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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 28 August 2013
I've read a few reviews of this album in the papers and pretty much every reviewer hated "Tonight". their previous album. I really liked it. I liked all their previous albums. What I find refreshing about Franz Ferdinand is their ability to tweak their style slightly each time they produce a record, yet still have it remain very much "their" sound. They have done the same again with "Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action".

The album opens with a belter - "Right Action" is a classic Franz Ferdinand track; lovely guitar rythmn, great hook and a anthemic chorus. Other typical songs include "Brief Encounters", which talks about the seedy side of life the band like to explore and "Fresh Strawberries" which is proper bonkers! I'd say the style is more in-keeping with their debut album, "Franz Ferdinand", but brings in different elements as their style has evolved. It isn't really like "Tonight", so if you did hate that album, then give this one a go. It's short, but that's OK, I'd rather pay for quality than quantity.

The live album is pretty stonking on CD 2 as well.

So, in conclusion, some would describe this as a 'return to form'. I say the form never left, and it's another cracker from one of my favourite modern bands.
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on 30 August 2013
I purchased this album on the day of release and after having listened to it for what must have been 20 times; I believe this album is a real masterpiece.
Franz Ferdinand released their first album in 2004 and I really liked it, I liked the follow up in 2005 even better. Their third album released in 2009 was very good, it was different to the first two and got a few negative reviews but I didn't think it was bad - just different.
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is their fourth studio album. They have been working on this since early 2010 when they announced they were working on it and it really shows. Every song has individuality, catchy beats, fantastic lyrics and will remind you very much of their first two albums but with a twist.

There is a Beatlesesque feel to a number of tracks where harmonies play a big big part and helps create something new sounding whilst sounding a lot like Franz at the same time.

Track Listing:
1- Right Action - Their first single of the album is also the first track, its catchy, its fun, it has simple lyrics and a great beat. I'm happy it's the first track because to be honest it is probably one of my least favourite songs on the album! They almost get this one out of the way by putting it first! When this was released early on Youtube via their page I was excited for the album, little did I know the remainder would be even better.

2- Evil Eye - Starts with a simple drum tap similar to Queen but becomes something very different, a song about the "Evil Eye" which is a bad omen. Some excellent use of harmonies in this one including the amazing lyric "What's the colour of the next car, Yeah Red ya Bastard".

3 - Love Illumination - Sublime! Very catchy and additive song, starts off sounding like a classic late 70's early 80's rock song and the harmonies continue. This song also includes some fantastic use of brass instruments.

4 - Stand on the Horizon - Best track on the album - starts off slow with Kapranos hitting some high notes on a beautiful intro then kicks in to beats that give me goosebumps. The guitar combinations are perfect and at the 2.5 minute point an unforgettable beat kicks in combined with melodies that feel they have worked on for a full year of their hiatus. "The North Sea sings, won't you come to me baby?" They sing as the song finishes.

5 - Fresh Strawberries - Wonderful. Adding a guest female vocalist to the new apparent style of harmonies. A review in NME says that it sounds like Blur reworking Penny Lane by the Beatles - I can hear what they mean and a lot of comparisons are being made between the Beatles and this song. I can only imagine it is because the harmonies remind you of them and they are singing about fresh strawberries and people are reminded of "Strawberry fields forever". The song reminds you of other songs, but no song you listen to will remind you of Fresh Strawberries.

6 - Bullet - Fast paced, under 3 mins long and it's damn catchy...

7 - Treason! Animals! - The song makes you feel uneasy in places (in a good way!). Parts of this also remind me of old video game music. I love how the word narcissist is rhymed with pharmacist! This song could fit well into "Tonight".

8 - The Universe Expanded - The longest track on the album at 4:34, a slightly slower paced track with a simple and memorable beat which works very well for their vocal style.

9 - Brief Encounters - A song about choosing your keys at a wife swapping party! This one is quite humorous but lacks a bit of the addictiveness that almost all of the other tracks contain.

10 - Goodbye Lovers and Friends - First impressions are that this is their last ever song and it is them saying goodbye, it's actually about someone who has died saying what he wants at his funeral! "Don't play pop music, you know I hate pop music" a lot of reviewers have said is Kapranos saying he doesn't like what he's playing any more - its the person telling them not to play pop music at his funeral. The final track is memorable and one of the highlights of the album.

Overall this deserves more recognition, purchase and plays than it will get. Everyone I speak to about FF says "what are they still together?", they all know Take Me Out but haven't heard much else... their loss I say!
The album is about life, death, belief and unbelief and grows on you each time it is played - I am so happy it is genuinely this damn good!

I'd suggest going to Franz Ferdinand's page on Youtube as they have a large majority of their songs over there to sample in live format which showcases again how talented they are being able to produce the sound they do in one un-edited cut.
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on 26 August 2013

From the beginning to the end the music on the album is full of various melodies and harmonies which can be memorised. For those who like to sing - yes, the melodies can be sung.
I'm not sure if this was the case with other listeners, however, when listening to the material on this disc, I found that my feet were tapping whilst a nice, refreshingly sharp positive feeling found its way into my mind.
To me, it's a sign of Franz Ferdinand's magic. Like a good malt's dram - an experience hard to explain in words, yet most uniquely precious.

Lyrically, this album relates to many bold dilemmas in one's life:
- deliberating over qualified invitations found on an old postcard (Right Thoughts)
- trying to guess the colour of the next passing car whilst sitting in a cafe (Evil Eye)
- looking for dark love kicks in Blackpool (Love Illumination)
- proudly uniting with the cold North Sea in a manly bond (Stand on the Horizon)
- looking for comfort in something beyond temporary material beauty (Fresh Strawberries)
- desperately trying to shake off dangerously obsessive wants (Bullet)
- reflecting on the unnatural state of the natural world (Treason! Animals)
- healing old wounds while finally the Earth switches to the 'rewind' mode (The Universe Expanded)
- finding empty freedom in boring suburban hedonism (Brief Encounters)
- never mixing sacrum and profanum when experiencing the definiteness of life (Goodbye Lovers and Friends)

This and much more.
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on 19 October 2013
The Scottish art rockers return with their fourth original studio album, and it sees them initially exploding from the vinyl in their customary way with the punchy Right Action and equally frenetic Evil Eye with its unashamedly joyous shout of `What's the colour of your next car? Yeah RED, ya bastard'! However, this soon subsides into a far more relaxed mood, with side two's Brief Encounters - a seeming paean to swinging - and The Universe Expanded, in particular showcasing a maturity and world-weariness previously absent from the band's repertoire. Goodbye Lovers and Friends: `Don't play pop music - You know I hate pop music' - closes the album on a somewhat wistful and downbeat note, but ultimately this is slow-burning tour de force, and shows exactly why FF remain one of the best purveyors of sharp-edged, sophisticated `pop' music around.
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on 14 October 2013
Having read other reviews i expected something really quite special...if anything this is the worst of the albums and really same old material.... bit weak and nothing new or that exciting .
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on 19 September 2013
Four albums in and Franz Ferdinand show no signs of dropping the quality. I have seen reviews which claim this is a return to form, but since I don't believe that the band ever showed poor form I would have to disagree. This is simply another great, great Franz Ferdinand record full of the usual irresistible hooks and wry lyrics that dare you to resist dancing. It has been a long wait but this is well worth it.
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on 5 October 2013
OMG, or whatever the kids say these days. I am 43 and love Franz but even I wasn't expecting this album to be so good. It is a 10/10 album, absolutely fantastic. Hopefully the boys are feeling refreshed, revitalised and eager to continue as a band as this album suggests there is even more great tunes to come from them. My album of the year...................so far!!!
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on 6 January 2014
Reading the reviews from the specialized press i was expecting a better record. It is clearly better than "Tonight" but nos so good as the first two.

And strangely i think the "live" versions presented in the second disc are better (they are more raw).

Favorite tunes - Right Action; Evil Eye; Fresh Strawberries; Bullet
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on 26 August 2013
'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' is the fourth studio album from Glaswegian art-rockers Franz Ferdinand

Formed in 2002, Franz Ferdinand were a runaway success. NME-injected Zeitgeist propelled the band to unimaginable heights and within a matter of three years had amassed Brit awards, platinum selling albums and the coveted Mercury Music Prize. Their self titled début and equally lucrative You Could Have It So Much Better were sharply defined and artistically hip. In comparison, their third album Tonight was a discouraging mis-fire destined for Room 101.

What makes this new record such a surprise is that ten years on from their breakthrough success, Kapranos et al. have produced a short but sweet return to their original sound but in a way that sounds so fresh and alive. To keep up with the times the band have recruited Hot Chip and Björn Yttling of Peter Björn & John to take some of the controls. Nevertheless, its the elements of their original sounds (namely killer hooks and a stomping in-vogue swagger) that holds this album together.

Opener 'Right Action' is a thumping return and there isn't one forgettable track on the record. Despite this it isn't until the nostalgic 'Fresh Strawberries' and beyond where the album really does become stand-out. Still possessing their youthful zest and energy ('Bullet'), Franz Ferdinand have recaptured a spirit still capable of variety and intrigue, manifested in the sinister, dark and brooding 'Treason! Animals' and extra-terrestrial 'Brief Encounters' whose haunting melody is highly addictive and uber-chic.

Only last week Travis returned to the scene with Where You Stand; the band reverting to what they do best following the off-kilter Ode to J. Smith. This week its another sensational (albeit cliché) return to form for Franz Ferdinand picking up where You Could Have It So Much Better left off. Better late than never, and remember "if it aint broke..."

Listen To: 'Fresh Strawberries', 'Bullet', 'Treason! Animals', 'The Universe Expanded', 'Brief Encounters' (but pretty much the whole album!)
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on 7 April 2014
An excellent album! What really makes this a five star offering is the live set with imaginative re-workings of classic tracks alongside new songs. They showcase what a tight outfit Franz Ferdinand are and, if you have not seen them live, you have to catch them.
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