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on 5 December 2013
I had the pleasure of meeting David Arnold in Soho. I was over the moon meeting the Bond composer but then couldn't believe my luck that Matt Berry was with him. After speaking to Mr Arnold I asked Mr Berry "any more snuffbox" Mr Berry replied "I've got something coming up". That was in 2012 and after the best pilot of the channel 4 comedy showcase this got a series. It is sureal to an extent but hilarious. We have a infamous Bruce For-syyth episode. We have Toast and an embarassing escort situation and for me one of the best James Bond spoofs with Mr Arnold involved and a great opening title sequence with the brilliant Michael Ball sending himself up as a villain. I hope that Arthur Mathews and Matt get a second series (man down gets a xmas special?) as this as the others have said a slow burner but gives Matt Berry the chance to be the main solo lead with a great support cast as opposed to a character like in the brilliant IT crowd.
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VINE VOICEon 6 April 2016
I wasn't a huge fan of Matt Berry in The IT Crowd, so was a little cautious of this, but was persuaded by the reviews to give it a go. It took me perhaps two episodes to get into it as it's pretty bizarre at times, but was then completely won over. Really funny and inventive story lines. Great characters, and a brilliant and very funny lead from Matt as Steven Toast. The humour is both subtle and slapstick, so won't be for all tastes, but it worked for me.
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on 11 April 2014
This is up there with league of gentlemen and mighty boosh. Matt Berry and his amazing voice stars in this very well written and very funny almost sitcom about a failed actor and his galavantings ! Many brilliant moments,where we were laughing out loud and rewinding again and again. Funniest bit is the bruce forsythe special feature !!!
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on 4 February 2014
Matt Berry plays Matt Berry in this Matt Berry show, starring Matt Berry. Matt Berry excells at doing that voice that he does. Somehow, it never gets old even though he's been doing it for at least 10 years. This is not a sarcastic review though, I could watch this all day.
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on 29 March 2015
Perhaps the most underrated genius and funny tv show made, it is just full of nonsense and ridiculousness that just make it unique. Matt Berry is superb...its totally off the wall but absolute class too, i laughed my way through both series and several times just thinking about it...brilliant
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on 22 August 2014
I love Matt Berry and as far as im concerned He can do no wrong.This like Snuffbox has gone a long way to try and do something different and original and has sadly not been rewarded with a Second series.So get out there and buy this,you will not be sorry if you're a fan of Matt's previous work.
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on 28 November 2014
The Brits make some weird telly, and this is a great example. Berry is a deadpan actor, indulges in venal occupations in frustration with his lot in life and says some of his words with a bizarre enunciation that is very enjoyable to hear. He's been a "great" actor, albeit second fiddle to Marenghi in "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace", an overbearing bully in "Snuff Box" and a horrible boss in "The IT Crowd", but in this one, he's a plain loser who can't get a break. His musical interludes are great to hear, as I've recently discovered that the man can sing.
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on 22 October 2014
Matt Berry can do very little wrong in my eyes, and this, which I missed on telly, is glorious in its daftness.
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on 27 December 2014
Matt Berry is an underrated genius and this is vintage. Why did he make so few shows? Every think he is in is fantastically quirky , but if wasn't for Amazon recommendations I would never have found them all.
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on 26 February 2014
Funny guy - what a great series and some very funny moments especially the Bruce Forcyth one!
My friends and i literally cried like teenagers despite the fact we are over 40
Bit pricey but still good to see
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