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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: GO 5000 EU - 5 inch|Change
Price:£219.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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Review for TomTom Go 5000. Aside from the screen size and always on connection I believe the experience will be the same across all recent TomTom devices.

I've been using TomTom for years in the form of a TomTom Go 530 and decided it was time for an upgrade. So far I've been pleased with the new unit. The interface has been massively redesigned compared to my old unit and I think it's better for it; even after owning it for years I could never find what I wanted in menus of the 530.

Setup was easy enough and I've made a few trips, long and short, with it.

I like:

- Automatic traffic updates
- Fast route calculation / recalculation if you make a wrong turn
- Pinch to zoom
- Stripped back interface
- Voice reads out names better than any other I've tried
- Quick and easy to find parking and petrol

I dislike:

- Search sometimes feels a bit slow to pull up results
- Can be slow in giving instructions sometimes, asking me to turn after I've passed the junction
- Even with the traffic information I've not actually been shown alternative routes on the small number of trips I've taken
- Updating took hours and the first time it failed (using Chrome) and wiped all maps from the unit, after looking online I installed Java and used Firefox and the unit was correctly updated

This unit comes with an always on connection so you don't need to worry about setting the time or getting traffic updates via your mobile. I opted for this as a few different (non technical) people will be using the unit and it makes it much easier than having to explain bluetooth to each person. If you are interested in traffic updates but don't want to pay for the always on connection I'm sure you'll be happy with the 500 or 400 which come in much cheaper than the 5000.

So far I'm happy with the unit, it just takes a bit of getting use to if you're a user of older TomToms.
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on 16 August 2013
I was really excited to order this unit as a birthday present to myself but it turned out to be absolutely awful. I have previously owned three other Tom Toms so I like the brand and every one has been better than the last. NOT with this Go 6000, the supposed flagship unit.

When you open the box the screen is impressive and the magnetic clip mount is terrific. The problem is the info screen. No longer can you look at the screen and know what the current time is. It only displays the arrival time in a single column on the right. I preferred the old styling where all your info easily to hand at the bottom.

On turning on the unit on my first journey the unit took ages to get a GPS fix. Then the voice didn't kick in for even longer and overall it was a poor start but I carried on. The info display is so awful that I took the wrong turning twice within one short and incredibly frustrating journey lasting no more than 10mins. I pulled over to the side of the road got out the trusty Tom Tom Go 9500 unit and vowed never to use one of these again.

I felt compelled to write a review because the unit is so awful Tom Tom should be ashamed, pull it and redo the software display ASAP or just suffer the embarrassment of bad review after bad review. Take heed...avoid at all costs.
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on 11 October 2013
If you are considering buying a Tom Tom sat nav this one is OK, it does have a larger screen but first consider the TomTom 1005 which has far more facilities, the 6000 is very basic compared to the 1005.
I bought the 6000 because of the lager screen, but it doesn't automatically divert you 'round traffic jams connect to your mobile to make phone calls, it is also not so easy to plan stop off's on your journey.
To be honest I would/should have kept my 1005 and might even sell this and get another 1005.
The only plus on the 6000 is lifetime maps which you pay for on the 1005!
Tom Tom have now updated the software for the 6000 and now the 6000 is worth every penny!
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on 4 November 2013
I decided to buy this devise thinking i could do without the numerous features lost from my via live 120 because of the free map updates and free live services. I discovered one major fault which no-one else seems to have mentioned which caussed me to return the poxy thing. The indicator which shows you which direction to go in at the next roundabout, junction etc which used to be at the bottom of the screen on my old device is now at the top. This sits plumb over the road that you're on and when navigating in heavy traffic in say London when you're not sure which lane to be in on approach to a roundabout you simply can't see the road ahead to decide until it's too late. The only way to rectify this is to lean forward and zoom out the screen view which duely zooms back in again as soon as you reach a roundabout/ intersection etc. For this reason alone I found it unusable in busy cities when you're not sure of your lane positioning..... which is pretty much why i own one of these things in the first place!!!!
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on 26 May 2014
I am using essex -london route every morning and the live traffic doesn't work at least half of the time- and it does not matter where i am. Very slow as it takes about 45 secs to 1 min to find address- slower than the last model!! It can freeze up to 4 times in just 1 hour. No 'find alternative route' option - which is a pain when you're stuck in a traffic! No option to stop the satnav directing you through the congestion charge. The 'favourite' icon covers most of the area on the map blocking the view on traffic updates. The car icon-cursor, does not follow your route in real time but it has a slight delay. Plus many more - very disappointing. I've used tomtom for the last 10 years and this newest and quite expensive model is by far the worst I bought. Waste of money!!!! Wish I had listened to the previous reviewers who pointed out that it is a very week model!!!
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on 19 August 2013
When I received my Go 6000 Europe I felt really disappointed. I was driving from London to the wilds of the Highlands and I wanted to enter my destination location using Longitude and Latitude coordinates which I could do on my Go 950 Live. But the 6000 has no Long/Lat capability (how is this even possible, really?). I spent a fair bit of time locating my destination on google maps using my hosts' directions and then on the Go 6000 map. I saved that location to "My Places" (favourites). Another annoyance/disappointment is that my 950's extra memory card map of North America won't work in the 6K as the maps/cards are device specific. I was ready to return the 6000 for a refund.

Then I drove to Scotland with it. Nine hours. The device was actually wonderful - and I really took some convincing. The route finding was fast; the timing punctual to the minute (mine seems to show both arrival time and miles concurrently - current time would be nice). It even found a last minute B-road re-routing through Glasgow suburbs to avoid traffic on the motorway. I am not sure it saved a great deal of time, but I know I was happier than chugging along in the traffic. The display is clear. The traffic incident reporting is very good. When reporting traffic incidents the display shows some information in a tiny red typeface that neither I, as the driver, nor my wife could read. I wonder what it said?

Even without the Long/Lat and the No. Am. map (not available yet, evidently), I am keeping the device. And the support via email and phone is excellent. I have almost always found this to be the case with TomTom. With the Go 6k, the woman with whom I corresponded kept responding to my mails about missing features and my disappointments and said that she had passed my comments to the appropriate TT team. She did mention though that if Long/Lat was introduced, it would not be available by software update which I guess means that early adopters are out of luck - unless it is a firmware update which we can get via MyTomTom. If not that would be a real shame.
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on 9 August 2014
I have used many other navigation systems including the older devices from TomTom, but a few months ago I got this new TomTom Go 5000 device, and I must say that it's the best one I ever had.
1) First of all the all new design and the ducking system is very easily to use you can take off the device in a split second, very good touch screen also the microphone of the device is very clear you can easily hear the voice in the whole car so the people in the back can enjoy with you, it will also help you to keep awake while driving at night.
2) And also the whole operating system has been upgraded to a absolute high standard, nice colours and voices and many furthers.
3) I would also say that the map design is much better than all other devices I ever had.
4) And I must say that the traffic updates I got on this device is very accurate it will take you the fastest way to your destination, it will show you how long every traffic queue is, and even if you decide not to take the fastest way you will not get nervous because you will know how long the queue is. and all this without any extra charge, LIFETIME....
5) The POI search works with the web, so you can easily find POI near you even if it is not saved in the device it-self.
6) Life-time upgrades to the maps for no extra charge.
7) The only thing they will charge is for Speed Cameras, and that also for a very suitable price £20 per year.
So from my view - after using it for about 9 Months - if you thing to buy any Navigation System you should buy this one, the price they asking is worth because all I have explained above.
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on 6 September 2013
TomTom GO 6000 Europe

Usual good service from Amazon and a nice looking device. However, like other reviewers, I was disappointed in the removal of features that I have relied upon. I was prepared to put up with only one map style, but when I discovered I could not use 2-D map view with North-Up I repackaged the device and returned it. I did check with TomTom but they confirmed they removed this option, saying that other devices dont have it (they do - My TomTom 1005 does, CoPilot does, everyone does apart from this device).

It is such a fundamental option that I find it incredible that they chose to remove it. I know not everyone uses this, but I have been used to navigating from a real map for years, where North is naturally "Up" so it is far more comfortable for me to use this.

I do believe TomTom are quiet arrogant and dont listen to customers - it took them over a year to get My TomTom working as well as TomTom Home, which also took some time before it worked properly. They do have the best navigation and Live Services is very good, but dont buy this device unless you are OK with losing a lot of features.
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on 27 June 2015
I use my TomTom daily for work and for leisure at the weekend. Sometimes it finds me the way to somewhere I don't know a route for but mostly I use it to keep me out of the worst of the traffic travelling into, out of and around London. There are a lot of reviews for the Go 5/6000, some of them quite old and out of date as they negatively report issues that have subsequently been corrected with software updates. I have been a TomTom user for seven of eight years now and am happy overall with this model. Let's bust some myths in other reviews:
1) "[update system] keeps prompting for updates of no importance, but you can't tell if they are important" - you can now view updates prior to installation and choose what to update.
2) "The inability to load your own POIs is also a major annoyance," - not any more. POIs can now be updated using the web interface
3) "[It lacks] A 'go home' facility, ideally one click." - now added
4) "The traffic info is not always accurate. I have occasionally found myself in a huge traffic jam" - 'twas ever thus with TomTom and I have had to wait for 25 minutes on one occasion for a connection to the traffic servers BUT that was very much a one-off and connection is more reliable generally than my old XL Live and re-routing quick and effective
5) "There is no way to backup your 'My Places'" - there is now.
6) "there is no user manual readily available" - I haven't bought any consumer electronics in the last 5 years that had a user manual anywhere other than online. TomTom is no different in this respect.
7) "You cannot avoid closed or blocked roads as in previous models" - agreed, a serious omission - or at least it was until it was added back in. Now available.

There are some genuine and reasonable gripes, however:
1) "For every TomTom satnav you own you have to register with a different email address" - True and daft. There must be a better way to manage product registration than this. Seemingly, though, it eludes the great developer minds at TomTom. It's not that setting up a new e-mail address is difficult, it's just that it shouldn't be necessary.
2) "the web-based system for [updating] it isn't remotely up to the standard of the device itself." - Whilst it has been improved since this review was written, device upgrades are definitely the weakest link in this model's performance.
3) "Also missing is the ability to change the colour scheme to any but the few built in schemes and the ability to change the location indicator from the standard arrowhead" - It's not that there's anything wrong with the colour schemes that the device comes with it's just that I had customised them on my old TomTom and I'm not allowed to any more. No fair!
4) The device doesn't receive traffic info whilst plugged into a computer so if you're used to having it on your desk and keeping an eye on the screen so you know when to leave for an appointment, you'll have to get used to planning your route on the TomTom MyDrive website and keeping an eye on that instead.

That third gripe is the tip of the iceberg of the biggest issue with this model (these models, I think as this probably applies to most of the X00, X10, X000 and X100 models). That is that whereas older, discontinued, TomTom models used to interact with your computer as a media or storage device, which made customising and updating quick and relatively simple, this model represents itself to your computer as a network device - an additional 'router', if you will. "So what", you may ask, "what do I care if it gets the job done." and that would be fair if it did but this change, a product, I suspect, of TomTom trying to keep their proprietorial maps and software away from the tinkering fingers of legitimate, paying users, causes no end of issues. The TomTom forums are awash with problems with connection and updates and the c|net website legitimately asks, "what's the point of lifetime updates if each update takes a lifetime?" For me (but not necessarily for you) the repeated failed update problems were cause because the TomTom device represented itself to my Windows 7 computer as a 'Public Network' and as a result was the subject of fierce Windows Firewall restrictions. Once I had worked this out, delved into advanced settings that I didn't previously know my computer had and told it to loosen-up a bit, the update worked.

There's much to like about this TomTom - the screen is large and clear, the routing is really good, the traffic system is accurate and only very rarely unavailable, the windscreen mount is much improved and I could go on. All the essentials are here and work well. There are a couple of absent nice-to-haves but don't let them put you off. The addition of lifetime maps and traffic more than justify the higher price. The only real let-down is the poor computer interface and update process and lack of useful support for this. Thankfully, a vocal and active forum community mean that TomTom's own paper-thin support is rarely a problem.
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on 8 August 2013
The 6 inch sat nav is HUGE and looks amazing, but I had problems connecting the 2nd and the subsequent times.
I couldn't link my old tomtom account to my new one, it just hang for 20 minutes, then said error time after time afterwards.
The manual is now online only and the link via mytomtom webpage is broken.
I like the feature where you select a cross road and it shows them all on the screen on a map rather than just the names of streets.
I love tomtom and will have to keep my current one, cant get on with this at all.
I tried garmin but their traffic was awful not sure if it has been updated yet but the tomtom is amazing for traffic.
But come on, no voice commands and no hands free?
Why promote these on other tomtoms saying these are amazing features for safety and then remove them in your new flagship device.
Its okay but you have been warned
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