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on 21 September 2016
Bought one of these after trying to apply one of my girlfriend's "3 for £5" screen protectors which seemed to be thin, flexible plastic. The cheap protectors are a pain to get in place in the correct position, without bubbles, but the Anker screen protector is not like this at all. It is a rigid glass screen which is slightly flexible, and very hard-wearing. Application is easy, and it's easy to reposition if you don't get it right the first time. As it's rigid glass it's much easier to apply without getting air bubbles under it in the first place.

I work in a joinery workshop with lots of sharp blades around and, having let curiosity get the better of me, I have tested the screen for how hard it is to scratch with various cutting tools by scratching on the part around the edges (not over the screen display!). First I tried with a standard Stanley blade - initially I tried a bit gingerly as I wasn't sure how easily it would scratch, but it turns out that even pressing quite hard I could not get if to make a mark! I've also tried with a tungsten-carbide router cutter, and although these did scratch the glass (as it's a harder material), it still required quite a lot of effort and pressing quite hard.

In actual normal use, I have had this installed on my phone for 6 months or so and there are no visible marks or scratches on the screen, except for the one I made on purpose!

UPDATE: Dropped my phone on its face on a hard floor, picked it up and saw a crack and thought "oh @#%£!". Went to take the screen protector off and realised that it was just the protector that had cracked, while the screen itself was saved. I've now bought a second one of these to find that they have improved the application method by adding some "hinge stickers" - make sure you search for "Anker screen protector how to apply" and find the helpful video. The new fitting method means you basically can't put it in the wrong place. Absolutely happy with this product and would give it 6 stars if I could. Excellent value, quality, and real-life-tested performance.
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on 20 September 2017
I had previously thought this was a good screen protector. Unlike the previous ones I had used, this one is glass which means it doesn't distort the retina screen of the iPhone. It is a lot thicker than the non-glass alternatives but you get used to this after a while. However, it lasted just under a year before shattering whilst still stuck to my phone screen. There are now large glass cracks across the front and many chips along the sides, all of which seem quite dangerous to be touching on a daily basis and putting near my face. I'm now having to find a replacement and unsure of how I will safely remove the shattered glass... A much bigger pain to remove than the non-glass protectors.

EDIT: Anker kindly contacted me after seeing my review and offered to send me a replacement which I accepted. Excellent customer service and quick responses to emails. I installed it yesterday, hopefully this screen protector will not crack.
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on 19 August 2017
UPDATE SEPT 2017 - as ever I have received exceptional customer service from Anker Direct! They found my review and contacted me to send out a replacement - I didn't request it - they just did it and I am really impressed.

I will always purchase from them in the future as this is not the first time they have sent replacements - I cannot fault their customer service - thank you.

Original review:

I only fitted this a couple of weeks ago - it was a replacement for the same one that I had used for a while, but cracked when the repairers had to replace my keypad and screen.

There are several deep scratches that have appeared - I suspect that one of these scratches may actually be a crack, only time will tell. But the first one I had didn't have a scratch on if after 4 months of use.
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on 10 September 2016
Another quality product from anker. Think they have the most amazing and strong screen protectors. They have saved me so many screens over the last couple of years. Especially when putting keys in my pocket with my phone, the screens would have been destroyed. Really good and well packaged item comes in a lovely hard cardboard package. It comes with the screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean it before application. Application is so easy too once you have the screen cleaned you put the hinge stickers on and place the screen protector over the phone and stick them to the case of the phone, so it is in the right place once you've removed the protective backing to stick on. I've done about 10 of these anker screen protectors now for various people and they have all been perfect due to these hinge stickers.
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on 27 May 2016
Bought 2 of these for a pair of 5s iPhones. They were well packed (I like their plain brown cardboard boxes), with the glass parts separate from the tools so that they don't break when you open the bag with the other bits for installation.
Instructions were clear and installation went very smoothly. After cleaning the phone I placed the protector on the screen gently and aligned it, then let it down onto the screen and it pretty much stuck itself down with no air bubbles. Just pushed it down a little to be sure it was secure.
Perfect. Top marks. The feel is great, smooth surface with gently chamfered edges and the clarity is excellent.
As far as warranty is concerned, I would call their customer service people if anything went wrong. I have quite a few Anker products and have had no problems with any of them.
I have no experience with breakage yet, so I don't know how well they perform there, but others here seem to say that they work.
I would definitely buy these again.
(This review is of products that I bought myself at full price - no freebies)
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on 9 April 2016
Update: 30/04/16

A representative for Anker contacted me via email on the 11th of April after seeing my review and offered me a free replacement for this item(with free shipping as well). The replacement had no issues at all and I am updating this review to reflect that and also to point out their excellent customer service in this area. I was very surprised and impressed that they contacted me about this and also that they offered to replace it for free as I was just going to buy another one at some point. The representative was very polite and helpful and even followed up with me to make sure the replacement had arrived and worked well. I am adjusting my review to give them 5 stars as my issue was addressed and resolved by their customer service team and as my only concern previously was due to receiving a faulty product and they have replaced my item, I no longer have any concerns.

Original review is below:

It comes with a kit of things to help apply it, was very simple to apply and remove and the wipe and dust sticker are a great idea(applied it on the first try with no dust/fibres trapped underneath as a result). The protector seems tough and is the right size and a good fit for the phone(iPhone SE).

Unfortunately, there were a couple of very very tiny speckle marks on the sticky side that showed up when the phone was turned back on and the top right corner would not stick to the screen. After peeling it off again, it seems there's a bit of roughness at that edge that may be preventing it from lying completely flat and sticking properly.

It's a shame as it seems like a quality product otherwise. If it was just the speckle marks, it would've been annoying but still usable, but the corner not sticking would allow dirt to get to the screen, leaving my phone better protected without it.
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on 4 February 2016
I bought two of these; one for my new iPhone 6 and one for my wife's iPhone 5C. She managed to fit hers without difficulty first time but I struggled to do so. I bought a second protector and had the same experience. The generous folk at Anker then offered to provide another replacement free of charge. I have just succeeded in fitting it. This is a really excellent piece of kit. I have no doubt that it will protect the screens of our phones from any reasonable impact / scratching. However, it does require care and precision to fit properly. I recommend that you remove the phone from its case before fitting the protector. It is also essential to ensure that the screen is scrupulously clean before you start: any scrap of dust will show up. So long as you take it steadily and make sure that the positioning of the protector is accurate before you attempt to stick it in place, all should be well.
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on 29 June 2016
I have had a couple of these for different models of phones after a tempered glass cover being recommended by someone from apple. They didn't give a brand name but after reading reviews I chose Anker.

The new version is cleverly designed and very easy to apply and I haven't had any problems with air bubbles or alignment using the new method (with the tabs and adhesive 'back' label), so you make a hinge and position and then flip it over once you have removed the backing film. Once it's in place you can't tell there is anything there.

More importantly it actually works. This is a replacement for my original one which chipped, leaving the phone screen unharmed, after dropping my phone face down on hard gravel. Judging from previous experience this would have chipped or cracked the actual phone screen instead. So I am very grateful and wouldn't be without one now.
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on 4 August 2017
Difficult to control the application. Unable to remove air bubbles from between protector and screen.
May I add to this that the seller kindly, and without any legal reason, supplied me with a second screen protector free of charge. Because of a problem with one hand I continued to encounter difficulties and similar air bubble problems followed. Without prompting the seller has refunded the purchase price in full. This leads me to recommend the seller as totally honest and caring. If you are able bodied with unrestricted use of both hands, whilst tricky to put the protector on you would succeed.
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on 2 April 2017
I have relied on this screen protector for 3 years and have replaced with this same protector a couple of times since my original purchase.

Firstly, the packaging is great!! It comes with wipes to clean your screen and a soft cloth to dry it, tape to lift off any dust, the protector itself (with handy tabs already stuck on to help you position it easily) and a rigid card to help smooth bubbles out.

It was worth paying more than the cheap crap out there to get something that actually protects your phone. I have dropped mine a few times (hence me replacing it a couple of times over the years) and my phone has never been damaged. I do use the protector in conjunction with a thin case but I can attest that without the protector, I'm sure my screeen would have been cracked by now.

Well worth the price and I fully recommend this product
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