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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 8 October 2013
Not one of the Scorps best albums but certainly one of their most commercially successful due to the massive 'Winds Of Change' single. Overall, a nice package, but where are the two missing tracks on the dvd? Both the cd sleeve and booklet list 'Big City Nights' and 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' as being the last two tracks of the 'Crazy World Live 1991' footage, but they're missing! The dvd menu doesn't list these two tracks and, suspiciously, the live concert footage simply fades to black after 'Lust Or Love' - no end credits! What's going on?
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on 20 October 2015
I know that five-star reviews make you feel suspicious nowadays.... However, I'm really into rock music and I don't think I've ever bought any albums I don't like... And when I like albums, rating them as five-star ones sounds the only natural thing to me. Now here we have an excellent album penned by the Scorps and you know they have been around for 50 years, so they really know how to deliver the goods. This album was one and only favorite of mine right after the classic ones like Virgin Killer, In Trance, Animal Magnetism, Blackout or Love at First Sting because of its pure energy. I also loved seeing them on stage promoting it and I don't think any self-respecting rocker would say that they aren't giving a 200% show on stage. As usual the album is full of ear-catching songs and melodies as well... So just sit back, relax and enjoy this excellent music.
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on 15 January 2016
Originally one of my least favourite Scorpions albums, listening to this remaster does give it a new perspective. I was a fan of the harder rock production given by Dieter Dierks and when this album came out it sounded way too polished. But the years have been kind and the songs really do stand the test of time. It is a bit irritating to get three versions of Wind Of Change, but the rest of the package makes that sufference worthwhile!
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on 15 December 2014
This is a Scorpions CD containing some hits like "Wind Of Change" and "Send Me An Angel" which are the best. Besides these, there are "Tease Me Please Me" ee "Do not Believe Her" that stand out. The album follows the same line every year 89 of the band with a hard rock mixed with something lighter. This is a good album for the fans and not for those knowing the band now. Note 7.0.
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on 11 April 2015
Scorpions are perhaps the paradigm of a band which got better with age. A progression which began with the enlisting of Matthias Jabs as lead guitarist led to 1984's breakthrough Love at First Sting, worldwide acclaim and the polish of Savage Amusement and the 1988 Monsters of Rock tour. By 1990 most of the band were in their 40s and should've been well past writing hit records by the standards of the rock playbook. Perhaps recognising this they terminated their successful long-term partnership with producer Dieter Dierks and brought in super producer Keith Olsen (Whitesnake) to give a new edge.

Well, it worked. What you have here is arguably one of the best rock albums of the era. Savage Amusement raised the bar but this breaks it. Olsen unleashes Jabs and Schenker, cranks up the distortion and showcases a blistering double guitar attack which is up there with the very best. The songwriting's not bad too. What Savage Amusement lacked, for all the brilliance of the likes of Passion Rules the Game and Every Minute Every Day, was the standout hit ballad. Everyone knew that was the sine qua non for a smash album and Wind of Change provided it. Criminally kept off the top spot here by Bryan Adams (!) the song chronicled the fall of the Iron Curtain and remains Germany's most popular song to this day. The danger of a huge hit is that you risk the stereotype of a one song album. If the crushing opening to Tease Me Please Me does not dispel this then the pace and energy of Lust or Love definitely will. Meine is at the top of his game as a vocalist and his lyrics resound of the excess and ecstasy of life in one of the world's biggest bands. The rhythm section plays its part too with some crunching bass lines (Restless Nights, Money and Fame) and pounding drum beats abound. There really isn't a weak track to be found. If there's a regret it's perhaps that Olsen didn't get hold of the band till they'd reached veteran status. This is a schooling in how to make melodic rock music. 25th anniversary deluxe edition anyone?
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VINE VOICEon 27 August 2003
So, what are Scorpions famous for? Hmm? Yes, THAT song. Yet there is so much more to them, and so much more to this album.
Lambasted when it was released for being too American, it can be overshadowed by 'Wind of Change' if you let it. If you don't let it, then it can be very rewarding. Good points - and there are a good number of them - include 'Kicks After Six', 'Hit Between The Eyes' & 'Lust or Love', although the whole thing stands up very well in the face of earlier material.
'Wind of Change' itself is actualy very good, with an excellant solo to go with it (this point being where radio normally fades out(!) The whole thing, tho' I would recommend to any discerning Rock fan. Sure you get the normal Scorp's lyrics at times - look at those titles(!) - but the music and playing is up there with the best of them.
Go on. Take a chance . . .
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 April 2015
I confess that my first introduction to the Scorpions was via the overplayed power ballad 'Wind of Change', which blew me away, and I needed to hear more. As soon as I found that 'Crazy World' was the album which carried the single, I knew that this would have to be the one to purchase first. Although my tastes in music seem to change around year by year, I have recently started to dig this album out again after two years, and once again I am playing it regularly.

The Scorps' first album of the Nineties was also was the band's most commercially successful, and although I do own more (before this release, they made some real 'powerhouse rock'), I still regard it as the best effort, with songs that flow very well together. Best cuts are the melodic ballad 'Send Me An Angel', the energetic 'To Be With You In Heaven', the angry yet romantic 'Don't Believe Her', and the heavy rockers 'Tease Me Please Me', and 'Lust or Love'. Oh yeah, and *that* hit song is also very good.

If you want an introduction to the Scorpions that isn't one of the many greatest hits packages which have issued over the years, 'Crazy World' is the one to try out first. You can never go wrong with these German rockers, what with their tasty guitar playing, catchy riffs, and this fantastic record.
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on 13 December 2014
After the glory days of the late seventies-early eighties, this is the album that split fans' opinion in 1990. Too American, too polished, too slushy in places. I say b****cks! It's a superb collection of hard rock songs up there with the best in my view. At least they moved with the times, unlike for instance AC/DC, who've rehashed the same album for 30 years, or Foreigner, who were a great hard rockin' band until they twigged there was more money to be made churning out nausea- inducing soppy ballads. A great album.
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on 17 April 2006
As a devout fan of their music since 1982, I found this first Scorpions album of the Nineties to possess more bite than predecessor 'Savage Amusement', yet the songwriting lacked consistency. As such 'Crazy World' was, to me, something of a hit-and-miss affair and listening to it now, it still pleases and frustrates in equal measure.

Opening numbers 'Tease Me, Please Me' and 'Don't Believe Her' have plenty of quality, the latter an especially effective hard rocker with a catchy chorus, and 'Lust or Love' also follows in the same vein. Yet while 'To be With You in Heaven' and 'Restless Nights' are decent enough tracks, they lack the special something that makes them stick in the mind and the twin blast of 'Kicks After Six' and 'Hit Between the Eyes' leaves one feeling a little ashamed by their lyrical cheesiness. Elsewhere, 'Money and Fame' is filler material of the highest order and 'Send Me an Angel' makes you wonder what happened to the band's writing skills when they've been able to deliver consistently excellent power ballads in the past. The heaviest moment of the album comes with the title track and it really is a highlight, with a terrific guitar riff and a thumping rhythm marred slightly by a somewhat ill-conceived chorus. Finally, the song this album is most famous for, Wind of Change' is a definite acquired taste. Personally, I still feel slightly embarrassed that this is the song for which the band are best known, yet even I can't deny its importance in the band's musical history and, to be fair, it's perfectly listenable.

On the whole, 'Crazy World' offers nothing that can't be found of a much higher standard on other Scorpions albums. Taken on its own merits, it's a solid collection of melodic hard rock songs shot through with some welcome bursts of heavy metal.
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on 2 November 2013
really nice to get the crazy world tour live 1991 dvd in this set ; before it was on vhs . the audio is an already well-known quantity.
having pre-ordered this deluxe-version at £15, after just a month its now £11. - so pre-ordering may not be the best way to get the best deals after all eg 'other buying choices' are undisclosed until after item release-date ; in this case, item available for £11. from release-date in 'other buying choices' section : consequently feel unfullfilled ! incidentally, if this item was released on 07 oct 2013, then how come so many other reviews featured here are dated quite a way before this particular date ?
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