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on 14 November 2013
I've been using Kaspersky's products for quite a few years now, and had no problems until now. Installed this version on a desktop and a laptop, both running Windows 7 64 bit. It appeared to work OK on the laptop, but didn't automatically run at startup on the desktop, and had to be started manually. This appears to be a problem which has affected some users of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, and at the time of writing this review they're still trying to resolve it. One suggestion was that the problem occurred on installing the 2014 version over the 2013 version, and to uninstall, reboot, do a clean install, then reboot again. I'd already tried this and it didn't work for me. Then I noticed when I was using the laptop that the Kaspersky icon appeared in the taskbar at startup, but disappeared several minutes later. This only happened once, but again it's a known problem with some people that Kaspersky are still trying to fix. At this point I gave up on this version of the program, as the last thing I want is to be surfing the Internet, happily thinking my security software is keeping my computer safe, when its stopped running. Luckily, I still had my installation disk for the 2013 version and reinstalled it. To sum up, I'm very disappointed with this program. I will check to see if Kaspersky have resolved the problems, and then maybe reinstall it, maybe just stay with the 2013 version as I know it works. But, next year I won't be automatically buying the next upgrade from Kaspersky.
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on 21 March 2014
I have used Kaspersky since it first hit the consumer market; it was pretty good and when I had problems I even ended up getting support from Moscow office. It was refreshing and I was a loyal customer. In December I bought a 2014 Multi-Device CD-ROM from Amazon ready for expiration of my 2013 version in March. I even took the old package off to stop the annoying pop-ups.

So unpacking the new CD-ROM was the easy part, it did spin, but that was it. Taking a look at the CD-ROM showed it had 0kB on it which was a really compact program, so compact that it looks as if noone bothered to press it to disk but simply slapped a Kaspersky label on it. I can see how Private Equity is fine-tuning the Kaspersky business model.

Anyway, I thought I should tell Kaspersky and got an Email from Mark Kent with links to Tech Support or Sales - so I went to Tech Support and filled out the boxes and pressed "Submit" to receive a "502 Bad Gateway" response, so I guess Kaspersky has lost its Tech Support in the same way it lost its software.

Will General Atlantic LLC be able to save Kaspersky from oblivion ? Reading the comments on here suggests I should be grateful that 2014 software never made it to disk and that someone was saving me from having my PCs taken on the slow track.........so anyway Bulldog got another customer through Kaspersky Marketing
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on 20 November 2014
Nowhere does it say "2014", so I guess the code lasts long enough for you to use it anytime soon. However I will not use quite yet, & would be peeved if the Time is literally 2014 (& it can't be used in 2015). Pretty sure it'll be fine though.
KIS has served me well for years, as they took over from Norton as the #1. Unfortunately Kaspersky are beginning to suffer somewhat from the arrogance that Symantec(Norton) had just before they had their fall from grace (lost a truckload of long-standing customers). That's to say, if you've got a problem they expect you to have a programming knowledge to be able to "talk" to them. That said up to 2013 (can't say for 2014 as I haven't used it yet) Kaspersky were the only really professional game in town. I'll update this review when I get to see if 2014 is OK. I picked up on something to do with KIS not being quite right for MACs in some regards, but didn't pay much attention as I don't run a MAC.
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on 13 December 2013
I've use Kaspersky for quite a few years now, with no issues.
Unfortunately, this version slows internet browsing to an intolerable crawl.

Updated review - 21st Dec 2013 - Browsing problem appears to have been fixed with a recent patch, so I'm happy to change my rating.
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on 19 July 2014
Easily the best around. I've used Kaspersky for years without any problems and on every operating system. I just enter the activation key on each device: no need to uninstall and reinstall with CD supplied. I always buy from Amazon and do this. It comes with two CD's one for Mac and one for PC, if you need them.

I've always found their tech support to be helpful and fairly quick to respond - they stay with you until the case is resolved.

I've never understood why people have problems installing or running AV software, I'm sure it's because they are running other stuff which conflicts with it. Just leave it to KIS2014 and use "on demand" scans with other programs if you want to.
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on 23 May 2014
I have used Kaspersky for several years.
This 2014 version is poor on installation.
My version is a multi-user licence, it loaded onto a Windows 7 laptop fine, but is intrusive; however, my Windows XP PC desktop has not worked since it was installed. System crashed, many of my Windows programmes are now missing or unusable.
I have contacted Kaspersky on several occasions and have received very little help.
I will not be buying Kaspersky again, & I advise others not to bother either.
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on 8 May 2014
I have used Kaspersky for a number of years and have had good results. The product has been used on Laptops and desktops all have performed well the protection seems to work as only the occasional notice is highlighted by Kaspersky.
I noticed a few adverse comments from people after purchasing 2014 AV, so I used the licence key on my 2013 package as it seems to work well for me. If you do use this method wait until your current AV has expired as Kaspersky will not add the year to the current Kaspersky product and starts it right away, merely giving you a 'credit' for the time existing on the current product, all very well if you can use it.
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on 12 February 2014
Have used Kaspersky Internet Security for past 4 years with no problems. Uninstalled KIS 2013 first before installing KIS 2014. i iIt installed on my laptop with no problems. Updating was a bit slow, taking about an hour and a half, and about an hour to run full scan. So these times seem normal immediately following installation. I have Windows 8.1 and although have only used KIS 2014 for a few days, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down browsing etc. However, as with previous versions of KIS, every time Firefox upgrades, it deactivates some KIS features such as the virtual keyboard , URL Advisor and Safe Money, so I never bother trying to use them as by the time Kaspersky issues a patch the next version of Firefox appears!!. Will post again if any negative developments occur.
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on 7 June 2014
Its The usual Kaspersky product with the usual Kaspersky quality, This will be my 5th year with them and so far I have had no security problems with any of the pcs its installed on.
The layout has not changed a great deal from last year though the system requirements have.. One of My computers runs XP as I have some specialised software than only runs in XP but will not run with Service pack 3.. This version of Kaspersky requires SP3. so I can't use it on that one (disappointed).
It seems to require all operating systems to have the latest updates / service packs installed so just bear this in mind before purchase,.for the majority of users though this is not a problem,
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on 25 April 2014
I have used Kaspersky for years now and find the new KIS 2014 Internet Security as good as it always has been. On initial operation it was a little glitchy but after about a week of auto updates it worked just fine. One thing about Kaspersky is that they do pay attention to the quality of their product and fix bugs relatively quickly. Their customer service I have found excellent too when things happen that I don't understand. The product just works...........and the annual cost is really low for the protection it offers. Well done Kaspersky.
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