also visit Agatha Christies house and talks about Poirot.

So my thoughts on the series, i have never seen an episode before i bought this box, but i have seen some of the movies with Albert Finney and Peter Ustinov i liked the stories, Poirot and the hole murder mystery where you can play with your own grey cells and try to guess who did it?
I am not a big fan of the smaller episodes because its not enough time for you to guess with Poirot, but later on i missed the shorter episodes because suddenly we didnt see much to Captain Hastings, inspector Japp and charming details so we know the period, like when the play Monopoly, talking about food, war and so on, for not to mention the intro is gone.
The longer episodes are still the best, even thought i didnt like all the new characters we had to meet every time, when they could have brought Hastings, Japp or even Miss Lemon back so good and strong characters, but instead we ge tthe same setup (A blond maybe 2, 1 brunette, 1 old lady, 2 charming men, 2 old men, and 2 staff), and then there is always so many side plots that revealed at the end that salways the same, 2 love eachother (probably 1 is married or jelous), then there is thoose who just wanted the money, and then someone who just wanted some revenge from long time ago. Its easy to guess when you binge watching it like i did, but i still enjoyed it.
David Suchet is Hercule Poirot, no doubt, even if he hadnt played the role for more than 25 years. My favorite episode is "Murder on the orient express", i liked the movie from the 70`s but this one just starts and end perfect, thanks to Davids acting you can really feel Poirots struggle, thats also why the last episode "The Last Curtain" is such a strong finale and satisfaction ending special for a tv series that had runned for so long.
I used a month watching the hole series, what a travel and experience to watch, there were some few episodes that was a little boring and hard to watch to the end, so i guess i should have watched it a little slower and enjoyed it that way instead. I bought the box for 50 pound and it was definitely worth it.
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on 1 January 2018
Great set. Very compact way of storing the whole collection. There is a list of film titles on the box, and also on each disc, so easy to find the film you want. I love these Poirot films, and watch them over and over again.
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on 2 March 2018
The actual dvds are fine with wonderful actors and production but the packaging is dreadful. The outside sleeve is too weak to hold 2 big DVD plastic cases and the actual DVD holders inside are a work of art - but unfortunately not a very good one. I've bought box sets before and the DVDs have always been in separate cases - these come in 1 case with 2 spindles either side which makes it very hard to get a dvd out or replace it!
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on 4 May 2015
Really enjoyable and can be appreciated over and again. The story 'Curtain' is absolutely fantastic and unexpected! David Suchet and the regular team are great. If you love dogs, check out Dumb Witness, just to go gooey over the super-cute 'M.Bob'. I also love seeing the fashions of the time and the overall production.The dvds are tightly packed, but the price is fair and it is a real treat.
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on 23 November 2017
What more can be said on the Suchet's Poirot...? All have been said.
Excellent stories, excellent actor, excellent direction.
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on 6 March 2018
what a joy to watch again Poirot; I saw most of the episodes when my children were still at home, it used to be our "sleuthing" evening! Excellent acting, costumes, a sense of humour, all perfect for me.
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on 18 January 2016
I would have given 5 stars for this collection if it were not for the fact that each disc carries the piracy warning which cannot be skipped. Also some of the discs are very difficult to extract from the plastic holder, particularly those that are layered one on top of another! Other than that, David Suchet portrays Poirot to perfection and each episode is a joy to watch.
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on 14 February 2016
Bought as a gift for the wife, she is a HUGE Poirot fan and we were always going back and rewatching them online. Decided to splash out and get these as a gift. The box itself doesn't seem too big but once you open it you are faced with two almost book like cases full of discs. Nice packaging on both the cases and box itself. You could keep these on a shelf without the box as the cases are nice.
Well worth the money for almost 35 'tv movies.'
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on 20 September 2014
Collection is absolutely great but it has few minor issues. At least first episodes are not digitally remastered and quality is quite poor. Watchable but like looking and old VHS film. Good VHS but still not as high quality we are used to nowdays. Another issue is that it does not have subtitles in any other language. Particulary in Finnish in my case. Nevertheless, hours and hours of enjoyable moments with these.
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