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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 2 September 2013
For what it's worth, the following is a review of the July gig of The Temperance Movement in Exeter where amongst other comments I observe how much I'd like to hear a live recording [as I'm sure many have felt lucky enough to see them live]. And now we have one - only three tracks, including 'Chinese Lanterns', but getting there:

There's a scene in the recent Eagles documentary where a key point in the band's rise to stardom is plotted as the moment producer Glyn Jones heard them singing a cappella harmony and decided that this was the sound to define them as a band. Up to that point he hadn't been overly keen on their rock aspirations, and the fact they never became an ostensibly rock band is apparently a fact Glenn Frey and Don Henley rue to this day.

At tonight's outstanding The Temperance Movement gig at the Cavern , Exeter, there was a moment where the band went `off mic' to sing their song 'Chinese Lanterns' and the five part [with one guitar] a cappella harmony was as exquisite as anything the Eagles can do, and yet this occurred within the context of the band's absolutely stonking rock-core performance. Indeed, the band happily cited influences such as Little Feet, The Allman Brothers and The Rolling Stones - and my goodness they have the credentials and talent to write and perform songs bearing those influences with panache - and yet I also heard the harmonies of the Eagles and America to name but two obvious echoes.

I had wondered before hearing them live if there would be a guitar focus too. Their excellent EP 'Pride' obviously features the fine work of Luke Potashnick and Paul Sayer, but not the kind of soloing you might get played live. I'm still buzzing with the delight to observe that the band's individual and dual guitar work is stunning. There was plenty of slide as well as sharp playing from both, but on the slow number 'Smouldering', Luke and Paul played an extended and deeply layered guitar duet that reminded of the very best of the past when such breaks were expected as well as lauded from the great rock bands of the 60s/70s.

Fronted by Glaswegian `spokesperson' [his jest], but more importantly exceptional vocalist Phil Campbell, The Temperance Movement played a stunning set in, as Paul rightly described it, the `classic' small but atmospheric Cavern venue where such a performance resonates because of that size but also the history and vibe inherent in such an environment. Campbell's singing is itself `classic' when heard on record/cd, but he can certainly deliver and sustain this live, moving effortlessly and emotively between ballads and rock stormers. Nick Fyffe's bass and Damon Wilson's drumming are integral parts of the consummate tightness of the band as a whole, and as already stated, all members can and do contribute beautiful vocal harmonising.

They certainly deserve their own much bigger stardom and success in the near future. With their first album due out in September, and the continued support of Planet Rock, one would hope this will happen. I certainly feel the retro-rock tag is inappropriate for The Temperance Movement who displayed for me in this gig more breadth and sense of self than that label can embrace. As I said, the band seems content with and enthused by the influences that shape their sound, accepting the lineage and its roots.

And if I could exploit that sense of being rooted, to a degree, in the past, I'd urge them to bring out a live album as soon as possible! Having invoked The Allman Brothers Band who brought out At Filmore East three years into their career, perhaps TTM could resurrect this once quite common tradition from rock's heyday. I'd certainly love to have a recording of tonight's gig or similar as it was one of the best I have attended in a long time of enjoying live music.
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on 8 September 2013
If you like this taster EP, you must see this band live. They are amazing. I saw them perform Chinese Lanterns at a gig in Liverpool. They did an acappella part in the middle of the song and the harmonies were outstanding and sent shivers down the spine - the sign of a great band - pure musical genius. "Only friend" is the best new song this year in my opinion. "Midnight Black" sums up the energy, drive and good old rock and roll feel that is interspersed in their material. If you do nothing else this year, get out and see these guys live. It will restore your faith in all that is fresh and exciting about British music at a time when purile digitised pop seems to be the only thing coming out of the radio. Cant wait for the album release this month. Wishing you all the success you deserve guys....
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on 15 September 2013
If you've experienced this band live and enjoyed their 'Pride' E.P.; this 'Live-takes In a studio' E.P. will keep you happy while you wait for their debut album. It has a slightly different version of 'Only Friend' from 'Pride', bundled with a gloriously frantic version of 'Midnight Black' and a seductively sensitive take of 'Chinese Lanterns'.
All these tracks are gonna be available on the debut album, but these versions are worth grabbing for their immediate live-ish feel.
Many shallow people may say that this bluesy-rock stuff has all been done before, but who cares when these young guys do it so well right now? Afterall, classic orchestral and folk music keep on being played and re-interpreted long after the original formats were perfected, so why not rock? All Music is about enjoyment & entertainment, and these fine musicians obviously enjoy what they do and want to entertain you. Have fun,....
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on 2 September 2013
This free ep is just a great way to find out about a great new bluesy rock rock band. The 3 songs here 2 from the new album and one from the first EP are delivered with power style and real talent. If this band does not get some real success then there is no justice and the music world is doomed!
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on 30 September 2013
This band are awesome live and they are really nice guys to boot. This sampler gives a great introduction to the band, Midnight Black is an absolute rock classic, Only friend from the Pride EP is another killer track and as for Chinese Lanterns, sublime and yes they really do sound this good! Seen them 4 times since they supported Little Angels, I have never seen a support band pick up the audience and carry them to rock heaven as well these guys, now they are out headlining their own tour they are proving they are one of the best live acts this country has to offer. ITS FREE - DOWNLOAD IT NOW! WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? If you like this you have to buy the debut album, then get out and support them on tour!
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on 18 September 2013
Great band! although I was familiar with the material on this EP its a true rendition of what the band sound like live at a gig just without the atmosphere Phil and the boys create on stage, which must be seen live to appreciate. Great taster EP for those who are unfamiliar with the Movement (what the hell are you waiting for, get this!) but would also recommend this to any fan of the band to have in their music collection! More please Temperance Movement!
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on 18 January 2014
They sound amazing live. If you havent heard them, just go on youtube and have a listen. You will end up buying the album i guarantee it.
This band work well together, and you can tell they gel in the way they play. They are tight and its one of the best albums i have bought in a very long time. Im going to see them in May this year as i missed them in Bristol last year. I cannot wait.....
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on 2 September 2013
Without a doubt the best new rock band I've heard in ages. Been following the boys since they put out the 'Pride' EP and they just keep getting better and better

'Chinese Lanterns' sends shivers down the spine, especially when they do it live. and live is where the band excel, I've seen them three times this year and trust me, they are incredible in a live setting.

'Only Friend' and 'Midnight Black' are instant classic anthems - when played live, the whole crowd singing the words is a wonderful sight to behold

These guys are going to be massive - can't wait for the album, which I'm sure will be justify the hype.

In short, if you don't know the Temperance Movement then get busy - this is the rock band you've been waiting for!
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on 1 October 2013
Props to these guys for taking the time to record and release a live in session set for Amazon,and then releasing it for free. FREE!

They picked three good songs, two which don't appear on the EP and their biggest hit from it, so a nice mix. The production quality is good and Phil's voice is at it's rawest and most rugged best.

This whole release was a very pleasant surprise.
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on 15 March 2014
The Temperance Movement are a band that really ought to go places. The best new band I have heard in several years. Their eponymous first full album is a 5* opener - great rock tracks with soul, funk, emotion, wonderful musicianship and generally everything your ears could ask for.

As with any new band, the same selection of tracks is doing the rounds in different formats. This EP has three of the numbers from the album in live session, each with a twist on the studio version. In my opinion, none quite match the album itself which is why only 4 stars in the review, but this is an excellent taster for a very talented bunch of funky chickens. And at £0.79, you can't really go wrong!!
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