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on 11 December 2013
To say the same as other reviewers would not be very productive, but I do need to reiterate a few points that I have found over the 8 or 9 years I have used Norton for. 1. yes Norton is a little hungry on memory, but not as much as it use to be and it has run on every machine I have had without problem. 2. To renew with Norton is a definite no no. As another reviewer has said, it will cost you twice as much to renew the license via the Symantec renewal procedure as it does to purchase a completely new version from Amazon, why it is so much cheaper to purchase new I will never understand, but that's how it is, all you need to do is input the new license code and its up to date, that is as long as it is the same version ie 360 and you have updated your old version first. 3. Yes Norton is probably on of the best AV/Firewalls on the market, and will keep you safe plus it also provides you with an online backup service that also safely stores all your log on passwords and it will automatically fill them in for you when you go to a website when you use the "Password Vault", believe me I would be lost without it. Set up your online account, if you are a new user and everything is straight forward after that, there is online help at the click of a button, it will auto check for any faults that might arise in the program to make sure all is as it should be. A very good bit of software, but remember it can only be as good as the user lets it be, when you click "yes" to download and ignore any warnings that Norton gives then the problem is yours because you have bypassed any protection. To finish all I can say is that Norton is updated online, if you have problems and need to re install, that is done online via "My Account" so you can take the label off the box use the disc as a coaster and put one of your favourite DVDs in the box. They also look quite nice all lined up on a shelf, useless but nice. I highly recommend this product.
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on 19 February 2014
Already had Norton installed and it was due for renewal. Bought this from Amazon for half the price Norton wanted.Really easy to install and has extra features for tuning up your PC.
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on 12 March 2014
Fabulous software, sorts out all threats from virus, Spy Ware, Email, Mail Ware, Identify Theft, Etc. Also has secure 'Vault' for auto population of user names and passwords and online backup.

I was most impressed by the ease of installing this on my three machines and when i recently bought a new laptop it automatically asked me if i wanted to uninstall the Preloaded Virus Software And It did so without issue.

The interface to manage the three devices is easy to use, by removing and adding the new device.

I've used Norton for almost 15 years on 10 different platforms without a hitch and recently had to contact them and got excellent online and phone customer support with ring back etc

I would highly recommend Norton 360, but only buy from reputable suppliers as there are scammers that emulate Norton!
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on 29 April 2015
After 6 years this is the last time I will use Norton. There is a compatibility problem with some versions of windows 8.1. Two weeks after downloading Norton to my new laptop it would not boot up at all. When I contacted HP support the first question was regarding Norton as there has been a problem for some months. I was advised they could not establish which windows update is causing the problem but it was incompatible with Norton. After disabling some windows functions my lap top did work but I then spent 2 hours uninstalling & re-installing Norton from Disc on my lap top & PC as I could not get renewal on line with the product key. It should be a 20 minute job to renew a subscription. This is by no means the first year I've had problems I kept having to uninstall & reinstall throughout the last year on my PC, I'm presuming now this was due to a similar incompatibility with windows. I also lost the remaining 13 days on my old subscription which did not used to happen.
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on 27 February 2014
I have always used Norton for my PC/ laptop protection as they are the best on the market. I always used to buy Norton Internet Security 3 PC, every year as it is a lot cheaper than Norton 360, normally half the price. This year the price was very comparible for 3PC, so decided to opt for Norton 360 with the better protection.
The disc was very easy to load and install. I'm bery pleased that it not only protects my laptops from the latest virus and malware but also tunes my laptop for best performance and can backup data to any external drive too.
I did a full system scan after installing the software, it took an age to check all files but since then it has been a lot quicker to scan all files. It found many tracking cookies and cleared them from my laptop.
All my passwords and usernames were still saved on my laptop after the instal which was good as I can never remember them all. I also installed to my partners laptop with no problems.
For 3 PC protection I'm very pleased with the product so far and it hasn't slowed my laptop response and performance at all.
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on 6 August 2015
After a year of this product and i have always bought just Norton Internet security before i have had more problems with viruses and malaware on my laptop then any other time. I have always used Norton - but not this verion. Just Norton Total Internet secuity never the 360. It has malfunctioned so many times. I cannot wait until it expires in 15 days time and i have just bought Kapersyky total internet security after reading reviews from pC magazines and Which magazine. I am not sure after my experience with this product whether i would go back to Norton again. I would not recommend this product not if you value you laptop.
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on 25 August 2014
I have been using a free antivirus which has started to get bad reviews. I didn't want to risk a computer virus so I looked at a review in Computeractive magazine which gave Norton joint 1st place.
It has Anti virus and includes computer clean up software and a few other enhancements for only a few pounds more than the stand alone Norton anti-virus. For £22 I have protected my 2 computers and could cover a 3rd if I had another. Seems good value at that price. I'm confident now that I am protected. I opted to receive this programme in CD form but downloaded it from the internet using the activation code in the pack. The disc will come in handy if I ever have to re-install it.
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on 25 January 2015
Does it job but I cover my butt with Trusteer Rapport as one has to have belt and braces when using security.
Because Norton does a lot of stuff in the background and is sometime a bit secretive in telling you what it found and how its dealt with it and one has to manually make it get ride of tracking programs and at the same time doing stuff in the background and telling you not to worry your pretty head.
NOTE :- Also I got this much much cheaper than from Norton Site of their renewal offer.
Briilliant management who dont think much of their customers as we only old customers and they are to them.
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on 12 September 2014
Less than half the cost of auto-renewing my existing Norton 360 subscription. It's a pity that one has to go to a third party supplier such as Amazon in order to get a reasonable deal! The down-side of not auto-renewing is that new license codes need to be entered into the protected computers; with auto-renewal, the protection would have extended automatically. This is a nuisance when the protected computers are portable devices used by others in the family: I had to wait until I had access to the machines to do the update. Installation/renewal/pricing issues aside, I'm reasonably happy with the product. It doesn't cripple the host machine's performance the way that Kaspersky used to before I switched to Norton a few years ago.
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on 9 February 2016
Yes definitely worth it, but make sure its the latest version ... even if it isn't the online updater should bring it, This thing have saved me from a few nasty attacks and with other software to remove malware, your software should be well protect. I should note if any other scanning type software is to be used should be disabled and Norton be the only background monitor on your system, but you can manually scan your system with other software no problems
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