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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Night Breaker Unlimited|Size: Duo Box|Change
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 3 November 2013
Let me start off by saying that having used them on our last two cars, I'm a huge fan of the Osram Night Breaker Plus 64150NBP H1 12V 55W Twin Pack of Headlight Bulbs - they really do make the standard OEM bulbs look like candles, without blinding oncoming traffic.

I recently took ownership of a new car and was once again amazed at how dim the OEM headlights are!

With winter well on it's way, I logged onto Amazon to order a replacement set of the usual NightBreaker Plus bulbs. While I was looking for the correct model (H1), I stumbled across these NightBreaker Unlimited bulbs.

They are a little more costly than the "Plus" bulbs I was looking for, but figured I'd take a chance, thinking that as long as they were as good as the "Plus" version, they would still be infinitely better than the standard bulbs; and money well spent.

Well, they arrived (very quickly) and I had them installed in minutes (check your car's manual for details of how to change the bulbs) - I couldn't resist flicking the lights on after swapping out the first of the bulbs to see if the difference was noticeable as I was expecting. It was!

With the second bulb in, it was time for the road test.

These things are bright! VERY bright! They seem to light up the road for miles! Street signs become visible way before there are readable and the cats-eyes light up like a runway!

I can't with any certainty say whether these are brighter than the slightly cheaper "Plus" version, but I like to believe that they are (if for no other reason than to justify the added cost!)

I'm also not able to comment on the longevity of them, however if they are anything like the "Plus" version, they will last at least the next two years - I'll update this review if they pop before then.

In short, I you are looking for something (legal) to throw (significantly) more light on the road, particularly over the winter months, look no further!

I have also since replaced both the park lights and the main (dipped) beams with:
Osram Cool Blue Intense 2825HCBI-02B W5W 12V 5W Twin Blister Pack
New Osram H7 Night Breaker Unlimited with up to +110% more light, 64210NBU-02B 12V 55W, Twin Blister of Headlight Bulbs
respectively - couldn't be happier!
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on 27 January 2016
Brightest head light I've ever had. Used these in my BMW and now in my Renault Scenic. Just be aware that on coming traffic likes to flash you as they think you have full beam on but you don't, you just have very high quality bright lights. Recommend for anyone that drives at night.
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on 1 December 2013
I have used Osram bulbs as I find them brighter than the Phillips bulbs. Having been impressed with the Osram Night Breaker H1 in the past which lasted 12 months, I thought I would give the Unlimited bulbs a try, not initially very impressed as did not seem to provide the length of beam I had been used to in the past, especially on country roads which I use a lot. Okay round town, provides a nice whiteish light at the kerb which is great. Major disappointment at this 3 month point. Both bulbs failed within a day of each other - I appreciate the Burn Brighter - Less Life ethic but this is extremely poor, not to even last through the darks nights. I was hoping for 6 months before failing - I will stay with Osram as a brand but will stear clear of these in the future.
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Long life bulbs v Super bright?

It is true that you can buy these bulbs in different guises, many people opt for the super bright versions that do sometimes have a stronger whiter or bluer clarity. Unfortunately the brighter bulbs tend to follow the old saying 'the flame that burns twice as bright burns for half as long'. Not to mention their susceptibility to being knocked out by a jarring pothole. They are still only 55W bulbs in any case so don't actually give out 'more' light.

To change my bulbs I have to remove both headlights, while this generally takes only around 15/20 minutes to change both bulbs it risks scratching the paintwork on the bumper, accidental dropping of the headlight and realising you have lost the special star drive bit for the screw head to put them back in again.

So a bulb that will not need changing for a long time and that will survive the odd pot hole whilst still giving out 55W on full beam is very appealing.

It supplements my HID lights and the beam is bright and defined. If you want to spend three to four times more on a fancy bulb that has the same light output but a fraction of the lifespanthen so be it.

However you'd not be going wrong buying these.
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on 20 February 2015
Really pleased with these bulbs - I already had the H7 dipped beam units and they worked so well that I forked out for the H1 main beams too. The light output and whiteness of these bulbs is very impressive. I'm also impressed with the honest admittance on the packaging that these high output bulbs don't last as long as the standard ones - you pays your money and takes your choice, but you are at least warned.
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on 7 May 2015
The horrible yellow colour of the standard bulbs on my Ford Focus ST170 were starting to annoy me, so I bought the whole OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited set (H1's, H7's, and the 501 sidelights) for under £30 to upgrade, and I gotta say these are great value for money! They aren't quite as bright as they state, they're about 20-30% brighter but they do give off that lovely white xenon colour which looks stunning!
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on 4 February 2016
Not significantly brighter than my old regular Osram H1 bulbs which have lasted 3 years, Osram itself puts these at having about half the life expectancy of regular bulbs. So In my Renault Clio these cost 3 times as much for no more light output.

Your headlight topology may mean you get better results.
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on 21 May 2016
OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED H1, halogen-headlamp bulb, 64150NBU-HCB, 12V, duo box (Pack of 2)Noticibly brighter on my Citroen C4 which has good headlight anyway but I didn't find that they lasted. I fitted them as a pair and they lasted 3 months before the first failed. I refitted the previous good bulb and then the second Osram failed a month or so later. I went back to Lucas bulbs which usually lasted 6 months to a year but aren't so bright. Worth considering if your bulbs are easy to change at night in the rain but not if you need to take a wheel off to get in there.

Good points - Bright. reasonable price for a H4 bulb. Supplied in strong plastic storage case.
Bad points - Didn't last long in my car.
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on 14 May 2016
I have used the OSRAM Night breaker bulb range for many years as they vastly improve any vehicles headlights just as it says on the packaging I have never been let down by these bulbs.

A fantastic alternative without breaking the law...
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on 20 November 2015
I have used these before. I buy them because they give more light than an standard H1 halogen bulb and the difference can be seen on the road, where it counts. There are brighter bulbs available but they give off more heat and I don't want to risk them damaging/discolouring the plastic headlight covers my car uses.
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