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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 March 2014
Misfits: Series 1-5 on DVD: This 12 DVD set has all the episodes of Channel 4's critically acclaimed urban SciFi show 'Misfits'. Season one started screening in November 2009 and season 5 concluded with the final episode in December 2013. This British comedy-drama television show follows five young minor offenders sentenced to work in community service who suddenly appear to develop superpowers after a strange electrical storm. Being teenagers with 'issues', dealing with their new random superpowers doesn't always go exactly to plan, so predictably their swearing soon gets a lot worse (it is a comedy-drama show though, albeit with dark humour). The series was filmed in South East London, mostly on location around the Southmere Lake & community centre in Thamesmead. Misfits is often compared to Skins Series 1-7 [DVD], more for the fact that both shows are classy, gritty & original fun TV programs that deservedly reached older audiences outside the target young adults age group, rather than for similarities in plot. I got this set for my teenage daughters 19th birthday, and we both enjoyed watching the series together. Misfits is a surprisingly powerful drama, being moving, funny, & disturbing and often all at the same time.

The twelve DVD set has English audio only (in Dolby stereo) with HoH English subtitles (no other languages). The TV aspect is 16:9 widescreen, and the disks are PAL UK Region 2 locked (although you can often view region locked DVDs on a PC DVD drive anywhere using videolan.org's freebie open-source & multi-region 'VLC Media Player' software player). Total run time for all 37 episodes is 28 hours 24 minutes. Plus there's another 5 hours 15 minutes of extras ranging from 'behind the scenes' for every season, to mini-documentaries such as: 'The making off', 'casting', 'working with puppets', and the gag reels. There's also the hi-res Misfits Series 1-5 Blu-ray UK region B set available. The TV show is rated age 18+, for violence, swearing, sex scenes & occasional drug use, although for seasons 3 & 5 the rating drops to 15+. The set's cardboard outer sleeve is quite flimsy, but the five plastic DVD cases within it are fairly solid with 2xDVDs in season 1, 2, & 5, and 3xDVDs in seasons 3 & 4. The Christmas Special and the two 10 minute shorts 'Vagas Baby' and 'Erazer' are included. We thought this DVD set was good value at the £40 we paid.

Many consider Misfits season 4 to be the weakest in terms of story-lines, but then the other seasons do set high standards. Both the Misfits series and its writer Howard Overman were nominated for RTS Awards in March 2010. The series won the 2010 BAFTA Television Award for Best Drama Series, and Lauren Socha also took home the "Best Supporting Actress" BAFTA for her part as Kelly. The show was nominated for "Best Comedy Drama" at the British Comedy Awards in 2011, but lost to Psychoville, although it did pick up the 2011 RTS award for digital effects. So all agree, Misfits is great TV. Another excellent 'young adults' TV series to check out is the BBC series Being Human - Series 1-5 Boxset [DVD] - werewolves, vampires, and a ghost all 'living' as mates in a house-share, and is rated age 15+.
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on 8 December 2015
Arrived Much quicker than expected which I am truly grateful for.

Season 1 - One Disc.
Season 2 - Two Discs.
Season 3 - Three Discs.
Season 4 - Three Discs.
Season 5 - Two Discs.

Every Season has special features behind the scenes; Stunts; Making of; Gag reels and much more all the usual you would expect on Blu Ray.

On the whole this would seem very similar to the DVD Packaged series just Blu Rays instead for what you get this would seem very much worth the price.
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on 4 March 2014
The show is amazing I'll give it 5 stars out of 5 any day. This product however, I googled to see if it was region locked and must've found idiots or trolls bcuz I was informed it wasn't..it is. I'm Canadian and the product will not play in my ps3 or the blu ray player in my computer. If you love the show but don't live in the uk just be aware you'll need a player that works with the region code for the uk.
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on 1 March 2018
It arrived sooner than I expected. Everything ok apparently although I haven’t tried the discs yet.
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on 25 August 2016
Misfits, for me, is a unique, interesting and funny show, with elements of the superhero genre, video games (in one episode), Nazi’s (in another episode) and low-budget British movies. The concept is basically a group of people doing community service get superpowers and don’t really act like the normal superheroes would. So, it’s definitely not your average Marvel or DC flick. What we get though is a funny, emotional and sometimes epic adventure in a closed amount of space; it’s quite tight-knit. It's also very atmospheric and you really feel a connection with the location. I think this ranks the same as the other E4 show that was great, (well, most of it was) Skins. I think this show is on a par with the best of Skins (which was the first two seasons of this show). A thing that is the same with this show and Skins is that they changed the characters at a later stage, however, only once. I can’t say that the change really was great, but it was ok, a step down from the usual characters. I did like Nathan’s and Rudy’s characters, however I equally liked all the rest of the characters as well. It's truly an addictive show, as the first two seasons of Skins were, and will make you not stop watching.
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on 11 November 2017
like its soooooo obviously fake it hurts to look at when using menues.. like the obvious pirate cant count to 10 xD on S1 disc 2 its episode 5 and 6 and the bonus stuff xD like keep S1 on disc 1 then have a bonus disc.. upon opening the cases disc 2 is in disc 1 spot and i know this bc S5 was in order and the cases that have 3 discs are obviously out of order like 213 xD your only getting 1 star bc its the lowest possible, your not getting good reviews for free like the millions of copies in your spare room.. can keep the money tho. the shows worth funding criminals for
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Having just discovered this E4 fantasy comedy drama from the late noughties, I have to admit that I’m completely hooked. Like Heroes before it, the series takes a disparate group of teens and gives them (sort of) super powers, which they subsequently begin to be able to control and start to use for varying purposes. Misfits however, is a very British take on the genre, and the teens in question are all young offenders undertaking community service. From the ability to become invisible, to immortality, the youths in question display a wide range of powers, and seem quite happy with their new found abilities as they continue to live their often tawdry lives and meet a host of challenges head on. However, there is clearly a bigger picture, and from series two onward we begin to see things become increasingly complex in their world; who is the masked figure who frequently appears when they need him most? Are there others with similar powers and what are their lives like? These questions and more are posed and answered throughout the five series’, whilst cast members come and go with increasing frequency, and the show consequently loses a little of its original charm. Still a great series though, and well worth your investment.
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on 22 December 2014
Good quality DVDs although not worth the buy after the main character leaves the show suffers! Stopped watching after season 3
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on 13 March 2014
If you've never seen this, then you've been missing out. This is an amazing production, brilliantly written and acted, with typically british humour.
The series follows a group of young men and women on community service after commiting petty offenses.
Imagine an event that affects every person it touches, but in different ways, and suddenly they have superpowers! The only trouble is is that these superpowers,in general, are either completely random, totally uncontrollable or downright dangerous, Hence, mayhem ensues. The body count is high and the bad language is ever present, however you'll laugh out loud as often as you'll be shocked into silence!
Not since BSG have i been so hooked on a sci-fi series. Great stuff.
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on 6 January 2016
We loved all these series. Continuously funny with very clever story lines. We found a few episodes not so good but in the grand scheme of the whole series, that's not much and overall I would highly recommend. It's very different to anything I've seen before, quirky, laugh out loud, with surprisingly likable characters. Yes, Nathan is very funny, but so are the Rudy's in the later series and the new characters definitely grew on me :)
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