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on 23 September 2017
Item description:
The item came in perfect condition and safely packaged. The quality of the cover was strong and protected the book nicely. The paper inside is thick and good quality. The writing size and font is easy to read and overall the item is really good.
Story rating:
I'm a huge fan of biker books, I love all the tough love, dominant alpha, rough and ready, bad mouthed bikers...... (Ooh and leather pants and tatts are a must ).......and this book is certainly had all of that!!!! definitely one of my favorite MC books. 5+ stars
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on 29 August 2013
Addison's mother is dead, and she's left to find her father who left years ago, she doesn't even remember him and Addison has nowhere else to go.
Her father Jackson is the president of the Hell's Knights motorcycle club. Addison is feisty and hard headed. She's had to grow tough due to her upbringing. Her life has been very hard.

She arrives at the Hell's Knights compound, her father Jackson is pleased to see her, but doesn't like Addison's attitude. It's here she also meets Cade the Vice President of the club, Cade is tall dark and handsome, but arrogant and cocky. They have instant chemistry. But trouble is coming Addison's way. She hasn't quite escaped her past.

First read for me by this author, I liked her style, it's direct and makes no apologies for saying it how it is. There are some hard to read scenes in this. So it's not going to be for people who are concerned about content.
I liked this quite a lot, it doesn't pull any punches, but there's also plenty of emotion and deep feelings as well. I liked Cade and Addison together they were well matched.

I will certainly be reading the next book in this series.
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on 30 September 2013
**ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review**

I followed Bella on a social network site for some time before the release of Hell's Knights and I was really looking forward to its release. However, you know when you're really looking forward to something and you build it up only to be disappointed because it didn't live up to your expectations. Well, that did NOT happen with Hell's Knights. This book was everything I wanted it to be and more it is a journey and a half which leaves you wanting more from this great author.

I love the story of Addison and Cade. Addison is such a tough character and despite being out in the world with nothing and no one she still manages to keep her head held high and survive.

Cade......... Mmmm he can tie me to a bike any day of the week. I love how tough he is but at the same time how loving he is. He is a biker with his own issues and makes me wanna snuggle up to him and make everything ok.

The book is well written and had me drawn in from the beginning, it also flows really well. I may have stayed up all night when I read this one and was disappointed it was over. I didn't want to leave the world of Hell's Knights. I wanted the book to last forever but alas nothing is forever.

Great debut book from Bella and I'm counting down the minutes until book #2
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on 23 October 2013
There is something about a book that features a motorcycle club that I can't resist. The thought of bad-ass bikers, leather-clad and tattooed, just gets me every time and my 1Click finger goes into action before my brain has even had a chance to remind me to think about my bank balance! Having said that, this was an extremely cheap purchase so I didn't feel as guilty as I should have.

I'd not read anything previously by Bella Jewel and so I made myself a coffee and grabbed my Kindle waiting to see what she had in store for me.

Wow! I loved her writing style, her slightly different twist on a genre that can sometimes seem to be a bit same-old same-old, and I am afraid to say that nothing else got done (with the exception of making more coffee!) until I'd finished the whole book.

I can't wait to read the next 2 in the series, which my "sensible" brain has added to my Wish List for now.
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on 11 April 2016
This book was okay but I would not read any more in the series. Madison was brought up by her mother who was a prostitute and drug addict. She was abused by her mothers pimp since she was 13. When her mother dies she seeks out her father who is the MC of a motor cycle club. There she meets the VP who is a totally hot biker and it is their love story. I didn't really buy the whole insta love thing with him. It just seemed a bit much and out of character for a biker. I ended up skimming :-(
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on 19 August 2013
Loved the story...Loved the characters...I want me a biker!

Such a strong willed determine girl for only being 21 and having been dealt the life she was given.

Cade...well what to say about him!! Loved his whole dominating nature and that he was strong enough to break through Addi's walls. Not only the domineering nature he reads to be drop dead gorgeous.

Jackson...looking forward to his book wonder what way Bella Jewel will go with this...the past or a HEA future for him.

Bring on Spike's book in September...now I'd like to make friends with him haha...he really came through for Addi in this book and he may have issues with Case but he still did what had to be done for Addi. Really needs a HEA.

Fantastic first book Bella Jewel loved it and am looking forward to your future books.
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I have fallen in love with these MC genre books, and this book was no exception, Cade is just so sweet and persistent in his pursuit for the strong headed Addie, just loved this couple and the pain of what she went through really clutched at my heart and shocked me as to her strength in how she dealt with her pain, even though at times her decisions weren't the best. Cade was just amazing in what he wouldn't do for Addie and really showed his alpha male side. I couldn't get enough of Cade and Addie, got a real biker feel to this story and got me hooked to want to read Heaven's Sinners Spike and Ciara's story.
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on 26 September 2013
Good book, strong characters and a decent storyline. Lots of alpha males grunting and giving orders. Cade and Jackson give me goosebumps! Jackson is Addi's absent father who didn't want to be absent and Cade is the irresistible biker hottie.
Brittney is the looser wench who feels she is owed "old lady" status but forgot to keep her legs together and takes it upon herself to get rid of what she sees is the obstacle in the way of her destiny. Yes this book is definitely not for the faint hearted. A love story but one of the lovers has been pulled apart in the worst way possible.

Lots of surrounding characters that hopefully will give rise to other books. Now I'm off to hunt for book 2 which was due out today
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on 21 March 2016
Right I made a huge mistake a read the jokers wrath mc books first, then because they set such a line of expectation I didn't read these books for at least another 8 months after boy did I regret it she's an amazing author her work is literally flawless I was blown away by how good this book was!! Thank you for such a brilliant selection of books she's definitely my favourite author of the moment!!
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on 27 August 2013
Bella Jewel can certainly write a good story and keep you hooked. In Hell's knights, Addison, looks for her father Jackson, who she thinks abandoned her years ago with her drug riddled, prostitute mother. He's the President of an MC. Addison learns to love and be loved by her father and Cade his V. P. whose Old Lady she soon becomes.
This book has a lot of disturbing scenes in it, from rape to torture. It's not for the faint hearted. It does however have a HEA.
I wish it had been longer, it could so easily have been and more detail would have made it fantastic. Along with a little editing.
Can't wait to read the next book.
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