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on 22 May 2014
Very easy to get started and setup. I'm not a fan of 3D but the active 3D is quite impressive and 2 pairs of glasses are included is well appreciated.

The apps like iPlayer, 4OD, Netflix and YouTube is very nice to have on the TV. Loads more other apps for anyones taste.

The design is very minimal. The bezel is very slim and unobtrusive. The screen quality is very good and watching 1080p (Full HD) TV and movies is a pleasure.

Sound quality is very poor but expected. If you think you'll buy a slim TV that has good sound you must be mad. Got myself a sound bar and I suggest other get something similar.

I'm still to use a lot of functions but I'm very happy with my purchase.
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2013
What can I say about the Samsung UE46F6320?? WOW!!!
I'm so impressed about this tv I just had to share.
If you have never had a smart tv then I would recommend this over other makes. Samsung have really given this tv a lot of thought for the end user and is packed full of features. first off it's extremely easy to set up which is a bonus as last thing you want to do is spend hours reading a manual. That said the manual is built into the tv as a e-manual. So no looking for the paper one when you get stuck!! The tv it's self is slim which you would expect from a led with lot's of connections round the back but again is easy to get to. 3x usb ports, 4x Hdmi ports, composite, 1x scart ,1x optical, 1x headphones socket,1x lan port,wireless buit in (A,B,G and N supported) Bluetooth. This tv has some very cool features plus superb 3d using the active glasses. A 2d to 3d converter built in again a fantastic feature if you fancy watch your favorite program or film in 3d.
Another feature is the eco display function now this is clever as it will adjust the tv's brightness according to the light inside the room. so if it's quite bright it will dim the picture and if it's dark it will brighten the picture. A nice little feature for the eco home I think.
Another cool feature is the remote which you can use as a muti room remote. The tv comes with a inferred extension which you can use to control other devices like you virgin box or sky box and even your surround sound. again very handy if your like me and forever losing a remote down the sofa!!

This tv is packed full of features and definitely worth considering when looking for a new tv.
I have added the link to the manual so you can have a look for yourself.
Happy reading


EDIT - some one emailed me to ask if you can view normal 2d tv with out it converting...Yes you can, the defult is 2d and you press the button once it is playing the 3d to select the type of 3d (side by side etc) that you have and it then converts the image.

Also if you have no stereoscopic vision (IE no 3d vision/depth perseption due to a very lazy eye amblyopia only have one eye etc) then you will not get the 3d effect from this TV. Rather like google glass :(

EDIT - we liked it so much we now have two as we got one for the bedroom! We have sold the old tv's to partly fund it....think it's a bit much though to put one in our 5 year olds room.
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on 4 June 2014
I bought this to replace a 42 inch LG that was playing up. It is meant to be 200Hz which is great for console gaming. I watch a lot of Netflix and have gotten rid of Sky for BT TV. So I decided to get a decent TV with the savings from not paying for Sky. I have plugged in a 320GB Hard Drive using a HDD caddy (£3) and this means that I can record TV and use it as PVR. This means I can now record 3 channels at once: 1 on the TV and 2 on my YouView box.

I access Netflix US via a VPN service and this has 3D programmes available. I have been able to add the US dns settings when I connect the TV via wireless. I change to wired to access the UK programmes on Netflix and the On Demand Players.

The app store gives you access to more options, including TuneIn radio and other apps. If you have Amazon Prime, you can access Prime Videos straight from the TV. No extra boxes. Now I have no need for my Apple TV, and this saves on electricity.

I set the TV to automatically switch off if there are no interactions with the TV for 2 hours. This means that it does not endlessly run if you fall asleep with the TV on. You can also set it to turn on automatically at a set time, and there are 3 customisable settings for this. You can also set a sleep timer easily by pressing the Tools button.

I bought a Samsung 3D blu ray player and have enjoyed watching movies in 3D. I think Frozen in 3D at home was much better than 2D in the cinema. Epic was a little fast for 3D in places with this TV, but still enjoyable. I also watched Turbo in 3D on Netflix, which was very good. I bought an extra pack of glasses from Amazon for under £25, which was excellent value.

The sound is very clear. You have several options and even a clear voice option.

I have a Galaxy Note tablet, and my husband has a Note 2 phablet. Both can connect to the TV using the all share option. It also accepts any DNLA enabled device to connect, and I connected my Nokia Lumia 925 to it for a slide show.

The web browser is a bit clunky.

My favourite app is Skype. I bought the dedicated camera for the TV and I am able to Skype through my TV. Who needs an Xbox One? The sound and vision quality with the Samsung dedicated TV camera is very good. The TV really is fully functional.

I connected an android Bluetooth keyboard, and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard to the TV. They kind of work, but are a bit clunky. I believe there is a Samsung keyboard available. But by connecting a keyboard, it should make web browsing a bit easier. I found it a bit erratic.

Gaming on this TV is a real pleasure. The depth of colour on Diablo 3, which is a dark game, is incredible. I realised that names were written in Yellow, not washed out white, like it was on my old TV. The images are sharp. I find that Skyrim and shooter games, and games like Forza 4 also look remarkable.

For me, this is a high end TV for a budget price. I am seriously impressed with its features. Plug in a flash drive with music and you can listen to that as well.

I heartily recommend this TV.
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on 23 November 2013
After buying the f5000, a friend made me feel stupid for opting out of the extra functionality this tv offers for just £150 more - so I returned it and got this one.

First of all it's stunning. The specs don't mention the beautiful translucent edge around the black rim that literally frames it in glass. The stand is a single metalic piece with four prongs, and all in all it looks simple, modern and slick. Even my girlfriend agrees its a really nice looking bit of kit.

The picture quality is amazing. It's super detailed, vibrant colours, deep blacks and excellent motion. You can easily configure and tweak pretty much everything about the picture if you want to. You can even set this thing called motion plus, which is exactly like high frame rate, but probably achieved with some kind of video processing algorithm. The effect is really weird and interesting, it is technically superior quality and more lifelike, but because we're so used to everything being broadcast at a lower frame rate, it breaks the cinematic illusion, making things seem a bit too real and 'Reality TV' like. This is a documented phenomena - [...] Despite that, it is really great for sports : >

I won't say too much about the sound quality because I use a separate system, but I did test it and remember thinking it was pretty good.

The interface is simple and effective. I do think the *smart 'On TV' dashboard and timeline views are a bit pointless though, as you can't really configure what channels they source their recommendations from, so its a bit like a random wall of stuff you never asked for. However the guide is nice and simple and gives you all the information you would expect in a nice condensed form.

The active 3d enables you to watch full, unfiltered 3d, which for me is excellent because I get a bit OCD about having glasses that polarise one way to your left eye and another to your right - ew uneven : / It works by alternating left and right so fast you can't see. Well you can kind of see the flickering if you squint really hard and go all zen, but I have to say its pretty decent and the resulting 3d is awesome. I probably wouldn't watch 3d all the time, but it is good for a fun, novel experience now and again.

Another hardly mentioned massive win is that if you plug in a usb hard drive, you can pause, rewind and record live freeview! That was a big and welcome surprise. I don't have sky or anything but i assume it would be a similar deal, like having sky plus without having to pay for the plus?

Finally, the apps are great. More specifically, having netflix and lovefilm built in is so convenient, and netflix's superhd content looks seriously good with this tv.

In conclusion, I didn't love the f5000, but I do love this one and don't regret my change of heart one bit. I don't imagine that you'd get a noticeably better same sized tv than the f6320, unless it costed over a grand and was a 4k tv or something.
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on 1 June 2014
First of all a couple of issues with this TV.

Watching TV and Blu Rays, this TV has very bad lip sync issues, I fiddled with various settings but they were still present. Researching the internet tells me that this is well known issue with Samsung TV's, my old Sony never had this problem, so was very annoyed when I had this with this TV.

Issue no2 is that the screen does not fit into the frame very well and they is a gap of about 8 inches, where a strong beam of light from the led's shines out. Not so noticeable in daytime, but at night with the lights out it was very hard to not notice this.

It's a shame about these 2 issues, as the TV is very good, great picture, looks nice and I really like the 3D. There are lots of features to play around with, and out of the Smart TV's you can get it has all of the UK catch up apps.
BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4od and Demand 5.

Also if you use a SmartDNS service it's very easy to change region of the TV to download the US apps, if that's your thing.

Because of the issues, I'm returning the TV to Amazon, and looking for an alternative TV.
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on 8 January 2014
Really impressed with the sound on such a slim tv, it's good enough for us not to need a soundbar. The set was already great value due to a great picture, this bonus makes it pretty exceptional for the price.
NB. Turn off the motion thingy and set to movie mode. This should help to mimnimise the 'soap opera' effect
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on 2 November 2013
I've been a fan of Samsung for many years and when looking for a new television I decided to give Samsung my money and buy this set. There aren't many review's on Amazon and, so I looked else where and most of the reviews were positive and I selected this set.


This should have been an easy job. Put screws in holes and screw them in and you're done. Well unfortunately for me it wasn't that simple. The screws wouldn't go all the way in. I tried my hardest to get them to go all the way in. But I couldn't. I believe they provided the wrong screws if I'm honest, and to add to this, they only provided seven screws when the product needed eight. Luckily I had some screws the same size and was able to screw each screw about 50% of the way in. Which, was very disappointing, and does leave me, with worries how safe this set actually it is. However, it's been nearly a week and it's still standing, so I'm guessing its safe. The instructions that come with this product aren't very clear either, so if you're struggling then you're in for a hard time. So, this side of the product I can only give it three out of five stars.


This is relatively simple to do. If you do struggle, then there is a comprehensive e-manual to help with any troubles you're having. However, be aware that the factory settings picture isn't great and you will need to tweak the settings to get the most out of your television picture. When done though it looks beautiful. The picture modes are Dynamic, Standard, Natural, and Movie. There is also a Game Mode in the settings >> General menu area. I haven't used it yet as I've recently sold all my games and consoles in preparation for Xbox One and PS4 so I can't tell you if it's any good.

(Picture) - 5/5

I'm using BlueRigger High speed HDMI Cable 2 Meters (2M) - Supports Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return [Newest Version] cables and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Watching a DVD or Blu-Ray gives you an amazing picture to the point you think you're actually in the room with the actors. I've never seen my DVDs look so good. Even DVD of shows from the 70s or 80s look like they were filmed yesterday. Blu-Rays as you expect are even better. Can't comment on Freeview as I can't use it with my aerial unfortunately, but this has nothing to do with the TV.

(Gaming) - 5/5

Got my new Next-Gen console today with Call Of Duty Ghosts and I can report this TV is awesome. You don't have to do anything with the settings as there is no ghosting whatsoever with this TVs picture. It is crisp and delightful on the eyes. Scrolling through the menus are fast and fluid with again no ghosting. While playing COD there was tons of stuff going on-screen and the screen seemed to cope with it fine without changing anything. The TV does have a game mode so if you do experience any ghosting there is the option and to counter the bland look of game mode you can go to the menu scroll down to picture options and color tone and change it to either Warm One or Two. I would recommend Warm 1. But like I said you won't need to do this. I've now also played Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsports 5 the former has a lot going on-screen and I still don't have any issues while the latter is a fast-paced racing game and still no issues. So, I think it's safe to say this TV can handle intense gaming without any tweaks to the TV Settings.

(Sound) - 4/5

TV and Blu-Rays the sound is amazing and well-balanced and unlike the picture don't need any fiddling around with to get a good sound. However, I've found with DVDs the sound is a bit low. I don't know why this is I've fiddled around with the settings on my player and TV, but nothing seems to fix this issue. I doubt it's the TV as the watching TV and watching Blu-Rays all seem fine it's just DVDs.

(3D) - 4/5

This is the hardest thing to set up as there isn't any real guide to follow on how to get the best out of 3D. At first I was incredibly disappointed with this as it didn't seem to work for me. I mistakenly took my glasses off and only wore the 3D specs, which are provided you get two pairs of 3D Glasses. However, after trying them while wearing my glasses it worked like a charm and its pretty impressive. It's easy to pair the specs to your TV, but do need a battery, which are also provided with the specs. Also, glasses are very comfortable to wear even over your ordinary glasses. I only give it four stars as there's no real guide to get the best settings for 3D it's all trial by error until you get something that suits. Here are my TV settings. You may like them or you may not, you may want to figure out your own personal settings after all everyone's personal taste is different, but some may find them helpful:

Picture Mode: Natural
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 85
Brightness: 50
Sharpness: 18
Color: 70
Tint (G/R): 50/50
Perspective: +5
Depth: 5
L/R Change: L/R Image

[-APP-] - 2/5

The TV comes pre-installed with ITV Player, BBC Iplayer, 4 on Demand, Demand 5, Netflix, LoveFilm, and many more. The on demand stuff is great, but a little redundant if you have other devices that have these same features. Also, requires you to have a great internet connection so you don't get buffering. Luckily I do have a great connection and the pictures are great. I used an Ethernet cable to connect my TV to the net and I don't use the Wi-Fi so I can't tell you how good it is via wireless connection. However, I think the choices of apps are really limited and if I'm honest this is the most disappointing aspect of the television. Okay everyone will have their own opinion on this, but for my needs I was a little disappointed by this. There is a couple of decent apps that are free to download, but the majority is rubbish. I would have loved a NowTV app. Also, access to an American Sports App that lets you subscribe to all the major sports in the states. There is ESPN player, but it only carries MLB and CFB. It would have been nice for a NFL, NBA, and NHL apps. So, for me I can only give the apps section two out of five.


I give Samsung UE40F6320 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Smart 3D LED TV with Built-In Wi-Fi and Freeview four out of five stars. I can't give it full marks (even though I want to) because of a couple of issues that I've mentioned in this review. But if you're looking for a quality and cost-effective product, which gives you 3D and Smart Features, then I would HIGHLY recommend this set to you. I absolutely love it.
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on 26 May 2014
Well, had the for just over a week now and am very impressed NOW. I did have a problem with all of the iplayer apps not being installed and not showing anywhere for me to download myself. Having read all the reviews prior to buying I did notice a couple of either people with the same problem and if memory serves me correctly the sets were returned. I had no intention of giving up so easily by returning, so posed a question on Amazon to no avail, as people could only advise me that they were preinstalled on their sets or where to find them. I ended up checking every app available on this TV and they were not showing or available to download.

Eventually I ended up phoning Samsung on their help line for remote assistance. If you have this problem you must also have patience as you have to listen to them advertising all and I mean all their products for about 10 minutes before you get to the press 1 for this 2 for that etc. The first chap talked me through how to access the remote help via the main menu and he took over my TV checking all my settings and reinstalling all the channels although I explained that was not the problem. Eventually he checked the apps and also tried to find the iplayers to no avail. After 45minutes on the phone to him I had to leave him to it and terminate the call saying I would phone him back in 1/2hr. They are not allowed to phone you back. He thought it needed an update, he tried and failed, but said it would probably update itself in a few weeks!!

I think at this point he abandoned his search although my TV was telling me that he was still in control of it and accessing. When I phoned back (again 10mins of product ads) I eventually got through to another agent, after explaining he simply told me how to do a factory reset. So, so simple. Using my remote I was told to turn my tv off, then press INFO, then menu and finally mute. TV back on and be warned you have to redo all your settings (channel search etc). Pressed Smart hub and lo and behold all the iplayers were listed and working.

If you have to phone Samsung have patience as I was on the phone for best part of 1.1/2hrs and pray you get an agent who knows what he is talking about. That said I will now give the product 5stars, picture is perfect, sound good, more apps than you probably will ever use. A superb product perhaps a bit more training for their call centre staff, albeit they were very polite.
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on 31 July 2014
Great tv Tricky to set up .After lots of fiddling i finally got an excellent picture. Try these settings
Backlight 11
contrast 90
brightness 58
sharpness 51 this is low as high causes graining
colour 56
tint 50/50
size 16:9 Many people make the mistake of setting this on screen fit .I found the picture less fuzzy and crystal clear on 16:9 setting.Graphics look better and less blur.
picture options
colour tone standard
digital clean view off You can put this on low but i find it hides some fine details.details. Dont put high as it causes sync problems.
mpeg noise filter off
film mode off
motion plus OFF

Advanced settings
dynamic contrast off
black tone off
flesh 0
rgb off
colour space auto
gamma 0
expert pattern off
motion lighting off.
colour space auto
I never have any problems with these setting.Most of the features on samsung tvs make the picture weird and worst. Try this!!!!
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on 1 December 2013
First I want to begin with the fact that the TV was delivered next day and that was on a Saturday. I did select & paid for Express delivery and was told that in the case the product does not arrive tomorrow (that was on Friday morning) I would receive a full refund on my delivery fee. Very pleased with Amazon's customer service.

Now on to the TV itself which is fantastic. I opted for the 46" model as I watch movies constantly and the extra real estate of screen really shines through.

* Initial setup is very easy and only takes about 10 minutes (that includes the Autoscan for TV Chanells). The TV has Freeview & Freeview HD tuners included. My WiFi network was picked up, I entered my password and was good to go. Admittedly the amount of "I agree" ticks I had to select was a bit worrying when it comes to privacy.

* One of the most important features is the Smart TV aspect which allows me to directly stream content from my PC to the TV. I use PS3 Media Server on my PC to do that (reason for that is that the application is lightweight, I don't own a PS3). Anything that I threw at it, be it MKV's, AVI's, photos, music the TV just kept saying "Yep, I'll happily play that for you". So if that is important to you, you will NOT be dissapointed. Browsing through the file directories is VERY fast.

* The image fidelity/clarity of the TV is is remarkable. No ghosting, no burnt pixels no bleeding of colours. The black levels are astonishing. We watched "UP!" as the first test movie and everyone was pointing out the entire time how everything is so "alive". I will probably look into calibrating the TV to fit my taste when it comes to colour a bit more, but that does not mean the out-of-the-box settings are dissapointing in any way. 3D is also very interesting, having watched The Hobbit last night in 3D I must say you have to try it at least once! The active 3D glasses produce a much "cleaner" 3D effect than the one you might have watched in the cinema. Personally though I could only handle a 3D movie once in a while as it can strain your eyes a bit.

* Sound, was surprisingly good for such a thin TV. It does try to simulate surround and succeeds up to a certain level of course. Any sound buffs out there will probably want to hook this up to their Home Cinema set or buy a soundbar. For me, sound is perfectly fine, for now.

* Applications are what you would expect with the likes of Netflix & Lovefilm coming bundled together and are very easy to use. Facebook/Skype etc. are included as well but I haven't tried them out yet. I'll also mention that there's a USB port for connecting a webcam that one would potentially need to make Video Skype Calls. There's also a browser that you can use to surf the web which works just fine for the few websites I tested but you would certainly need a keyboard/mouse as using just the remote to navigate around in websites is an absolute pain.

* Visually speaking the TV is very appealing, being thin and having that transparent bezel around it makes it "blend in". I particularly like the stand which is minimalistic and deviates from the normal attrocious black piece of metal&plastic that you encounter in older tv's.

All in all this TV is great value for money. Sure it's not exactly cheap but when you take into consideration the size and capabilities and start comparing you quickly realize that you really can't get much better than this at the moment.

Very happy with this purchase. 5/5
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